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Internal communications software

Communication drives culture.

Create, coordinate, distribute, manage, execute, and analyze your internal and employee communication campaigns like never before. Give your employees a personalized experience on any device.

  • Reach every employee
  • Align your people
  • Mobilize workforce
  • Drive culture
Internal Communications Software
Rating 4.4/5 | 37 reviews

“Perfect to communicate information to our entire company.”

Rating 4.1/5 | 48 reviews

“Great way to keep communication open. Versatile and engaging.”

Rating 4.4/5 | 37 reviews

“Allows us to communicate effectively with our employees.”

See Axero in Gartner Market Guide for Intranet Solutions.

Internal communications

Maximum alignment.

Get everyone on the same page and keep communication flowing on all levels. Reach, engage, and align your entire organization—no matter where they are or what they do—with a personalized experience on any device.

Spark three-way communications:

Give your leadership the tools to send targeted and personalized messages, instantly. Share thoughts on the new corporate strategy, communicate change across the organization, or congratulate a team on a successful project.

  • Publish company news and announcements
  • Share organizational performance
  • Enable management outreach

With strong transparency, employees feel clear on their direction and empowered in their roles. Now, they have a channel to communicate feedback, ideas, and suggestions with leadership.

  • Give employees a voice
  • Make them feel heard and included
  • Create continuous feedback loops
  • Unlock a strong, collaborative culture

In your new environment—built on trust and open communication—employees willingly and easily share information, opinions and resources with their colleagues.

  • Private and group chats
  • Notifications and mobile
  • Team collaboration
  • More transparency
  • Higher participation rates
  • Improved visibility
  • Trust in leadership
  • Inspired staff
  • Belonging and purpose
Internal communications software
Content publishing

Unlocking new channels.

The medium is the message with multi-channel engagement. On-brand and consistent communications across easy-to-use content channels.

Communicate news, press releases, and updates to every employee. Create your own categories, add tags to make them easy to find, set permissions, and share the information you need people to know. You can post announcements on any homepage in your intranet—so important notices are front and center.

  • Future publishing
  • Expiration dates
  • Approval workflows

It’s like having your own company YouTube®. Upload, tag, and share videos with coworkers, teams, or your entire organization. You can share videos via chat or take your content to the next level by embedding videos into your articles, blogs, and wikis.

  • Training and onboarding library
  • CEO communications
  • HR communications
  • Safety and how-to videos

Get your people talking with discussion forums. Create a topic, mark any thread as the answer to a question, and add it to your searchable intranet knowledge base. With discussion forums, people have a dedicated space to share ideas and contributions, while engaging with your organization and each other.

  • Company Q&A
  • Answer sales questions
  • Team brainstorming

Boost engagement with built-in social tools, including comments, like and follow buttons, and rating controls. Just about every tool—from blogs to wikis to status updates—has these social functionalities so employees can instantly get involved, ask questions, and share feedback. And you’ll never lose those great contributions because comments are included in search results.

  • Comments, likes, and ratings
  • Follow content or discussions
  • Content engagement analytics
  • Sentiment analysis

Get your organization talking and sharing with your own enterprise-level blogging platform. Use them internally to increase communication and encourage the sharing of ideas, opinions and news.

Activity streams are your home for all the latest updates in your organization. It’s microblogging and a news feed in one—a real-time stream of all the latest developments, content and conversations you care about. Post status updates to let everyone know what’s up, and include @Mentions and #hashtags to add more value and context to your discussions.

  • Personal activity streams
  • Group activity
  • Custom streams

Alert employees to new updates or files—without interrupting their work.

Your notifications feed provides you with real-time alerts about updates and activity that is important to you. No popups, no annoying sounds—just a new addition to your notification dropdown the next time you log in to the intranet.

  • Reduce unnecessary emails
  • Real-time updates
  • Desktop and push notifications

Chat unifies your team by enabling them to talk in real-time, no matter if they’re in the office or home on the couch. Take conversation to a whole new level with file sharing, group chats, saved conversations and search.

  • Real-time conversation
  • Emojis ❤️🔥
  • Photo and file sharing
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Axero intranet software is trusted by the world’s most innovative, productive, and employee-centric organizations.

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Strategic communications

Be understood. Be heard.

Say goodbye to unread messages and outdated content. Set expiration dates and mark important information as required reading. Then analyze, rinse and repeat. Everyone is always in the loop so they know the latest updates on individual and company-wide levels.

Keep everyone in the know with articles, blogs, discussion forums or even videos. Give your content an expiration date to ensure your social intranet solution only includes the most relevant, up-to-date information.

  • Broadcast comms to all
  • Reach remote and deskless workers
  • Mobile apps for IOS and Android

Share your message to entire departments, team spaces, or even to specific groups of people. Everyone stays in the know without getting buried in unnecessary content.

target departments

Make sure your teams act on important items. Flag your content as “required,” and employees must click the “I have read this” button to indicate they read your message. Then, track progress with built-in analytics.

intranet required reading

Understand your employee engagement. Measure the reach, sentiment, and overall impact of your communications. At a glance you can see how many people read your announcement, who viewed your blog post, and which coworkers confirmed their required reading.

  • Who viewed your message?
  • Did they confirm?
  • How are people feeling?
intranet analytics
  • Drive culture
  • Increase productivity
  • Engage employees
  • Reduce turnover
  • Attract top talent
  • Keep employees informed
Culture and engagement

Show them the way.

Put your people first. Rich profiles, a robust employee directory, and a dynamic org-chart puts faces to names. Take employee experience one step further with a branded platform that inspires your entire workforce and drives your company culture.

Capture your culture in your digital workplace. Add company colors, logos, and language with easy to use customization features. Make your intranet a place a valuable resource that motivates every employee.

  • Highly customizable
  • Drag and drop
  • Easy to use
  • Unique experiences
  • Elevate your brand
  • Reach every employee

Give and get kudos. Your employees can reward each other badges to say thanks, recognize a job well done, and to recognize the achievements of others.

Badges are symbols of achievement to encourage and reward your participation in the intranet. Use badges to say thanks, show your appreciation, and recognize the contributions of your coworkers.

Employee recognition

Improving communication means improving who you’re communicating with. Imagine having all of your people together in one place, where you can search your company directory and find the people you need with the expertise and knowledge to get things done. Suddenly your business becomes more connected, more human, and more personal. People are easy to find and reach out to.

  • Powerful search and filter
  • Integrated with Single sign-on
  • Automatically populated profiles
  • Put a face to a name

Start every day right by celebrating your employees. Display a list of birthdays and work anniversaries anywhere in your intranet to highlight your people.

  • Share mission and values
  • Increase engagement
  • Guage sentiment
  • Inspire others
  • Recognize excellence
  • Make them visible
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Frequently asked questions.

Yes. When you post company news and announcements, you can choose who is notified based on where you share them. You can include your entire organization, specific spaces, departments, and groups, or individual employees.

We go to great lengths to make it super easy for you to create content in the system. If you’re familiar with submitting forms on the web, then it’s going to be easy for you to create communications in Communifire.

There are a few ways people are notified. First, in-app notifications are sent and appear as a small orange number in the header on the notifications icon. Second, if people have opted in to email, a notification is sent to their email address. Third, push notifications are sent out to those that have installed the mobile app, both on iOS and android devices.

Absolutely. Communifire is built to bring your organization together—in one place, no matter where people are located—so everyone can communicate, work together, and access company information. Our customers often set up workspaces to connect departments or groups who are working together, collaborating on projects.

We make it easy for you to designate who can share content, news, announcements—and where it can be posted. This is based on roles and permissions that you can give to specific groups of people or individuals. You can even designate people to post content on behalf of other people.

Glad you asked. We have a nifty feature called Required Reading. Just about any type of content that you post, whether it’s videos, news or announcements, You can tik a checkbox that designates it as required reading. People are notified. When they visit the content there’s a big red button that says “I’ve read this”. As an administrator, there’s some really nice reporting for you to keep track of who’s confirmed that they read the content—and other helpful statistics.