Hello. We are Axero.

Axero is a technology company that builds digital workplace and intranet software for employee-centric organizations around the world. Businesses of every size—from high-growth startups and small businesses to non-profits and public enterprises—use our solution to unify teams and accelerate growth.
About us

Our biggest goal is to do good work and enjoy it.

Axero supports clients from around the world. Our headquarters is in New York City, but everyone at Axero is free to live and work wherever they want. We believe that every company deserves to have a unified team, sharing ideas and communicating efficiently.

15 years in business

We started Axero in 2008 and are now leveraged by hundreds of companies and millions of employees across the globe.

6,000,000+ people

We are thrilled to support all the organizations and individuals who use our software.

98% renewal rate

All base UI elements are made using Nested Symbols and shared styles that are logically connected with one another.


All base UI elements are made using Nested Symbols and shared styles that are logically connected with one another.
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Our values

We live by these principles.

We work with clients to connect people and organizations to their knowledge and to each other. We are thoughtful in our approach and strive to deliver optimized productivity and growth to our clients, partners, and employees.

We build for growth.

Axero is a growing company, always has been and always will be. We continually innovate our platform and our approaches to provide the best solution and service to our clients.

Devoted to excellence.

Your questions and thoughts matter. Our team takes a human approach to support our clients. We hold ourselves accountable and strive to provide every client with helpful guidance every step of the way.

Entrepreneurs at heart.

We are not afraid to take risks and always walk away with a lesson. Every member of Axero takes pride and care in their roles—and are always collaborating on creative, innovative ways to enhance Axero and the client experience.

Security is the priority.

When we say we prioritize data security, we mean it. Axero upholds the rigorous SOC 2 Trust Service Criteria for security and every employee is continually educated about security best practices to uphold the industry’s highest security standards.

We are a team.

Axero is not just a company, we are a team. Every member in Axero shares the same goal: to provide clients with a market-leading digital workplace platform. We win together, we work together, and we learn together.
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How we operate

Our commitment to excellence and client success.

Everyone at Axero is dedicated to supporting our clients and making workplaces around the world more meaningful and productive. Our teams work together everyday to make our mission a reality.

Client success

Everyone at Axero is part of our client support team and considers pleasing clients as the most integral part of their job description.

Product development

Our clients have a very strong voice when it comes to planning our development road-map. Your input is how our software grows and evolves.


Building trust, providing full transparency, and respect is at the heart of our sales team. We measure our success based on the happiness and success of our clients.


We take an educational approach to marketing by actively sharing helpful and actionable information through our blog, client communications, and resources.
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Who we serve

Millions of employees and hundreds of clients.

Axero is trusted by the world’s most innovative, productive, and employee-centric organizations.

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What we do

The ultimate digital workspace.

Empower everyone across your enterprise with a single, unified platform. Our software simplifies how work gets done and delivers custom workplace experiences for all your employees.
Intranet Software

Company Intranet

Your company’s start page—a private, secure digital network where employees communicate, collaborate, manage tasks and events, access company knowledge, and develop the company culture.
Internal Communications

Internal Communications

Maximum alignment across your entire organization. Create, coordinate, distribute, manage, execute, and analyze your internal and employee communications.

Team Collaboration

Create a connected space to bring your employees together to get work done. Lean task management, calendars, helpdesk, and more.
Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Access your entire organization’s consciousness. Create a living library of company knowledge and give your people access to the information they need to do their jobs.
Workspace Culture

Workplace Culture

Show them the way. Build company culture through an employee directory, rich profiles, an org-chart, recognition, and a beautiful experience.

Powerful Integrations

Hit the ground running with the systems you already use. From Office 365 to Google G suite to document management systems and single sign-on.

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We published two business books.

Who the Hell Wants to Work for You? Mastering Employee Engagement.

Who the Hell Wants to Work for You? Mastering Employee Engagement.

Who the Hell Wants to Work for You? explains and unifies the groundbreaking employee engagement practices of America’s most admired companies. You’ll learn how to inspire and empower employees to do their best work—while creating better relationships, building deeper trust, and a thriving company culture.
ASP.NET 3.5 Application Architecture and Design. Build better software.

ASP.NET 3.5 Application Architecture and Design. Build better software.

Authored and edited by our co-founders, Vivek Thakur and Tim Eisenhauer, you’ll learn how to develop better web applications in ASP.NET with strong focus on practical aspects of software architecture and design. If software architecture confuses you or sends you to sleep, this book is perfect for you.


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