The highest standards to help reduce compliance burdens.

Everything you need to know about security, compliance, single sign-on, system requirements, and administrator tools.

Secure by design.

We care deeply, both for the user and for protecting your company data. We’ve built advanced security into our products from the ground up, making them secure by design. And we’ve done this in a way that’s in balance with a great user experience, giving your people the freedom to work the way they want.


Data Encryption

All data is encrypted at rest using AES-256 and AES-256 FIPS 140-2 Level 3. Passwords are encrypted using AES Rijndaehl algorithm (with proper hashing) and query string parameters are encrypted when necessary.

Encrypted Connections

All connections are secured via SSL/TLS 1.2.

Single Tenant Architecture

Each customer gets their own independent database and instance of the Axero software—each customer’s data is completely separate from one another.

Role-based Permissions

Axero uses a fine-grained, role based permission matrix to manage access to different parts of the system. Permissions are mapped to roles, and each user can have multiple roles.

Application Security

Axero is well tested against SQL injection attacks, malicious JavaScript code, cookie hijacking, and cross site request forgery. CAPTCHA image technology is available to discourage and prevent automated spammers.

Physical Security

Data center access is limited to authorized data center technicians. Security camera monitoring. Biometric scanning for controlled data center access. 24×7 onsite staff. Unmarked facilities to help maintain low profile.

Operational Security

All Axero employees are trained on security and privacy procedures. Access to confidential information and hardware infrastructure is restricted to authorized personnel only.

Access Security

MFA authentication for all internal access to production environments. Access to production is limited to select Axero team members.

Hardened Operating Systems

System installation using hardened, patched OS to provide ongoing protection from exploits. Dedicated hardware firewall. Intrusion detection services to protect against unauthorized access. Distributed Denial of Service mitigation systems.


Cloud Environment

Axero is SOC 2 compliant and our cloud hosting environments are SSAE 16 (SOC 1, SOC 2 Type II) and ISO 27001 compliant. SOC reports can be delivered upon request.


Our hosting environment complies to HIPAA standards. In the event customer needs HIPAA compliance, Axero will execute a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to become joint custodians of personal health information (PHI).

Vulnerability and Penetration Scans

We conduct ongoing third-party network vulnerability scans and penetration tests:
  • Penetration testing
  • Intrusion detection monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Compliance auditing
Test results can be delivered upon request.


Private Azure Cloud

We’ll host and run your intranet platform on our private Azure cloud hosting environment, managing the hardware, updates, and security. Each customer gets their own single-tenant installation of the software and database in our cloud.


Deploy Axero on your own server infrastructure for more power and control over your intranet platform. View On-Premise installation guide


Native IOS and Android Apps

Designed for native integration with the Android and iOS operating systems, the Axero apps provide smartphone and tablet users a streamlined interface for accessing your company’s intranet. Customers with an active license can download these apps free of charge from the iTunes App Store or from Google Play.

Responsive Design

Axero works on a full range of mobile devices, from smartphones up through all the different tablets, regardless of operating system. Your content and user interface scales dynamically to the width of your browser. As long as your device has an Internet browser, you have access to all the content available in your intranet.

White Label iOS and Android Mobile Apps

White label Axero IOS and Android apps and add your own branding. This includes customizing the icon that appears on your mobile device to your own brand, and login splash screen with your company logo. The annual fee covers the software, support, and ongoing upgrades for the mobile apps.


Single Sign-on

Integrate your Single Sign-on across your business applications to make life easier for your employees. About 95% of our customers do it. And you can too.
  • Active Directory
  • Azure AD
  • Google
  • ADFS
  • OneLogin
  • Okta
  • Salesforce
  • SAML 2.0
  • Social: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Custom: Use your own identity provider
View Single Sign-on guide

Native Identity Provider

Axero comes out-of-the-box with native login and full user management capabilities. Axero contains a complete user management system. Validate credentials. Create and modify user roles. Manage user settings like username, email address, and passwords.

Custom User Profiles

Each user profile contains the basics, like email address, username, first and last name, password, etc. You can move way beyond these and create your own profile fields for contact information, work information, or any other type of information you’d like to collect. View User Profile Guide

User / Space Assignments

This auto-assignment function identifies the domain name of a new member’s email address and sorts that member into the spaces or groups that you choose. View User Space Assignment Rules

Data Retention


Complete data backups with redundant storage:
  • Daily backups with 7-day retention
  • Weekly backups with 30-day retention
  • Redundant storage backups maintained in a separate zone
Data recovery drill is planned and executed regularly by the managed services team.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery services so your critical data stays safe, even when disaster strikes. Detailed information of the Axero Disaster Recovery Program can be delivered upon request.

Fault Tolerance

Load Balancer is in place for all production servers peak load situations. Every customer site is monitored separately for software failover on a per-incident situation. Hardware and/or network failover is covered by Axero Disaster Recovery Policy.


System Requirements

Below is a list of the compatible operating systems, databases, and recommended hardware for on-premise installations.
Development Platform Microsoft ASP.NET 4.5 / C# / Visual Studio
Database Microsoft SQL Server 2016+
Webserver IIS 10.0 or above
Hardware Min: 16GB RAM, 4 CPUs and above

Supported Browsers

Axero is supported to work on the web browsers below:
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari

MS SQL Server Database

All data is stored in a MS SQL database server with an optimized database schema and stored procedures.

Built with Bootstrap and jQuery

Axero utilizes the Bootstrap framework, which is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. And it heavily utilizes the jQuery framework, a cross-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML.

ASP.NET Powered

Axero is developed using the ASP.NET Framework, C#, jQuery, Angular, and Microsoft SQL Server with generous notations.


Utilize the Axero REST API to GET and POST data using any programming language you want. Extend Axero to integrate with your existing business applications, 3rd party web services, and even mobile apps. Flexibility built right in. View REST API Guide


Axero’s intranet portal architecture is based on a scalable and robust N-tier, enterprise service oriented architecture (SOA). It contains fully object oriented code, an optimized database schema, strongly typed objects and collections, data caching, and a unique state management system. Axero can scale to accommodate the most demanding high-traffic communities.

Caching Flexibility

Axero uses the .NET Cache object to cache frequently accessed data. The platform also comes with a Redis plug-in, support for Memcached, and a caching provider framework so you can plug in your own caching system without modifying the source.


Content Management

With these tools, you can manage and drill down into the different content types, like blogs, wikis, and ideas to oversee each and every page or post. As an admin, you can find them, filter them, edit them, or delete them.

System Management

A robust set of tools to manage things like settings, look and feel, domain configurations, localization, and much more. All conveniently located in the admin section.

Application Settings

The Application Settings gives you the option of enabling, disabling, or only having certain features enabled. They’re simple settings to turn on or off features.

Localization in Any Language

Axero uses custom resource providers to manage static content within the platform. There are no RESX or XML resource files used. All resources are managed through the database. You can change these, add your own, and even use them to add completely different languages.

Media Server Management

Axero supports flexible and scalable file storage settings to store files like photos, videos, and documents. A media server is a registered storage location where your media files are stored. You can add multiple server locations … and if you fill up a server you can simply add another one.

Managed Tags and Metadata

All the content in Axero can be tagged with keywords. Axero suggests popular tags– and you can create your own managed tags. You can then use these managed tags as filter groups in search.

Email System

Easily add your own outgoing email servers for sending welcome messages, notifications, password requests, and so on. Axero can also receive email and create content items like cases, blogs, and forum posts.

Email Template Management

There are lots of actions that happen in Communifire that trigger emails to be sent out. The emails all have default content. They use mnemonics for personalization. You can add, edit, and manage the templates that are frequently required within the system.

Bulk Email Sending

Easily send out rich HTML or text emails to all of your members. You can also choose to send mass emails to specific roles or a set of individual users.

Required Reading

Allows an author to flag content as mandatory reading for others. It also allows tracking of users that have indicated that they have read the content.

Branding and Logo

There’s a simple web form to upload your logo, favicon, and change the header color to match your look and feel. No web coding required for branding.

CSS Overrides

Axero ships with a core CSS file. You can further customize this CSS by adding your own CSS overrides directly into the admin interface.

Profanity Filters

Profanity filters work by identifying words that you deem inappropriate and then substituting them for the censored word or symbols you want to use.

Dynamic Properties

These allow you to inject any custom HTML, Javascript, or text into the Axero UI PageBuilder. This keeps all of your custom HTML, scripts, or textual elements organized in the database.


A workflow consists of a series of moderation steps or levels that data must pass before it gets published. Each step or level is a member “Role”. The number of steps for any workflow is selected by the admin.

URL Redirects and Shortcuts

Switching to Axero from an existing platform? Keep your internal URLs active. Axero lets you take them with you by mapping your old URLs to the new ones using dynamic redirects. You can also use these to create tiny URLs.

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