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Knowledge Management Software

What Are You Losing by Not Putting Your Team's Collective Knowledge to Work?

Tap into the vast amounts of experience and knowledge hiding in plain sight inside your business.

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Knowledge Management Software

Imagine One Central, Instantly Searchable Space for All Your Files, Discussions, Processes, and FAQs.

Here's why Communifire beats file folders, FTP, and shared drives for knowledge management.

Find Documents & People Instantly.

Whether you upload a file, post a discussion, or update the Wiki, people can instantly find it with search or navigation.

Build & Update Organically.

Work together seamlessly to create helpful content with easy-to-use publishing tools like wiki pages, blogs, and articles.

Make it Relevant to Day-to-Day Work.

This isn't a silo. Because people go here to collaborate on their other projects, it's the first place they'll look for company knowledge and documents.

Powering Knowledge Management at Growth-Focused Businesses:
"Communifire has all the features I want, and the user experience is easy to tailor. I like being able to jump in and make the Homepage our own to organize and display high-priority content."
— Colton Leonard, Chief Culture Officer, Nutrabolt

99% of Communifire Customers are Still Actively Using the Platform After 5 Years.

This is your knowledge management software powered by Communifire.

Knowledge Base Software

Perfect for Knowledge Management.

Turn your existing manuals, processes, guides, and FAQs into a living library of self-serve knowledge for employees, partners, and even customers.

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"Communifire was the only knowledge management platform we could easily customize for each team, without IT or consultants."

Rebecca Verhoeff Executive Vice President, Best Collateral, Inc.



Your Powerful & Complete Content Creation Suite.

Publish, share and collaborate like never before with modern, easy-to-use tools. Make better decisions thanks to centralized knowledge. And empower employees by giving them the information they need in the format they want.


Build Your Own Best-Practice Bible.

We're all familiar with Wikipedia. Now you can bring this same collaborative knowledge management software in-house. With Communifire you can quickly and easily share collective knowledge and best practices, share ideas, plan projects and much more.

Attach files and embed videos and photos to paint a vivid picture. Extend the conversation into the comments and get the whole team on board. Each time you edit a wiki page a new version is saved, so full document history is preserved and you can always roll back to an earlier version if needed.

Knowledge Management Wiki
File Sharing

File Sharing & Document Management Made Smart.

Don't just store files, make them an interactive tool for your organization through collaboration, comments & ratings. Communifire makes old-fashioned document management modern.

  • Simply drag and drop to upload.
  • Add key documents with secure file sharing and version control.
  • View the upload history. Roll back to any previous version.
  • Set fine-grained permissions so individuals can view, edit, or delete.
Document Management

Smart Search.

Find what you need quickly and easily. Everything is just a click away. And it's super smart, because it knows what you're allowed to find and helps you find it, instantly. It automatically indexes all of the content you publish, including wall posts, comments, and the contents of any PDF, Microsoft Office & Open Office documents. For power users, the extensive filtering lets you target your search by space and location, by content type, and tags. You can even create your own search filters by using managed tags. Communifire's search is powered by the extremely rich, flexible, and powerful Lucene full-text search toolkit, which can index practically any type of text document and retrieve it for you in milliseconds.

Knowledge Search Engine

Turn Conversations Into a Content Bank.

Communifire enables you to build the best knowledge by listening. Through listening you are better able to respond to questions and engage in discussions. Forums, the heart of old school online communities, still have a value and purpose for collaboration today. Engage your employees and customers in an open discussion about a question or topic. Mark a thread on a post as an answer to the question, highlighting it as a part of your searchable knowledgebase for future reference.

Discussion Forums Software

Track Issues, Not Emails.

Communifire's Issue Tracker is great for tracking just about anything, from customer support and help desk requests, to software bugs and project tasks. You can set up as many trackers as you like, because each space you create has one built right into its fabric. Anyone can easily submit a case, issue, question, or ticket, then choose its status, priority, category, and add tags to provide further context. Assign it to someone and loop in additional people when you need their input. Everyone gets notified on updates and everyone can provide their expertise to find a solution or answer. You can sort and filter on just about every field, making it easy to find what you're looking for, and each status is color coded, so you can quickly identify new, open, in-progress, or closed cases. Just about everything is configurable, so you can make it fit your existing workflows. And you can even check out the real-time reports to see a high-level view on how your team is doing.

Issue & Ticket Tracking Software

No Chat (or Idea) Left Behind.

Use team chat to bypass email with real-time conversations. Drag and drop a file into chat. It's searchable forever.

Chat Software

Crowd-Source Innovation.

Tap into the power of your employees, customers and partners to surface the best thoughts, opinions and ideas. Give your people a platform to explore their creativity and give voice to their vision. Then through commenting and voting, the best ideas can bubble to the top. Within Communifire there's a host of collaborative tools to help you discuss ideas and build consensus. Wikis, forums, polls, blogs.

Ideation Software

Launch in No Time, With Zero Learning Curve.

The user experience is tailored so your employees can focus on their work, not the platform. Need a custom feature? Just ask. Upload your files today, roll out tomorrow. It takes days, not months, to launch your own knowledge management software.

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One Place for Managing Your Organization's Knowledge.

Communifire's knowledge management software makes it easy to organize and find what you need. So no matter how big or small your organization, all your corporate knowledge can live and be managed within Communifire.

Seamlessly share and access information across teams and departments.

Build customer loyalty by providing them 24/7 access to a powerful help desk and easy-to-use knowledge base.

Tags & hashtags

Tags & #hashtags.

Add a layer of context to your content.

You can let Communifire organize your content for you, or you can give it a hand by utilizing the powerful custom Tag Manager.

All of the content in Communifire, from blogs and wikis to photos and discussions, can be tagged with keywords. You can also add tags to comments and wall posts using the #hashtag.

Tags give your content and conversations context, and makes everything easier to find when searching, while at the same time, connecting you to similar information on the same topic.

Communifire knows what you're thinking as you type, it suggests popular tags for your content ... and you can even create your own Managed Tag Groups, too.


Spark conversations & feedback.

Two-way communication is an important pillar in an engaged workforce. Communifire makes this easy with the ability to comment on just about everything, from blog posts and wikis to status updates, videos, and even other comments.

Open up discussions and make content more engaging, improve documents, and converse with anyone about anything.

Quite often, the most valuable feedback and knowledge sharing happens in your comments. That's why we designed them to be easily searched when you need to find them later.

Commenting Software
Sort Best Content

Best Content.

Tap into the wisdom of the crowd.

Surface the latest, the best, the most popular, or most discussed content.

Sort knowledge and answers by category, sub-category, date and tags. And browse different content types by categories like Most Recent, Most Viewed, Highest Rated and Most Commented.

With so much flexibility in finding what you need, it's easy to instantly find the best information and content.

Approval Workflows.

Require approvals before publishing.

Set up a sequence of approvals or workflows that content must pass through before it's visible.

Empower an employee to write the corporate blog, but have it checked over by someone in a particular role before making it public. Or allow anyone to create a space, but have it go through an approval process before it goes live.

You can set up as many approval steps as you need in your Workflows, which are defined uniquely by content type and for each space, giving you maximum flexibility.

Content Moderation


Keep everything clean.

Communifire offers several dynamic tools to help you stay in control and manage activity in your community.

Profanity Filters

Setup filters to automatically replace unworthy text with your own clean version.

Flag Inappropriate Content

Flag content and comments as abusive to be dealt with by an administrator.

Comment Moderation

Turn on comment moderation so they're not published until someone approves them.

Like Buttons.

Everybody loves a thumbs up.

They're just about everywhere you'd expect them to be.

They allow you to give positive feedback to others about content and conversations they create.

When someone likes something, the owner of the content or comment will be notified. It also shows up in the Activity Ticker, providing yet another way for you to discover trending content and popular conversations.

Like Buttons
Rating Controls

Rating Controls.

Let the best content shine.

Cut through the clutter and let people vote on the best content.

Communifire provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to rate content. This allows the best content to stand out, making it easy to find valuable resources, information, and knowledge.

All Your People Together At Last.

Everyone is always on the same page.

Communifire keeps everything organized so everyone gets the access and updates they need to do their jobs. Each person's Activity Stream and Notifications keep them connected to what's going on. So no matter where your people are located, you know they are in the loop and working towards the same goal.

Social Development & Integrations
Social Development & Integrations

Easy Integration with
Anything and Everything.

Now you have unlimited possibilities.

Communifire is incredibly friendly to all sorts of different integrations. There's really no limits.

About 85% of our customers use Active Directory integration or some sort of Single Sign-On features. Use the built in Open API and the powerful REST layer to push news and content into your Activity Streams and Notifications or pull data from Communifire into your own existing systems.

And since Communifire is also a social development platform, you can even add social features and its advanced ASP.NET custom controls directly inside your own software platforms. If you can imagine it, it's likely you can do it too.

Here's What Makes Us Different.

You have a few choices in this space. Naturally, we think you should choose ours. Here's why.

All-in-one Software

Communifire combines collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing tools into one unified platform, in one secure location. Why do you need five different accounts with five different companies when you can have it all integrated and working together?

More Power & Flexibility

Communifire is one of the only knowledge base platforms built on a flexible architecture. This means that you can use it right out-of-the-box and be successful. And when your company grows, you can customize it to fit your needs, because Communifire grows with you.

Better Support & Service

We'll help you set it up, customize it, and get up and running. Everyone at Axero is part of our customer support team and considers pleasing customers as the most integral part of their job description. Our success is tied directly to your success, so it's our job to meet your expectations.

SaaS or On-Premise

We'll host it and run it on our servers for you, removing the hassle of managing the hardware, updates, and security. But if you'd rather host it yourself, you can.

Your Style, Your Brand

Customize the look and feel of your site by uploading a logo and updating a few settings. For advanced control, you can include your own CSS styles and HTML layouts.

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Simplify Access for Your Team.

Instead of 5 logins for 5 systems, now they'll only need one. Tailor the experience so people only see the features they need. Your style, your brand, your button names. No two platforms look alike.

Integrate with Everything.

Use Single Sign-On features, the built-in Open API, and the powerful REST layer to push news and content into your Activity Streams and Notifications. You can also pull data from Communifire into other systems.

Start Small. Start Today.

Within a day or two, you can have your own intranet solution. No other intranet software is this easy to tailor to how you already work. And there's not another platform that's this simple to use. Need a custom feature? Just ask.