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Internal Communications Software

Unify & Engage Your Employees With Powerful Internal Communications Software
That Actually Works.

Do more than just share corporate updates--get your employees talking, sharing & learning about what matters most to your bottom line.

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Internal Communications Software

Your coworker never saw your memo. She was in meetings all day. Now it's buried, and she and 15 others are emailing you with questions your original email already answered. #EmailFail!

Tragically, businesses rely heavily on email in spite of its many problems. Like lost emails. Inappropriate "reply alls." Regrettable forwards. And missed CCs. Email is broken. Which is why it's time to switch to Communifire for internal communications software.


Why Email Fails at
Internal Communications.

Want to guarantee several employees never see your announcement? Send them an email.

Email was never designed to be a "people engagement" center. Its primary purpose is to enable one-way transmissions.

So it can't help you achieve the collaborative sharing you need to be successful.

Email is also noisy. When you hit send, so does a credit card company, a preschool admissions director, and a customer with an urgent problem.

Employee Communication Tools
Corporate Communication Tools

What's at Stake? Everything.

62%* of people who don't care for their jobs say it's communication-related. Management isn't transparent about direction. Constant change isn't well-communicated.

This poor communication has a big ripple effect across your business.

When a company has a communication problem, they also have a performance, retention, and culture problem.

99% of Communifire Customers are Still Actively Using the Platform after 5 Years.

Discover why organizations are hooked on Communifire.

Maximize the Benefits of Great Internal Communications Software and Get Your Entire Organization Working Together.

Engaging internal communications do much more than just transmit information, they:

  • Enable transparency
  • Invite participation
  • Build visibility
  • Boost credibility and trust
  • Inspire & recognize people
  • Instill a sense of belonging & purpose

With Communifire your communications instantly become more engaging.

Your Internal Communication
Problems are Personal.

Corporate News Software

Diana is the head of distribution for a company with 200 employees. She feels somewhat out of the loop when it comes to employee communications.

Overheard in the lunch room:

  • "I missed the open enrollment deadline!"
    Her benefits materials got buried in email.
  • "That role would have been perfect for me!"
    Instead of promoting Diana, management hired someone from outside the company. She wasn't on anyone's radar.
  • "No one listens."
    Diana feels she's constantly putting out fires because senior leadership dismisses some of the day-to-day challenges her team faces.

Diana isn't alone. The problem may be complex, but the solution can be quite simple. Stop using email for internal communications.



Communicate Important News &
Information to Your Employees.

Increase transparency in your organization by keeping everyone in the know. Communifire's internal communication tools make it easy for you to publish news, announcements, and updates. You can even open up a dialog and give your employees a voice. Get up and running in minutes.

Business Communication Software

Target Specific Groups.

Target your message to specific groups, spaces, or departments. Everyone gets only the information relevant to them and everyone knows what's going on.

Make Sure They've Read It.

"Required Reading" allows you to flag your content as mandatory reading. Employees click the "I have read this" button and you can track it through analytics.

Open a Dialog.

Give your employees a voice and a channel for dialogue with comments, "like" buttons and rating controls.

Chat is in Here, Too.

Ignite Conversations & Creativity.

Bypass email with real-time conversations. Drag and drop a file into chat to share it. Strike up conversations with individuals, or bring entire groups into the mix. Everything is saved and searchable for when you need it -- whenever and wherever -- even on your mobile.

Chat Software
Comments & Social Tools

Discuss Anything with Everyone.

Engage people and encourage a dialogue to happen in the comments. They're available on just about everything you can add to Communifire. Comments let employees give feedback, ask questions, share ideas and feel more involved in the business. Plus, comments are included in search results. So you'll never lose great contributions.

Internal Communications

Help Even the Quiet Employees Share Ideas.

Give your people a platform to voice their ideas, vote on them, and bubble the best to the top. When your employees know that they can contribute and that they will be heard, engagement increases. Ideas are made social with commenting and like buttons. Lock it down or keep it open with permissions and roles.

Ideation & Communication Software
Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

Notifications Keep Everyone in the Loop.

When you post updates, upload new files or comment on content, people in your spaces get a notification. (It won't pop up and annoy them. It just appears under Notifications.) This is an easy way to keep everyone on the same page without interrupting them. Curious about a notification? Click it to learn more.

Notifications & Alerts Software
Discussion Forums

Spark Conversation & Dialog.

Forums are the original online communication tools. They still have relevance today. Engage people in an open discussion about a question or topic. Mark any thread as the answer to a question and it becomes part of your searchable knowledge base.

Discussion Forums Communication Tool

Comments and Conversations.

Spark Conversations & Feedback.

You can comment on just about everything, from blog posts and wikis to status updates, videos, and even other comments.

Open up discussions and make content more engaging, improve documents, and converse with anyone about anything.

Quite often, the most valuable feedback and knowledge building happens in your comments. That's why we designed them to be easily searched when you need to find them later.

Commenting Software

Content Approval Workflows.

Require Approvals Before Publishing.

You can set up a sequence of approvals or workflows that content must pass through before it's visible.

Empower an employee to write the corporate blog, but have it checked over by someone in a particular role before making it public. Or allow anyone to create a space, but have it go through an approval process before it goes live.

You can set up as many approval steps as you need in your Workflows, which are defined uniquely by content type and for each space, giving you maximum flexibility.

Content Moderation.

Keep Everything Clean.

Communifire offers several dynamic tools to help you stay in control and manage activity in your community.

Profanity Filters

Set up filters to automatically replace inappropriate text with your own clean version.

Flag Inappropriate Content

Flag content and comments for action and follow-up by an administrator.

Comment Moderation

Turn on comment moderation so they're not published until someone approves them.

Content Moderation

Your Business Can't Grow
If Great Ideas Get Lost in Inboxes.

Let the bank statements compete for top billing in inboxes. Sign up for a free trial of Communifire to see the features and begin to make them yours. Communifire is easy to customize. And it's more engaging than 300 hand-written stickie notes left on employees' computer monitors.

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