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One platform for connecting and engaging your workforce.

Communifire is your next generation intranet. The unifying force that brings your people, content, and conversations together in one place—in a meaningful, targeted, and personalized platform that improves engagement and employee experience.

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We know the process of implementing a new intranet can be daunting, so Axero makes it easy.


We Plan

Tell us what you'd like to achieve. We'll help you get there with a well defined strategy and timeline.


We Build

We'll customize your new intranet to reach your goals, while your team populates it with your company content.


You Thrive

Your employees communicate with ease, relieving frustration and freeing you to work at the speed of progress.

Trusted by the world's top brands.

99% of our customers are still using the platform after 5 years.

Hundreds of customers and millions of employees all over the world trust Communifire for their intranet.

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Your company deserves to have a connected team, sharing ideas and communicating effectively.

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How to Launch Your Intranet: Getting Started and Implementation Checklist
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How to Launch Your Intranet: Getting Started and Implementation Checklist

If you intend to keep up with your competitors, increase company wide productivity, and grow your business, you must do what it takes to help your business thrive.

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