Internal Communications Software

Internal communications software that unifies your team and gets them talking.

Right out of the box, your Communifire communication platform includes all of the tools you need to get your employees talking, sharing, learning and engaged.

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Internal Communications Software

Email is broken. Your colleague never saw your memo. It's buried three pages deep in her inbox.

Now 15 people are emailing you with questions your original email answered. And they're replying to all. End the workplace drama. Use Communifire to make sure your internal communications get received, read and acted on.

Powering Internal Communications at Growth-Focused Businesses

"Communifire is great for internal communications. It's where we share ideas, contacts, and items of value. A huge benefit is way less 'reply all' emails."

Rebecca Loesch
Operations Manager, Thrive Real Estate Group

Want to make sure your announcements actually get read?

Communicate and collaborate where the work is happening—in a digital experience that is beautiful, compelling, and boosts productivity. (And that's not in your team members' inboxes.)

Email wasn't designed for collaborative sharing or employee engagement. When you hit "send," you're competing for inbox space with that credit card company, the preschool admissions director and a customer with an urgent problem.

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Poor communication
is costing you. Big.

When you have a communication problem, you also have a performance, retention and culture problem.

62% of people who dislike their jobs say the biggest problem is communication.

When employees feel that management isn't being transparent: it's a communication problem.

When change isn't conveyed clearly, consistently or thoughtfully: it's a communication problem.

When the only way to engage with each other or with leadership is to send an email out into the void and hope it's received: it's a communication problem.

The powerful benefits of improved internal communication is one of the reasons that 99% of Communifire customers are still actively using the platform after 5 years.

Get your entire organization communicating in one digital workplace, and watch employee engagement skyrocket.

The best internal communications software means more than better information sharing. It means:

  • More transparency at every level
  • Higher participation rates
  • Improved visibility
  • Boosted credibility and trust of leadership
  • Recognized and inspired staff
  • A stronger sense of belonging and purpose

Make internal communications more engaging and effective with Communifire's built-in communications tools.

Meet Jen.

Jen is the head of distribution for a company with 200 employees. She's missing out on important employee communications, and it's causing her serious problems on the job.

Her benefits materials got buried in her inbox and she missed the open enrollment deadline.

She wasn't on anyone's radar, so she missed out on a role that would have been perfect for her.

Senior leadership doesn't understand the day-to-day challenges her team faces, and she feels like she's constantly putting out fires.

Features and Benefits

Information Sharing

Communicate news and announcements. And know that they've been read.

Keep everyone in the know with articles, blogs, discussion forums or even videos. Give your content an expiration date to ensure your social intranet solution only includes the most relevant, up-to-date information. Don't wait another minute to open up this critical dialog and give your employees a voice: Communifire is up and running in minutes.

Business Communication Software

Target your message.

Share your message to entire departments, team spaces, or even to specific groups of people. Everyone stays in the know without getting buried in unnecessary content.

Track reader activity.

Flag your content as "required," and employees must click the "I have read this" button to indicate they got your message. Track progress with built-in analytics.

Encourage two-way communication.

Give your employees a voice. Comment fields, "like" buttons and rating controls allow employees to interact with your content.

Chat and Instant Messenger

Real-time conversations make #EmailFails a thing of the past.

Chat unifies your team by enabling them to talk in real time, no matter if they're in the same office or across the world. Communifire chat takes conversation to a whole new level with file sharing, group chats, saved conversations and search.

Chat Software

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We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Internal Social Networking

Dialog happens in the comments.

Comment functionality is available on just about every Communifire tool—from blogs to wikis to status updates—so employees can instantly give feedback, ask questions, share ideas, and get involved. And you'll never lose those great contributions, because comments are included in search results.

Internal Communications
Ideation for Everyone

Give employees a platform to share ideas — and put them in motion.

Even your quietest, most introverted employees have ideas to share. With Communifire, now they have a place to share them - and comment and vote on others' ideas, too. Limit your ideation session to a few key team members, or keep it open to the entire organization with permissions and roles. Watch employee engagement increase and productivity boom when your team knows that their ideas will be heard.

Ideation & Communication Software

Join us for a live product demo.

We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Alerts and Notifications

Alert employees to new updates or files — without interrupting their work.

You don't want to interrupt your team's workflow—but you do want to bring the latest organizational update to their attention. Communifire keeps everyone on the same page with notifications. No popups, no annoying sounds—just a new addition to their notification dropdown the next time they log in to the intranet.

Notifications & Alerts Software
Discussion Forums

Engage your team in open discussion. And add the results to your searchable knowledge base.

A discussion forum can spark meaningful conversation in your digital workplace, and get employees more engaged. With Communifire, however, the benefits don't end when the conversation does. Mark any thread as the answer to a question, and it will become part of your searchable intranet knowledge base. This is internal communications software that your employees will use.

Discussion Forums Communication Tool

Check in on stats and sentiment.

Communifire lets everyone measure the reach, sentiment, and overall impact of your communications. At a glance you can see how many people read your announcement, who viewed your blog post, and which coworkers confirmed their required reading.


Create content workflows that require approvals.

Empower your employees to publish content on the company intranet—without sacrificing consistency—by creating a sequence of workflows and approvals.

You can define each workflow uniquely by content type and space, with as many steps as you need.

Permissions and roles allow you to designate who can do each step (write the corporate blog, create a new space, make an article public, etc.) —and approval stages give you maximum flexibility with total control.

Daily Digest

Stay updated with daily and weekly digest emails.

Opt-in or out of daily and weekly activity emails. They're sent at the end of each day detailing the latest activity that happened within all of your spaces.

Content Moderation

Keep your content true to your company culture with dynamic moderation.

Manage activity across your intranet with:

  • Profanity filters that automatically replace inappropriate text with your own clean version.
  • Content flagging that notifies administrators that they need to follow up.
  • Comment moderation features that prevent comments from being published until they've been reviewed.

Don't let great ideas get lost
in crowded inboxes.

Email is for bank statements—not for effective internal communication. Get a free demo of Communifire's internal communications software today and see for yourself how it can unify your organization.

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