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Fuel your internal teams and allow them to execute on the work they do everyday. Axero’s intranet CMS software improves internal communication, increases employee engagement, and helps to align your organization.
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  • Engagement hub
  • Cultivate workplace culture
  • Company alignment
  • Powerful integrations
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Intranet Software for Human Resources
Rating 4.5/5 | 47 reviews

“A modern intranet software with brilliant customer support.”

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“Our go-to user-friendly intranet and collaboration platform!”

Rating 4.5/5 | 47 reviews

“We have better collaboration and better connection between team members.”

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Axero Intranet CMS Software Overview

The Axero Intranet CMS give you a complete solution to connect your employees, build and manage knowledge, keep everyone up to date, and collaborate like never before. You’re looking for a smarter way to manage communication and organization information so your employees can be more productive and better informed. They’re spending too much time looking for the latest version of a file, too much time sifting through emails, too much time answering the same questions over and over again. And they’re disconnected from corporate news and views. The flexibility of Axero intranet software means there are many possible solutions to your challenges, varying to respond to the unique characteristics of you specific needs.

A Useful Intranet Homepage

Create a hub for your business that employees find value in visiting. Stock it with news items automatically from different departments. Provide access to useful links to useful resources and other systems. Highlight featured content and bring to the surface the best content across your organization using selection criteria you choose. This is your homepage, not someone else’s concept of a homepage with your logo on it. It therefore becomes a resource that your employees use daily, for news and resources important to them.

An Intranet CMS Framework for Better Organization

End the search for content by organizing it intelligently. This isn’t always by department because some projects cross departments leading to different versions of the same content existing in different department directories. Instead create a collection of Spaces to match how people are grouped together. In Axero you can create as many Spaces as you need, even Spaces within Spaces for complex hierarchies. And then upload files into the file manager for that space, create wikis, and plan your work in that Space. Some Spaces can be public, for any employee to access valuable HR resources, submit an IT ticket or get the latest insight from the CEO. Some Spaces are private, available to all the people that need the information but only those people to keep control of sensitive information and to keep people focused on their part of the picture. Everything related to that project, department or group is available in one place, logical and easy to find. In the rare event that all esle fails, the search engine is robust and versatile. It allows users to narrow search to a particular Space, to a particular content type or even to your own custom criteria using Axero’s managed tags.

Connect Your Employees Across Departments

With information and resources organized properly employees automatically organize themselves to get the access and updates they need to do their jobs. They can access public Spaces at any time and if interested get any updates from the Space in their personal news feed. Private spaces too, if they are part of a group then updates there come to them. The Axero Intranet CMS brings everything they care about to them without having to check for the latest developments in each of the Spaces. So if employees don’t have a reason to visit the homepage everyday that’s ok the news will come to them, along with any conversation that takes place on that news.

Make Your Intranet Your Company Hub

Axero is very friendly to all sorts of different integrations. This extends from such simple connections as links and Active Directory integration or single sign on between different systems to making other systems part of the Axero social intranet software user interface, bringing news from other technology into users’s activity stream, notifications and spaces while adding Axero’s social functionality (comments, likes, ratings) to “apps” from other systems. If you can imagine it, it is important to you, and you’re willing to work with us to make it happen, just about anything is possible.

Why Axero?

Axero integrates enterprise social networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing into a complete social intranet and CMS platform.

Axero CMS Intranet Software Overview

There are hundreds of content management system software programs that business owners could choose for their intranet systems, but Axero combines tools for professional use with social tools that are not often thought useful or appropriate for business use – because we believe that combining popular aspects of social networking sites with business tools can increase productivity, communication and employee collaboration. If that’s your goal, then Axero is the CMS intranet software you’re looking for.

What Can You Do with Axero?

Unlike common platforms like WordPress, Axero allows business owners to encourage collaboration and communication with forums that allow employees to interact from multiple locations, or to publish blog posts and web sites in order to increase the potential audience for their communications. Executives can create and share calendars for a variety of projects with the aim of tracking employee appointments or helping employees to keep their projects on schedule. Axero makes it easy to create employee engagement campaigns and get employees communicating – message boards and private messages – both functions that are available in Axero Solutions’ CMS intranet software, just might be more alluring than regular old email clients. We’ll will help you set it up and even host and run Axero on our servers for you if you choose – this takes the responsibility of hardware management, software updates and security off of your list of things to track and gives you more time and energy to devote to your business. This truly social CMS intranet is fully customizable. Upload a logo, tweak a few settings, and you’re ready to go. If you’re looking for even more customization, you can even create your own CSS styles and HTML layouts.

Easy to use CMS Intranet Software

It’s easy to setup and start using Axero, and there are several features that might catch your employees’ attention. Axero’s eye-catching features include:
  • Online workspaces – they’re sub-communities that you can use to keep your employees up to date on any number of projects
  • Employee Directory – a place to set up a community directory. This type of feature can help even the newest of employees learn about their coworkers and lessen the awkwardness that can occur during employee onboarding
  • File sharing – With Axero, you don’t need shared network drives or FTP servers. It’s easy to upload and manage a variety of document types: word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDFs and other images. Not only that, but team members can comment on, like or even rate shared documents.
  • Intranet search – There are extensive filters that can help you to target your searches or even create special search filters.
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