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Implementation process

Client success onboarding timeline.

We’ll build a customized onboarding plan together that’s designed to help you reach your most important goals, faster. Our best-in-class implementation follows a collaborative and transparent process—so you always have the support you need. You set the timeline and scope and we work together to make it a reality. Plus, we’re really easy to work with.

Here’s how a typical implementation works.


Stage 1
  • Get your new intranet set up
  • Plan your project
  • Assemble your team


Stage 2
  • Create spaces
  • Populate content
  • Create homepages
  • Confirm security settings
  • Add employee data
  • Review site and governance
  • Prepare to launch


Stage 3
  • Launch your intranet
  • Engage and promote
  • Build your digital culture
  • Get automatic enhancements
  • Enjoy world-class support

Your path to success.

Your success is our success. We’re with you every step to answer your questions and to make sure you are comfortable throughout the implementation. Here’s an overview of different touchpoints we’ll plan throughout the process.

  1. Set-up

    We will provide detailed instructions on how to set-up on your new intranet. We’ll ask you to fill out the Intranet Features Survey to understand what your needs and desired features.

  2. Project Planning

    With your team assembled, they can start having access to the site and we can start planning your space architecture, determining roles and governance, and review the completed Intranet Features Survey to establish your plan to Launch.

  3. Kick Off

    We’ll align your full team on your business goals and objectives, timelines, project teams, and expectations and register additional team members to the Axero Online Community.

  4. Content Creation

    We’ll show you how to create spaces, add and migrate content, as well as manage roles and permissions.

  5. Customize and Design

    We’ll review progress and discuss design best practices. You’ll learn how to use Page Builder to create your homepage and space homepages.

  6. People and Governance

    You’ll learn how to manage users, employee profiles, and how to set up your org chart. If single sign-on is already integrated, you’re all set. If you’re not using SSO, you’ll be required to upload and import users.

  7. Launch

    Review progress. Discuss best practices for launching to your employees, including creating awareness, enabling adoption, and empowering users. Launch to your employees.

  8. Post Launch

    We’ll discuss your launch and employee reception. We’ll guide you with ongoing tips and support you for the lifetime of your Communifire intranet. It’s a win-win.

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Want to learn more? We can help customize an implementation plan that’s right for you.

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