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June 30, 2020

Communifire helps you create a culture of transparency and trust, by giving your employees access to the information and resources they need to do their jobs effectively.

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Organize information
Search and discover
Increase productivity
The single source of truth

Eliminate frustration and improve employee satisfaction with knowledge management.

When you give employees access to the information they need to do their jobs, you can solve problems more creatively, improve productivity, and collaborate like never before.

  • Simplify access to information.

    • Manuals and documentation
    • Employee handbook
    • Documents and files
    • Policies and procedures
    • Company news and announcements
  • Improve employee productivity.

    • Questions and answers
    • Conversations and collaboration
    • Cases and helpdesk
    • Idea capture and generation
    • Chat and instant messenger
  • Promote knowledge sharing.

    • Capture, organize, share, and search
    • Employee expertise and skills
    • Organize project assets and results
    • Access intellectual capital
    • Business intelligence
  • Reduce costs and save time.

    • Self-service portal
    • Best practice replication
    • Mobile access
    • Crowdsource innovation
    • Solve tickets faster

Your knowledge management should help support your company's growth, not slow it down.

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Trusted by the world's top brands.

99% of our customers are still using the platform after 5 years.

Hundreds of customers and millions of employees all over the world trust Communifire for their knowledge management software.

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Knowledge management software

Build a living library from your team's content and conversations.

No IT necessary. With Communifire, your existing manuals, processes, guides, FAQs, articles, blogs, discussion forum answers - anything - into a self-serve knowledge base for employees, partners and even customers.

Business Communication Software

Search and find information, people and resources instantly.

The powerful search functionality built right into Communifire quickly and accurately locates whatever you're looking for.

Sit back. Your knowledge base builds itself.

As your team creates content with easy-to-use publishing tools such as wiki pages, blogs, articles and discussions, Communifire builds and updates the knowledge base organically.

Relevant answers in the first place your team looks.

Communifire is where your team communicates and collaborates daily. Put company information and documents here, and you can rest assured they'll be used.

Knowledge management system

Share collective knowledge and best practices in the same place conversations are happening.

Collaborative knowledge management no longer requires IT setup or external software. With Communifire, it's built right into the tool your team is already using every day. Extend the conversation in the comments, and get your whole team engaged and pulling together. Attach files, embed videos, and upload photos to paint a vivid picture of best practices. Create a wiki for company information — the version history feature allows you to roll back to an earlier version at any time.

Knowledge Management Wiki
Content management system

Publish, share and collaborate with a complete content creation suite.

Powerful, modern, easy-to-use tools make it easy to publish content and centralize your organization's knowledge. With quick access to the answers they need in the format they want, employees are empowered to make better decisions, faster. Communifire automatically indexes all of the content you publish, including wall posts, comments, and the contents of any PDF, Microsoft Office & Open Office documents — turning your content into a searchable database of your company's knowledge and best practices, without you having to lift a finger. Set an expiration date on your content to keep only the most relevant information on deck. Make knowledge sharing a snap with @mentions and #hashtags.

Use tags and #hashtags to organize your content.

Tags give your content context, connect it to related information, and make it even easier to find. Communifire suggests popular tags as you type—and you can even create your own managed tag groups for extra control.

Encourage employees to engage with commenting.

Employee engagement only happens when there's two-way communication. Inside Communifire, everyone can comment on just about everything—so you can gather valuable feedback while your employees add to your collective knowledge base.

Filters to surface the content you're looking for.

Filter content by publication date, popularity or number of comments. Sort by category, sub-category, date and tags. With so much flexibility, it's easy to find the information and content you need.

Create content approval workflows for publishing.

Set your own rules for publishing content, and create workflows that work with your company culture. Employees are empowered to share their knowledge, while roles and permissions limit who can do each step in the workflow.

Use moderation controls to keep content clean.

Set up profanity filters to automatically replace prohibited text with your own clean version. Flag inappropriate content for follow-up, and turn on comment moderation to require review before publication.

Give and receive positive feedback

Click the "Like" button on your employee's content or comment to let them know you appreciate their input. Your team will feel heard and valued, and you'll reap the benefits with improved employee engagement.

Let people vote on the best content with ratings.

Communifire helps your entire organization cut through the clutter with an intuitive interface to rate content. The best content stands out, so it's easy for everyone to find the most valuable resources quickly.

Set expiration dates to review and update content.

An intranet is only as good as the content you make available to your employees. High quality, up-to-date content is key. Communifire lets you set expiration dates on your content, so you know when it requires a review or update.

Your knowledge management should help support your company's growth, not slow it down.

Discover how, with a 30-minute live demo.

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Document management software

Turn your files and documents into a living, interactive archive.

If "file storage" brings to mind dusty old servers filled with ancient, unused digital documents, you're in for a treat. With Communifire, you've got a smart knowledge management software tool that not only stores files, but allows for collaboration, comments and rating of those files.

Drag-and-drop to upload, enable secure file sharing, set super-targeted permissions, and know that version control has your back if you need an older version of the file. This is document management for the modern digital workplace.

Document Management software

Bulk file upload

Uploading your files in Communifire is a breeze. You can drag-and-drop files directly from your desktop or use the Browse option to access the local drives and files on your computer.

Version control

With version and document control, you always have the most current file—plus a full history of all changes to the document over time. Need to revert to a previous version of your doc? No problem. You can roll back documents automatically to any previous version with the click of a button.

Check-in / Check-out

With the Check-Out feature, you can lock a file when you're working on it, so no one else can make changes in parallel. When your changes are done, you check the file back in, and your new version becomes the latest version.

Document previews

See what's inside—without having to download. With Communifire's Online Preview feature, you can view a document's content with one click, right in your browser window.

Required reading

This allows you to flag published content as mandatory reading. It also keeps track of employees that have indicated that they've read the content—and gives you a nice report to share with your higher-up's.

Desktop sync

Map folders on your computer to as many folders from as many of your Communifire spaces as you like. Files are instantly available on all connected devices that run the File Sync app and on your Communifire web application.

Recycle bin

Oops. If you accidentally delete a file or folder, don't worry... it's saved in the Recycle Bin. You can restore or purge files when you need to.

Search inside files

Communifire indexes the contents of all text-based files—PDFs, Microsoft Office, Open Office documents, and more—so you can find what you're looking for, and nothing falls through the cracks.

Robust permissions

Manage file permissions on a folder-to-folder basis. You control who can see files, download files, update files, and more. File permissions ensure you can secure your documents and give people access to the files that they need.


Your notifications feed provides you with real-time alerts about updates and activity that is important to you. They let you know what needs your attention—so you can jump back into a conversation, check your reminders, and find out what you may have missed.

Search engine and search tools

Answers are a click away.

Your intranet might know what you're searching for before you do. Powered by the Lucene full-text search toolkit, Communifire search isn't just smart, it's fast and powerful, too. Virtually any type of text document is fully indexed and retrievable in milliseconds. Extensive filtering lets you further target your search by space, location, content type, and tags.

Knowledge Search Engine
Discussion forums

Conversations become content. Automatically.

Discussion forums unify your team and engage them in important conversations—but unlike other discussion forum software, with Communifire the value doesn't end when the discussion does. Mark a thread on a post as an answer to the original question, and it's automatically added to your searchable knowledge base. Now you've got a content bank your employees can rely on now, and well into the future.

Discussion Forums Software
Help desk

Empower your organization to solve problems—not just track emails.

You can track just about anything with Communifire's built-in issue tracker feature. Follow customer support requests, software bugs, project tasks, cases, questions—whatever and however many things you want to track, you can follow the progress all in one place. Anyone in your space can submit a case, choose its status, set its priority, and determine its category and tags. Everyone gets notified when there's an update, and anyone can provide their expertise to find a solution. Just about everything is configurable, so you can make it work with your existing workflows. The result? Your team is solving problems, together, in real time.

Issue & Ticket Tracking Software
Idea capture and action

Tap into the power of your employees and crowdsource innovation.

Give your people a platform to explore their creativity, give voice to their vision, and surface the best thoughts, opinions and ideas. Communifire includes space for ideation, right out of the box. Zero in on the best of the best ideas with commenting and voting, then use a host of collaborative tools including forums, polls and blogs to discuss those top ideas and build consensus.

Ideation Software
Analytics and audits

Track engagement for continuous improvement with insights that drive impact.

Communifire's analytics show you which parts of your intranet are getting traction (and which aren't) so you can focus on the areas and content that matter most to your employees.

Content Analytics Software
intranet search analytics

Search analytics

Know what keywords people are searching for in specific spaces or throughout your entire intranet.

intranet top content analytics

Top content

View the number of comments, likes, views, and ratings different content receives. Filter your analytics by space, content type, action type, number of records, or date range.

intranet content statistics

Content statistics

All of your content engagement data displays as graphs so you can visually understand how employees are engaging with content.

intranet content distribution

Content distribution

Review content trends in your intranet—see what types of content are published and set specific date ranges and spaces to pull the information you need.

Your knowledge management should help support your company's growth, not slow it down.

Discover how, with a 30-minute live demo.

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Technology and Security

Integrations, security, and services to help you thrive.

Today's organizations are no longer challenged with the complexities of managing their intranet, hardware, and the underlying infrastructure. Now every organization can accelerate their shift to higher productivity with Communifire.

Communifire Integrations

Communifire integrates with most of the software you're already using.

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Technology and Security

Everything you need to know about security, single sign-on, and hosting.

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Implementation Services

From planning, roll-out, and ongoing support, we're here to help you every step of the way.

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Frequently asked questions.

Knowledge management is a set of processes that govern the creation, distribution, and utilization of human and company intellect. In the face of communication and data overload, it is important for making decisions, building your business, and cultivating a strong company culture.

In every organization, regardless of the size, information is created, captured, shared, and modified. Eventually this information becomes a commodity. Acquiring this information represents a material gain. Information becomes intellectual capital. And that capital can only reach its full potential when it's made available for the next task, process, project, or product you are working on. This requires recording and storing information in a cohesive way with knowledge management software.

Just about anything. You can select from Forums, Wiki, Blogs, Articles, File Sharing, Videos, Spaces (Sub-communities), and Photos, as tools for knowledge capturing and sharing. You can leverage functionalities like User Roles, Content Moderation, and Workflows to monitor content quality. Additionally, Points and Badges create a reward system for employees actively contributing towards knowledge creation and management.

Yes. As you capture employee questions and provide answers, this information becomes part of your growing knowledge base of information. Your people can search—through a self-service model—to find the answers and information they need to do their jobs. This saves a tremendous amount of time because people can find what they need, when they need it, without having to reach out to other people in the company.

Yes. Communifire’s search functionality is one of the best available because it indexes everything, and it knows who can access what, based on permissions, roles, and spaces. Any content that you put into the system becomes searchable. It even allows you to search inside PDFs, word documents, and other files.

Absolutely. We have comprehensive integrations with Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint online, Google G Suite, Dropbox, and Box. When you connect these third-party applications, all of your documents and files become searchable from inside Communifire.