Intranet software for life sciences organizations.

Unify your regulated and non-regulated content. Eliminate silos, improve communication, and boost employee productivity. Bring your global team together on one platform and take collaboration to the next level.

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97% of our clients are actively using the software after 5 years. Millions of employees and hundreds of customers all over the globe trust Communifire as their modern intranet.

A robust intranet software platform that lets your employees and partners work together—in the same office or around the world.

Powering intranets at growth-focused education institutions. Life sciences research is dynamic. With Communifire intranet software, your organization has a reliable platform for securely managing mission-critical information, tracking project collaboration, and keeping your team engaged and moving forward.
Communifire has all the features I want, and the user experience is easy to tailor. I like being able to jump in and make the Home page our own to organize and display high-priority content like event photos.
Colton Leonard
Chief Culture Officer, Nutrabolt
A Centralized Hub for Better Collaboration

One digital workplace to manage your people, content and documents.

Today’s life sciences organizations are solving harder and harder problems—and that means more research, with more stakeholders, across more locations than ever before. With Communifire’s intranet software, you get a single centralized hub for sharing and securing the information your team needs to do their job—without resorting to email or file share systems. Communifire’s collaboration features make it easier for your team to work together, improving real-time communication among colleagues and partners, and generating more engagement across your team—no matter where they are.
digital workspace software for life-sciences
Announcements and Company News

Communicate important news and announcements with your employees.

With so many stakeholders and partners, life sciences organizations have a large internal audience to engage. Use your Communifire intranet software to create a sense of community and togetherness and keep your team in the loop. Feature important announcements on your homepage, share wins and milestones, and give shout-outs to teams and individuals to celebrate their success. Your intranet is a great place for sharing non-work-related information with your team, like photos from a team-building event or a charity initiative your company supports. Easily add news to the homepage to show new information in real-time, and amp up the employee experience.
Communications software for life-sciences
Employee Directory and Profiles

Put names to faces. Connect the right people at the right time.

With so many projects and initiatives on the go in a life sciences organization, questions come up daily—and any delay in getting answers only slows things down. Communifire’s employee directory and rich employee profiles empower your team members to quickly find the person who has the information they need to keep their work moving forward. With a few clicks, you can find out a colleagues skills, the workspaces they belong to, and what content they’ve shared on a given subject. Employee profiles encourage peer-to-peer collaboration.
Employee directory software for life-sciences
Content Management

Customize your content for maximum engagement.

Communifire comes with a rich set of content-creation features that lets you communicate with your team in a variety of ways. Create a wiki page to encourage collaboration on a piece of content, or start a discussion forum to get people talking about a specific topic. Publish an opinion in a blog post or create a survey to get feedback on a corporate initiative. Create content that increases engagement and creates a compelling employee experience.
Content management software for life-sciences
Secure Document Management

Store all your content in one single source of truth.

As a life sciences organization, you have a lot of information to manage. Whether it’s project-specific protocols, or policies and process documents required for GxP compliance, Communifire’s secure document storage and file sharing capabilities allow you to keep your content organized in one central place. Strict permission controls at the folder level ensure that information is protected, so only authorized users have access. With the version control feature, you can rest assured that everyone is always working with the latest information.
Document management software for life-sciences
Digital Workspaces

Create spaces for company departments and project teams.

Increasingly complex projects involve a larger and more diverse group of stakeholders. Your clinical researchers, project managers, and agency partners all need to work together and stay in-sync. With Communifire’s workspaces, it’s a breeze. You can set up a dedicated space for any project or initiative, and add relevant stakeholders as members, and get down to work. Your “virtual team” has its own “virtual room” where they can share information, brainstorm ideas, and keep conversations going.
Digital workplace software for life-sciences
Customized Homepage

Create an engaging digital experience for all your employees.

Your intranet is more than just a platform for storing information—it’s a digital home for your entire organization. Communifire intranet software lets you fully customize your homepage to incorporate the elements that are unique to your industry and your company’s culture. Add your own logo, draw attention to featured content, and provide links to your most frequently accessed resources. Use your homepage to show your employees and partners that your intranet is an indispensable part of your digital workplace.
Internal comms software for life-sciences
Mobile Apps for Deskless Workers

Access your content and your community, from anywhere.

Large-scale organizations operate in an increasingly mobile environment. For life sciences professionals, this mobile-first world is a reality. From inside the lab, to clinical trial sites, to doctor’s offices, content has to be accessible with a few clicks. With your Communifire intranet, it is. The Communifire mobile apps are a key part of the digital workplace-they keep your team connected to the information they need, and to each other, from wherever they are.
Mobile apps for life-sciences deskless workers
Contextual Search

Find what you’re looking for fast.

In any fast-paced organization, no one browses for content, they’re looking for something specific, related to a task at hand. Communifire’s contextual search lets you find relevant information on any topic, in seconds. Results aren’t restricted to documents, you’ll also get conversation threads, employee profiles, and comments in a discussion forum—anything that’s related to your search query. No more wondering if you’ve missed searching in the right place, because Communifire indexes all the content on your intranet so you can find what you need with just a few clicks.
Intranet search for life-sciences
Project Collaboration and Task Management

Keep projects on track and move work forward.

Large-scale projects require a lot of coordination and oversight. To avoid inefficiencies and regulatory exposure, organizations need to make sure their processes and workflows are harmonized and streamlined. Communifire’s project and task management features help you stay on top of all your ongoing projects and track them to completion. Schedule project phases, establish dependencies, assign tasks to individual team members, and set reminders for due dates. Log in any time to check on progress without chasing your team for status updates.
Help desk for life-sciences
Personal and Shared Calendars

Manage your schedule with ease and efficiency.

Successful project execution isn’t just about information management—it’s also about time management. The global footprint that so many life sciences projects now have makes managing schedules and time zones more challenging than ever. Communifire makes life much easier. With Communifire’s personal and shared calendars, you can see everyone’s availability at-a-glance and plan your meetings and events accordingly. Send invitations and set reminders right from your calendar. Make updates at any time. The changes will be pushed to every invitee’s calendar automatically.
Personal and shared calendars for life-sciences
Instant Messenger and Team Chat

Start real-time conversations with your team.

Teams need dialogue to solve problems and make progress, but email is slow and not everyone can jump on a call at a moment’s notice. Communifire’s team chat enables real-time conversation that’s efficient. Use instant messaging to reach out to another team member or invite several colleagues into a group chat. Whether you’re looking for specific information or just want to bounce an idea off someone for feedback, you can engage with your coworkers immediately.
Chat software for life-sciences
Audits and Analytics

Track compliance and engagement.

While it’s useful to know how your community is interacting with the content on your intranet, in some cases, it’s imperative. An auditor might want to see your Standard Operating Procedure for a particular activity—and a record of who has read it. You can use the “Required Reading” feature to ensure that your team members have reviewed mandatory information, and track compliance. Communifire’s version control feature supports audit trails for all documents, so you can reliably trace any updates or changes back to the source. Communifire analytics provide insight into what parts of your intranet your community is engaging with most, so you know what to focus on going forward.
Analytics software for life-sciences
Communifire connects our teams and organizes our projects. And with the vast amount of data we have created, the knowledge base provides a resource for new hires and FAQs.
Neelmony Pannu
Senior Consultant, NeGD, Ministry of IT, India
Security and Compliance

Trust the same robust security major banks use.

Keeping information secure in a life sciences organization is non-negotiable. You need to keep proprietary information safe from competitors and meet all legal requirements for keeping patient data confidential and secure. Communifire’s intranet software uses state-of-the-art application security, SSL/TLS, encryption, daily and incremental backups, and hardened operating systems. With Communifire, you get your own dedicated database and instance of the Communifire software. You can rest assured that all of your company’s information is protected and only accessible to designated individuals in your organization.
Intranet security for life-sciences

Frequently asked questions.

All Communifire plans come with first-rate support, free upgrades and access to our customer community. We also offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for customers who are looking for more advanced support. Our customer support is one of our greatest differentiators. Every Axero employee is a member of the customer support team and making customers happy is at the core of each job description. Even if a resolution requires a response from senior management, we’ll answer quickly, honestly, and creatively to get the issue solved. If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.
Absolutely. You can choose one of our Launch Packages to get extra help in setting up your intranet. We work with you to develop a customized implementation plan for your Communifire intranet and a strategy for getting it up and running. We’ll also take you through the platform and make sure you understand how to use Communifire’s many features to get the most out of your intranet solution.
We’ll host and run your intranet portal on our servers for you, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining hardware, updating the software, or managing security. As a Communifire customer, you get your own secure, single-tenant installation of our software and database in our cloud. Of course, you can deploy Communifire on your own server infrastructure, if you prefer. An on-premise installation gives you more flexibility for feature options, and allows for deeper customization and stronger security.
Yes. Communifire is designed to make it easy for individual departments, administrative units, or sites to manage their own content. Set up a “Space” for each department or project where they can collaborate, share files, and keep track of their own schedules. The interface is very intuitive, with no training required—your team members can step right in without missing a beat.
The Communifire apps are designed for native integration with the Android and iOS operating systems, and provide smartphone and tablet users with a streamlined interface for accessing your company’s intranet. Customers with an active license can download these apps free of charge from the iTunes App Store or from Google Play.
Your security is our priority. We understand that security is an extremely important element of your business. It’s very important to ours, too. As a Communifire customer, you get your own independent database and instance of the Communifire software—and your data is kept completely separate from every other customer’s. We use state-of-the-art application security, SSL/TLS, encryption, daily and incremental backups, and hardened operating systems.
Yes! The vast majority of our customers (85%) integrate their own single sign-on across their business applications to make work life easier for their teams. You can do the same! Some of the integrations we currently support include:
  • Active Directory, ADFS, Azure, OpenID
  • jQuery, SQL Server
  • SAML
  • 3rd parties: Onelogin, Okta, Etc.
  • Social logins: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.
  • And more!