Intranet software for government agencies.

Communifire simplifies the workflow for federal, state and local governments. In a world of red tape, you can finally connect your people, organize your work and get things done.

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Intranet Software for Government

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97% of our clients are actively using the software after 5 years. Millions of employees and hundreds of customers all over the globe trust Communifire as their modern intranet.

Communifire is easy-to-use intranet software for government organizations to communicate and collaborate like never before.

Powering intranets for growth focused government agencies and departments. Organize your people, documents and data across departments and branches. Unite your employees and make it easy for the public to get the help they need. Bring your government agency into the 21st century with a social intranet that’s ridiculously easy to learn and fast to launch, even for the most complex public sector organization.

Communifire connects our teams and organizes our projects. And with the vast amount of data we have created, the knowledge base provides a resource for new hires and FAQs.

—Neelmony Pannu
Senior Consultant, NeGD, Ministry of IT, India
Internal Communications

Publish news, announcements and updates—and know that everyone got the memo.

A variety of publishing tools are at your fingertips in Communifire. Publish an all-agency announcement as an article, start a discussion on an important news item, or message a targeted group of employees with a project update. Make content “required reading” with the click of a button, and track who’s read your update (and who needs a friendly reminder). Like buttons, ratings and commenting features enable your audience to share their feedback with ease. Your team will be notified of new content via their personalized newsfeed—but only if they have the right permissions.

Communications software for government
Employee Directory and Profiles

Quickly find the right people.

The old employee directory just got a face-lift. With robust employee profiles including personalization and social networking features, you can search on more than just a name. Look for contacts by job title, department, content authored, spaces joined, and more. This supercharged index of personnel makes it easy to find and share knowledge internally.

Employee directory for government
Document Management

Now government offices can manage and share files and documents at the speed of business.

Ditch the clunky old file-share and get your people out of their email inboxes. Communifire speeds up the workflow for your government agency with fast, easy, streamlined document management tools. Drag-and-drop files to upload, and preview files before you download. Comprehensive version control features make sure you never lose important information. Powerful search features help you find the document you’re looking for quickly.

Document management software for government
Knowledge Management

The single source of truth.

Tap into the expertise you already have—with Communifire, your centralized knowledge-base builds and updates itself. No more disorganized file folders, glacial-paced FTP transfers or messy shared drives. Your intranet software collects knowledge automatically, and builds a collection of intelligence as your agency works. Procedure manuals, process documents, guidebooks, articles, blogs and discussions become a self-serve resource for everyone.

Knowledge management software for government
Private and Public Workspaces

Give every team, department, branch, or group their own digital workspace.

In Communifire, you can build a dedicated space for just about anything you can think of. Pull people together to collaborate on a project, join forces on a volunteer event, or share information within a department. Communifire spaces are like digital communities that simplify communication and make people feel more connected. Privacy and moderation settings keep spaces running smoothly. Vendors, contractors and the public can be invited to spaces, too, so transparency is easy to maintain and news is easy to share.

Workspaces software for government

Give your government employees and public officials a digital workplace they enjoy logging into.

Communifire is a new kind of intranet software. It blends the best features of social media (like communication tools, newsfeeds and commenting capabilities) with the most powerful productivity tools to create a unique digital workplace that your people actually find value in visiting. When your employees are happy, the people you serve are happy—and nowhere is this truer than in government.

Digital workplace software for government
Customizable Homepage

Build an intranet homepage that feels like home for your public sector employees and contractors.

Add news feeds, links and resources to your flexible, customizable intranet homepage. Post meeting agendas and minutes, include links to strategic plans, and list contacts and websites for quick reference. Brand your homepage with your state’s colors or your department’s logo. Build an online home for your people that makes them feel in the loop at all times.

Have ideas for a specific homepage design? Don’t worry—it’s in your budget. Your Axero support team is happy to build it for you at no extra charge.

Intranet homepage for government
Mobile Intranet

Your intranet. Everywhere. Anywhere. Anytime.

Communifire makes it easier than ever to get things done at work. Connect people and take action like never before. Unify your organization and give your employees access to your intranet anywhere, anytime.

Learn more about mobile apps

mobile intranet software for government
Powerful, Site-Wide, Contextual Search

Search and find information lightning fast and super relevant.

Communifire’s contextual search functionality pulls up all relevant conversations, documents, media and files that include your search term. Filter the results to zero in on exactly what you need. Important information won’t get lost in the shuffle in Communifire, so your agency will be able to serve the public more effectively than ever.

Intranet search for government
Collaboration Tools

From event planning to project management, collaboration tools keep everyone communicating and collaborating.

Scrap the departmental silos for good. Because everything is in one place in your agency intranet, your people never have to go outside their browser window to collaborate. Work together on a project, comment on a file, add to a discussion, comment on an article, “like” a status update, rate an idea—everyone is connecting and sharing right where the content lives.

Collaboration software for government
Content Management

Everyone can create content in Communifire—only you decide what the limits are.

By default, any Communifire user can publish content using a variety of content publishing tools, including articles, blogs, images, videos, status updates, polls, wikis and more. Communifire encourages two-way conversation with comment fields, “like” buttons and rating controls. But administrators have total control over user permissions, so information that needs to stay within the department stays within the department

For content that’s mandatory for employees and contractors to read, you can make it required reading with the click of a button. Is the information time-sensitive? You can give your content an expiration date. With the social newsfeed-like activity stream, everyone will stay up to date.

Content management software for government
Task Management

Manage, assign and track the progress of tasks with just a few clicks.

Your government agency will run smoother with Communifire’s built-in task management tool. List your own tasks and check them off when they’re done–or assign tasks to others. Your employees and contractors will more easily be able to stay on track and get things done on time when they can see exactly what they need to get done and when. With Communifire, the team to-do list is more manageable and transparent.

Task management for government
Public and Private Calendars

Manage your time and your department’s schedule right in your Communifire intranet software.

Create and share meetings from your personal calendar, assemble an inter-departmental event complete and reserve a room for the occasion, or create a calendar specific to a team so everyone stays in sync. Drag-and-drop appointments to change times. Color-coding makes it easy to see what lies ahead. You can add outside contractors, vendors and even the public to any calendar event or meeting, too. Communifire calendar syncs seamlessly with Outlook and Google Calendar.

calendars for government
Chat and Ideation

Use chat for real-time conversations. Reduce email.

Communifire users can chat 1:1 or with a group so conversation happens in the moment. Drag and drop files into the chat window to share information with ease. And chat is searchable forever, adding to your personal knowledge-base with each exchange.

For conversations that require more thought and discussion, use the Ideation feature to capture ideas from your employees, contractors, vendors and the public. Crowdsourcing ideas ensures everyone has a voice, and ratings features ensure the best ideas rise to the top. When an idea is ready for action, turn to Communifire’s discussion forums, polls and blogs to bring it to life and build consensus.

Chat for government
Auditing and Analytics

Track who’s using what and gain valuable insight to improve the intranet experience.

Communifire comes with a suite of auditing and analytics tools. Check content statistics including views, likes, comments, and bookmarks. Gain valuable user insight with sentiment analysis, and see which employees read your content. Delve into site traffic reports and know exactly how your intranet is being used internally and externally—get reports on visits, unique visitors, pages per visit, IP address visits, total visits from members, what browser and operating systems are being used, and what content is being accessed. Search analytics will tell you exactly what keywords and tags people are searching for, and what they’re clicking on.

Analytics software for government

Communifire has improved communication between our main office and satellite locations—as well as within each store. Better communication. Faster, more consistent on-boarding. Excellent support.

Teresa Miller
President, Treats Unleashed

In the cloud or on-premise, your intranet software security is our top priority.

Single-tenant architecture ensures you get your own independent database and instance of Communifire software. Application security is thoroughly tested against SQL injection attacks, malicious JavaScript code, cookie hijacking, and cross site request forgery, and SaaS and self-hosted installations can be secured with SSL/TLS. Communifire supports single sign-on integrations, including Active Directory and ADFS/SAML, Azure, custom setups, and social logins.

You can rest assured that your government intranet has top-notch user security as well. Communifire employs a fine-grained, role-based permission matrix to manage access to different parts of the system.

Intranet security for government

Frequently asked questions.

All Communifire plans come with top-notch support, free upgrades and access to our customer community. We also offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for customers who are looking for more advanced support.

Our customers tell us our support sets us apart from every other intranet vendor they considered. Everyone at Axero is part of our customer support team and considers making customers happy as the most integral part of their job description. Even if a resolution requires a response from senior management, we’ll answer quickly, honestly, and creatively to get the issue solved. Our success is tied directly to your success, so it’s our job to meet your expectations.

Of course! Get your intranet up and running with a Launch Package, where we work with you to develop a strategy for implementing Communifire and getting your project off the ground. We’ll walk you through the platform and provide technical guidance, show you how to get around the software, help you think strategically about solving your challenges, and teach you how to use Communifire’s features to accomplish your goals.

We’ll host and run your intranet portal on our servers for you, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of managing hardware, software updates, or security. As a Communifire customer, you get your own secure, single-tenant installation of our software and database in our cloud.

If you want more control over your intranet platform, you can deploy Communifire on your own server infrastructure. On-premise installation gives you the ultimate flexibility in feature options and allows for deeper customization and more robust security.

Yes. Communifire is designed to make it easy for individual departments, administrative units, or locations to manage their own content. Set up “Spaces” for each department where they can collaborate, share files, and keep track of their schedules. Spaces let you organize in a way that’s comfortable and familiar to how you already work. There’s virtually no learning curve—your staff and team members can step right in without missing a beat.

The Communifire apps are designed for native integration with the Android and iOS operating systems, and provide smartphone and tablet users with a streamlined interface for accessing your company’s intranet. Customers with an active license can download these apps free of charge from the iTunes App Store or from Google Play.

Your security is our priority. We understand that security is an extremely important element of your business. It’s very important to ours, too.

As a Communifire customer, you get your own independent database and instance of the Communifire software—and your data is kept completely separate from every other customer’s. We use state-of-the-art application security, SSL/TLS, encryption, daily and incremental backups, and hardened operating systems.

Yes! About 85% of our customers integrate their own single sign-on across their business applications to make life easier for their community members—and so can you.

Some of the integrations we currently support include:

  • Active Directory, ADFS, Azure, OpenID
  • jQuery, SQL Server
  • SAML
  • 3rd parties: Onelogin, Okta, Etc.
  • Social logins: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.
  • And more!