Document management software

Keep all your documents managed in one place.

Your team has to deal with a mountain of digital information. Communifire’s document system software gives them the tools to manage it and thrive.

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Document Management Software

Trusted by the world’s top brands.

97% of our clients are actively using the software after 5 years. Millions of employees and hundreds of customers all over the globe trust Communifire as their modern intranet.

Document management system

Make your team’s life easier. Give them a platform that makes document management work for them.

Emailing documents is a surefire way to lose them. And searching for a document across different storage systems is like looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s when tools get in the way of your team’s productivity. A good document management system doesn’t just store your documents. It has to:

  • Keep your files organized and easy to navigate
  • Enforce version control for audit trails
  • Support security and file access control
  • Be fully indexed and searchable
  • Be fast and easy to use
  • Encourage collaboration, not mere consumption

Communifire’s document management software does all these things, and more. Your team won’t have to waste precious time and energy fighting a tool just to find the information they need.

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Organize your files.

Communifire uses a familiar file-tree structure — but the powerful search feature makes browsing a thing of the past. You can create, delete and rename folders, just as you do on your desktop.

Delete a file by accident? Not a problem — just pop into the Recycle Bin to retrieve it.

Track version history

Stay in control with version control.

You’ll never have to save a document with “FINAL” in the file name again — or worry that you’re working on an outdated version. With version and document control, you always have the most current file — plus a full history of all changes to the document over time.

Need to revert to a previous version of your doc? No problem. You can roll back documents automatically to any previous version with the click of a button.

Preview files

See what’s inside — without having to download.

With Communifire’s Online Preview feature, you can view a document’s content with one click, right in your browser window. No need to download the file and open a local copy just to see if it’s the document you need.

Whether it’s a PDF file, a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, or a PowerPoint presentation — your people can consume your content quickly, without having to jump through any extra hoops.

Commenting and discussions

From passive consumption to full engagement.

Documents are static. The conversations they spark are anything but. Communifire’s document management system is built for real-time team collaboration. Every document has a Comments section, where team members can add their 2 cents (or 4!), and start a conversation.

Like social media platforms, Communifire also gives you the option to share an opinion about the content that goes beyond simply reading it. Like a social network, it encourages people to get — and stay — engaged.


Make sure people only see what they need to see.

Communifire is a secure platform, so file sharing is safe by default. But you can go even further — role-based permissions allow you to tightly manage access to any file. By assigning file access privileges, you can make sure that the file is only visible to the people who need to see it. And team members won’t waste time clicking on a file they don’t have permissions to read.


Make it required reading.

Some documents are more important than others. You can set the Required Reading flag on any file to make sure that team members read it — and confirm that they’ve read it. You can also track compliance to see who has read the document, and who might need a “friendly reminder.”

thumbs up


Your team members can share their thoughts about the document, or just use the “Like” (or “Dislike”) button to share a reaction. It’s a great way to show that they’ve read the material, and have feelings about it.

rating controls


Readers of a document can also give a document a rating, from one to five stars. This information is rolled up to an “average rating score” that gets assigned to the document.

You can use this information to bubble up the most highly rated documents to your audience, and get more eyes on the content.

File storage

Store all your digital assets in one central location that everyone on your team can access—and watch the information bottlenecks dissolve.

Forget about shared drives and FTP. The Communifire document management software provides your company with a better way to share files safely online. From HR documents for everyone to project files for a specific group, make all of your corporate information available from your intranet — the hub of today’s digital workplace.

Document Management Software

Upload your docs in seconds.

Uploading your files in Communifire is a breeze. You can drag-and-drop files directly from your desktop or use the Browse option to access the local drives and files on your computer.

No more staring at progress bars to make sure your files are copied over. Documents typically upload in seconds — even for large files.

Check in

Eliminate overwriting with file check-out/check-in.

With multiple contributors to a document, there’s always a risk of overwriting each other’s changes — unless you have a way to make sure that only one person can edit the document at a time.

With the Check-Out feature, you can lock a file when you’re working on it, so no one else can make changes in parallel. When your changes are done, you check the file back in, and your new version becomes the latest version.

Sync files

Sync files to and from your computer.

Communifire File Sync keeps all your files in sync, giving you the freedom to work on your files anywhere, even on multiple computers, with the confidence that you will have access to the most up-to-date files you need.

You can map folders on your computer to as many folders from as many of your Communifire spaces as you like. Files are instantly available on all your connected devices.

Recycle bin

Recycle bin.

Oops. If you accidentally delete a file or folder, don’t worry… it’s saved in the Recycle Bin.

The Recycle Bin folder contains the files you delete. You can restore or purge files from the Recycle Bin.

Search files

Search files, inside and out.

Trying to find a file in an enterprise document management system can be tough. Sometimes, you have to know exactly what you’re looking for in order to find it. Not anymore.

Communifire’s Smart Search automatically indexes all of the files you upload to the system, and all of the fields associated with them (including tags). It even indexes the contents of all PDF, Microsoft Office, and Open Office documents, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Set expiration

Set an expiration date.

You can set an expiration date on any file you upload, so information is only available while it’s still relevant. When the expiry date passes, the content is flagged (or hidden — the choice is yours!).

Real-time notifications

Stay in the loop — in real-time.

Communifire keeps everyone up-to-date with automatic notifications. When someone uploads a document, everyone in the workspace the file is loaded to sees the file in their activity stream.

No more broadcast emails to tell people a new version is available. Your team will be aware of new or updated documents in real-time, and be able to access the files instantly.

Real-time notifications

Imagine all of your documents and digital assets in one central, instantly searchable hub.

Everyone on your team has a job to do. And they need the right information to do it. With all of your documents in the same digital place, your people can quickly get their hands on the files they need — without trawling through their overstuffed inboxes or getting lost in a maze of shared drives and file systems.

Communifire is the document management software of choice for businesses of all types — from startups, to small enterprises and all the way up to large corporations.