Online Workspace Software

Secure Online Workspaces for Your Employees, Customers, and Partners.

Communifire’s online workspaces give you the tools to upload, share, create, organize, customize, and access your files, documents, and conversations.

Online Workspace Software


Online Workspace Software

Communifire’s online workspaces are used by teams and company departments to work together on projects, communicate, and get things done. No other collaboration software gives you so much flexibility and choice.

  • Organize how you want. You don’t have to change they way you already work.
  • Keep your entire team in the loop with activity streams and notifications
  • Share your files, documents, photos, videos, or anything else, securely.
  • Manage your content with wikis, blogs, and articles
  • Reduce email overload. Comment on each others work.
  • Keep track of tasks & todo’s
  • Manage your schedule & calendars
  • Unlimited customization options
  • Easy to get started, easy to use

Overview of Online Workspaces

While a community in itself helps create a collaborative environment there is a need to be able to work and communicate within smaller sub-groups within the larger community.

In the real world business scenarios teams form groups such as departments or committees and need an online space where they can work together. Similarly, social communities tend to create separate interest specific groups where those with similar interests can connect. In the social software environment these translate into online workspaces where people can create a virtual space where they can come together.

Communifire offers a groups and spaces feature which gives users the option to create groups where other users can come and collaborate or discuss around a common topic. The groups and spaces feature virtually provides a platform to create sub communities within the larger communities and add members, share content, share files and documents, have discussions, send messages, create common wikis and more.

Here is How Businesses Use Communifire’s Online Workspaces:

  • The main spaces page displays a list of spaces already created by users along with an overview of what each space is about and how many members are within it. The right of the page lists the spaces that the user is already a member of and provides quick access to them.
  • Users can “Create A New Space” which requires the basic details like the name, description, photo, whether the space will be public or private and whether it will be moderated or not. This is followed by selecting the applications that the group should feature such as articles, blogs, events, files, forums, wikis, photos and videos.
  • Users who have joined a space have the option to create an article, create a wiki, invite others, post photos, post videos, share files, post on the group wall and more.
  • The space creator or group manager has additional space management options from where settings can be altered, membership, content, roles, permissions and workflows  can be managed giving them some administrative control over their spaces and groups.
  • The spaces offer extensive workflow settings allowing space owners to customize flow of content on every section of the space.
  • Privacy settings ensure ‘Open Spaces’ are made public and members can go to a space and opt to join. Private Spaces are not listed and membership is done on the basis of invites allowing the groups and spaces to be used as required.

Why Communifire?

The online workspaces and groups feature is powerful, it gives each member of your team the ability to create their own workspaces and bring people with something in common together to get work done.

What is Communifire?

Communifire is a social business platform that integrates social networking, collaboration tools and knowledge sharing into a secure online environment.

Organizations of all sizes use Communifire to increase employee engagement, accelerate business collaboration, and build customer loyalty.

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