Your team has the knowledge. Communifire's software puts it to work. Manage it fast.

What if you could collect all of your team's knowledge and experience in one place, so anyone could reference it in an instant? Stop daydreaming, and do it quickly in Communifire.

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Knowledge Management Software
The Single Source of Truth.

Turn your team's collective wisdom into a centralized, searchable knowledge base.

Eliminate the endless collection of file folders, cranky FTP transfers, and messy shared drives. Communifire collects knowledge automatically, right where the work is happening.

Powering Knowledge Management at Growth-Focused Businesses:

February 7, 2020

"Communifire has all the features I want, and the user experience is easy to tailor. I like being able to jump in and make the Homepage our own to organize and display high-priority content."

Colton Leonard
Chief Culture Officer, Nutrabolt

Superpowered and simplified knowledge management is one of the reasons 99% of Communifire customers are still actively using the platform after 5 years.

Knowledge Management Software

Build a living library from your team's content and conversations.

No IT necessary! With Communifire, your existing manuals, processes, guides, FAQs, articles, blogs, discussion forum answers - anything - into a self-serve knowledge base for employees, partners and even customers.

Business Communication Software

Search and find information, people and resources instantly.

The powerful search functionality built right into Communifire quickly and accurately locates whatever you're looking for.

Sit back. Your knowledge base builds itself.

As your team creates content with easy-to-use publishing tools such as wiki pages, blogs, articles and discussions, Communifire builds and updates the knowledge base organically.

Relevant answers in the first place your team looks.

Communifire is where your team communicates and collaborates daily. Put company information and documents here, and you can rest assured they'll be used.

"Communifire was the only knowledge management platform we could easily customize for each team, without IT or consultants."

Rebecca Verhoeff
Executive Vice President, Best Collateral, Inc.


Knowledge Management Software

Share collective knowledge and best practices in the same place conversations are happening.

Collaborative knowledge management no longer requires IT setup or external software. With Communifire, it's built right in to the tool your team is already using every day. Extend the conversation in the comments, and get your whole team engaged and pulling together. Attach files, embed videos, and upload photos to paint a vivid picture of best practices. Create a wiki for company information — the version history feature allows you to roll back to an earlier version at any time.

Knowledge Management Wiki
Content Management System

Publish, share and collaborate with a complete content creation suite.

Powerful, modern, easy-to-use tools make it easy to publish content and centralize your organization's knowledge. With quick access to the answers they need in the format they want, employees are empowered to make better decisions, faster. Communifire automatically indexes all of the content you publish, including wall posts, comments, and the contents of any PDF, Microsoft Office & Open Office documents — turning your content into a searchable database of your company's knowledge and best practices, without you having to lift a finger. Set an expiration date on your content to keep only the most relevant information on deck. Make knowledge sharing a snap with @mentions and #hashtags.

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We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Document Management Software

Turn your files and documents into a living, interactive archive.

If "file storage" brings to mind dusty old servers filled with ancient, unused digital documents, you're in for a treat. With Communifire, you've got a smart digital tool that not only stores files, but allows for collaboration, comments and rating of those files.

Drag-and-drop to upload, enable secure file sharing, set super-targeted permissions, and know that version control has your back if you need an older version of the file. This is document management for the modern digital workplace.

Document Management
Search Engine and Search Tools

Answers are just a click away.

Your intranet might know what you're searching for before you do. Powered by the Lucene full-text search toolkit, Communifire search isn't just smart, it's fast and powerful, too. Virtually any type of text document is fully indexed and retrievable in milliseconds. Extensive filtering lets you further target your search by space, location, content type, and tags.

Knowledge Search Engine

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We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Discussion Forums

Conversations become content. Automatically.

Discussion forums unify your team and engage them in important conversations — but unlike other discussion forum software, with Communifire the value doesn't end when the discussion does. Mark a thread on a post as an answer to the original question, and it's automatically added to your searchable knowledge base. Now you've got a content bank your employees can rely on now, and well into the future.

Discussion Forums Software
Issue, Case, and Ticket Tracking

Empower your organization to solve issues — not just track emails.

You can track just about anything with Communifire's built-in issue tracker feature. Follow customer support requests, software bugs, project tasks, cases, questions — whatever and however many things you want to track, you can follow the progress all in one place. Anyone in your space can submit a case, choose its status, set its priority, and determine its category and tags. Everyone gets notified when there's an update, and anyone can provide their expertise to find a solution. Just about everything is configurable, so you can make it work with your existing workflows. The result? Your team is solving problems, together, in real time.

Issue & Ticket Tracking Software

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We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Tap into the power of your employees and crowdsource innovation.

Give your people a platform to explore their creativity, give voice to their vision, and surface the best thoughts, opinions and ideas. Communifire includes space for ideation, right out of the box. Zero in on the best of the best ideas with commenting and voting, then use a host of collaborative tools including forums, polls and blogs to discuss those top ideas and build consensus.

Ideation Software

Improve employee satisfaction and build customer loyalty with robust employee service portals.

With Communifire, all your organization's knowledge is in one place, and your team has 24/7 access to it.

It's easy to organize and find what you need, and seamlessly share that information across teams and departments. Provide internal customer service with robust online communities and a powerful km system. Whether they're answering help desk support questions or looking for information on their employee benefits, your team will always have the key features and the right information on-hand with Communifire's km software.

Tags & hashtags

Use tags and #hashtags to organize your content automatically.

Tags give your content context, connect it to related information, and make it even easier to find.

Communifire suggests popular tags as you type — and you can even create your own managed tag groups for extra control.

Sort Best Content

Content filters surface the exact content you're looking for.

Filter content by publication date, popularity or number of comments. Sort by category, sub-category, date and tags.

With so much flexibility, it's easy to find the information and content you need.

Content Moderation

Use moderation controls to keep content clean.

Set up profanity filters to automatically replace prohibited text with your own clean version. Flag inappropriate content for follow-up, and turn on comment moderation to require review before publication.

Rating Controls

Let people vote on the best content with rating controls.

Communifire helps your entire organization cut through the clutter with an intuitive interface to rate content.

The best content stands out, so it's easy for everyone to find the most valuable resources quickly.

Commenting Software

Encourage employees to engage with comments.

Employee engagement only happens when there's two-way communication.

Inside Communifire, everyone can comment on just about everything — so you can gather valuable feedback while your employees add to your collective knowledge base.


Create workflows and require approvals at every step.

Set your own rules for publishing content, and create workflows that work with your company culture.

Employees are empowered to share their knowledge, while roles and permissions limit who can do each step in the workflow.

Like Buttons

Give positive feedback on the content and conversations your employees create.

Click the "Like" button on your employee's content or comment to let them know you appreciate their input.

Your team will feel heard and valued, and you'll reap the benefits with improved employee engagement.

Social Development & Integrations

Activity streams and notifications keep everyone on the same page.

Everyone in your organization will get the updates and information they need to do their jobs. So no matter where your people are located, you can trust that they're working together toward the same goal.

Let us show you how easy it is to centralize and modernize your organization with Communifire's knowledge management system.

See why 99% of Communifire customers are still actively using the platform after 5 years.

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