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Intranet software

Unify teams and accelerate growth.

Imagine all your people, conversations and documents in one central, instantly searchable hub. Imagine the ease of collaboration. The free flow of conversation. The sharing of knowledge.

  • High-impact communications
  • Knowledge discovery
  • Collaboration for everyone
  • Engagement hub
  • Cultivate workplace culture
  • Company alignment
  • Powerful integrations
  • Mobile & deskless access
Intranet Software for Employees
Rating 4.4/5 | 37 reviews

“A modern intranet software with brilliant customer support.”

Rating 4.1/5 | 48 reviews

“Our go-to user-friendly intranet and collaboration platform!”

Rating 4.4/5 | 37 reviews

“We have better collaboration and better connection between team members.”

See Axero in Gartner Market Guide for Intranet Solutions.

Powerful integrations make for easy roll-outs.

Seamlessly integrate your intranet software with Google Workspace, Office 365, Zoom, Dropbox, ServiceNow, and all the tools you know and use.

Intranet Google Workspace

Create and edit Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms all from your intranet.

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Intranet Office 365

Sync files, edit and create Word, Excel, OneNote, and Powerpoint documents.

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Employee communications

Democratize all comms.

Too many conversations get lost in one-way emails. Activate your three levels of communications with flexible and familiar tools that make your internal communications irresistible. Leaders to teams. Teams to leaders. And teams to each other. Most. Engaging. Intranet software. Ever.

Increase transparency in your organization by keeping everyone in the know. Our modern internal communication tools make it easy for you to publish news, announcements, and updates in a flash.

  • Banner announcements
  • Instant notifications
  • Daily and weekly digest emails

Send targeted messages to specific groups, spaces, or departments. Everyone stays on track with the updates that matters most to them.

  • Department-wide announcements
  • Activity streams with fresh updates
  • Private workspaces

Never worry about important information going unnoticed. Flag content as Required Reading and readers will be prompted to mark it as “read”. Track progress and send reminders with built-in analytics.

Intranet required reading

Dive into your data with intelligent analytics. Measure the reach, sentiment, and impact of your communications. See how many people read your announcement, who viewed your blog post, and which coworkers confirmed their required reading.

  • More transparency
  • Higher participation rates
  • Improved visibility
  • Trust in leadership
  • Inspired staff
  • Belonging and purpose
Internal communications software
Knowledge management

Fact-check anything.

Is content valuable if no one can find it? Now every document and conversation is findable through a simple search or intuitive navigation—unless you make it private. No more siloed documents. No more version control worries, either. Manage, publish, search and share content as if you were picking up the phone.

One place for managing your organization’s knowledge. Everyone knows where to find the most recent answers and news. Create a culture of transparency and trust by giving your employees access to the information and resources they need to do their jobs effectively.

Don’t waste time, effort and resources uploading files in one place and collaborating in another. Discover true collaboration entirely within Communifire. Every document becomes a hub of likes, comments, follows, and ratings. Simply drag and drop to upload. Add key documents with secure file sharing and version control. View the upload history. Roll back to any previous version. Set fine-grained permissions so individuals can view, edit, or delete.

Collaborate, publish and share projects like never before with modern, easy-to-use intranet content management tools. Add key documents with secure file sharing and version control. View the upload history. Roll back to any previous version. Set fine-grained permissions so individuals can view, edit, or delete.

Everything is just a click away. Our intelligent search remembers everything, so you don’t have to. It’s super smart, because it knows what you’re allowed to find and helps you find it, instantly. Automatically index all of your content and use filters to target your search. You can even create your own search filters.

Integrates with:

knowledge management software
Team collaboration

Work better together.

Never miss a milestone again. By bringing the right people together to discuss a task, work on the same documents and share ideas, your employees get the collaborative experience others only promise. Set up an internal helpdesk, stay on track with calendars, and connect your teams like never before.

Create a a dedicated space for departments, projects, and resources. Set up a space for HR to host company policy information, new hire documents, and answer questions. Give Marketing and Sales their own space to collaborate on leads, share sales tactics, and manage daily to-do lists. The power is yours to have a digital workplace that moves how you do.

Our Cases tool let your team work toward goals together. Create, tag, assign, and track a project through to completion. Sort and filter cases by color so a quick glance is all it takes to know the status. Set priority levels and loop other team members as you need to. Everything is tracked and stored for future reference.

Bypass email that take too much time with real-time conversations. Drag and drop a file into chat to share it. Strike up conversations with individuals, or bring entire groups into the mix. Crowd-source ideas with voting, or take your organization’s pulse with a poll or survey. Pick your medium and let the engagement happen.

Breathe in. Assign tasks. Breathe out. Give in to delegation. No more bottlenecks. Who’s doing what is no longer a mystery. Best of all, it’s no longer just you.

Put an end to back-and-forth scheduling. Create private or group calendars and share them with anyone. Setup reminders, create recurring events, and sync with Office 365 and Outlook so all of your calendars are uniform and updated.

Put information right where people can find and take action on it. Roles and permissions give you fine-grained control over your content. Rest assured that employees have access to the most-relevant spaces, while they aren’t distracted by others.

team collaboration software
Who we serve

Millions of employees and hundreds of clients.

Axero intranet software is trusted by the world’s most innovative, productive, and employee-centric organizations.

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Workplace culture

Elevate your culture. Show them the way.

A platform for people. Connect your company with tools that make your digital workspace feel like the workplace. An easy-to-use employee directory with rich profiles, a dynamic org-chart, and recognition features make a beautiful employee experience that your workforce deserves.

Make your culture come to life. Our suite of customization and design tools makes your intranet an extension of your brand—without a team of coding wizards. Get your people proud of where they work, feel closer to the company, and how they can contribute to the higher cause.

Quickly find the people you need with your new company directory. Fine-grained search options lets you filter based on department, location, job title, and more. Hover over anyone’s profile photo or name—you’ll see their rank in the community—and a message button that lets you contact them directly. Reach out to people immediately and work with speed and precision.

Everyone likes to feel appreciated—especially in the workplace. That’s why we have a couple options for you:

  1. Recognition – Use badges to publicly recognize team members on a job well done or send a kudos. Create different rewards program to keep motivation high. And track all activity in your dedicated recognition page so teams can congratulate each other.
  2. Gamification – Assign points to different activities and watch employees accumulate scores for each one they complete. Publish everyone’s results on a leaderboard on your team’s homepage to encourage friendly competition.

See who reports to whom with your new org-chart that builds itself. As you navigate through teams, your chart quickly and visually expands, so you can see how your organization is structured. IT never has to worry about updating the org chart—it automatically updates.

Empower connections with personable profiles that shows you who’s who and how you might know someone. Your user profile contains personal, work, and contact information—making it simple to connect with and find anyone in your company. Upload your photo, list your accomplishments, and share your expertise.

Intranet homepage
Enterprise search and discovery

Everything is a click away.

A search that you can trust. Our search remembers everything, so you don’t have to. It’s super smart, because it knows what you’re allowed to find and helps you find it, instantly. Automatically index all of the content you publish, including wall posts, comments, PDFs, and Microsoft Office and Open Office documents.

Search everything across your entire intranet and all of the third party systems you connect. Automatically index all of the content you publish and use the extensive filter to target your search by space and location, content type, and tags. You can even create your own search filters with custom tags.

See how your search is doing. Search analytics provides an overview of the keywords and tags people search for and the click-through rate. View top level searches or get granular by analyzing searches in spaces.

Display information where employees will see it. Drag-and-drop your navigation tabs to important content to help your employees find what they need. Create quick-links to employee benefits, HR Q&As, and the IT helpdesk.

Intranet navigation

Bring all your tools together—even third party apps. Use your launchpad to setup quick-links to external sites and apps so everything your people need is front and center.

  • Click to launch Zoom
  • Access payroll
  • Jump into your CRM
  • Navigate to your HRIS
Intranet launchpad

Connect employees to content that matters most. Setup advanced permissions to give your employees access to the information they need and the experience relevant to their unique role. Determine who can see what based on permissions, roles, and space membership.

Intranet search

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Mobile intranet software

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Intranet integrations

Powerful integrations make for easy roll-outs.

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Frequently asked questions.

An intranet software platform is a network where employees can create content, communicate, collaborate, get stuff done, and develop the company culture.

Modern intranet platforms encompass a wide array of functions: employee directory and personal profiles, internal communications, knowledge management, document management, real-time communication, employee recognition and collaboration. By using these tools, companies report improving employee engagement and building a stronger company culture.

The cost of a modern intranet platform can range from $7,500 annually to $100,000 or more per year, based on the number of employees in your organization. Successful organizations report that intranets ultimately pay for themselves through higher productivity, more connected employees, and reducing time finding information.

Creating a modern intranet is streamlined and can take less than a few weeks by using packaged intranet solutions that are specifically built to provide business solutions that are common to all types of companies. Alternatively, organizations can build an intranet internally with developer teams.

The best intranet platform is one that provides the most common functions for modern businesses. These are easy to start and get up and running, and most importantly they have the flexibility to grow with your organization over time. A vendor that provides onboarding services and ongoing support is also important for your success.

All of our plans come with awesome support, free upgrades, and access to our customer community. We also offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for customers who wish to have advanced support.

Yes. Set your intranet in motion with an Implementation and Design Package, where we work with you to develop a strategy for launching your new intranet. We will walk you through the platform to teach you technical guidance, how to get around the software, how to think strategically about solving your challenges, and how to use the features to accomplish your goals.

95% of our customers host in our private and secure Amazon AWS cloud. If you’d like to host the software in your own on-premise environment, we have options available.

Yes, our platform is intelligently designed with robust permissions to make it easy for departments, locations, or business units to manage their own content and their own intranet spaces. No IT needed.

Yes. You get native iPhone and Android apps included as free downloads from the app stores. We also have mobile app white label options available.

Your security is our priority. We use the same security that most banks use. This includes SSAE 16 (SOC 1, SOC Type II) and ISO 27001 compliant facilities, AES-256 and AES-256 FIPS 140-2 Level 3 encryption, SSL/TLS secure connections, intrusion detection, disaster recovery, and much more.

Yes. Our intranet software integrates with all major SSO providers including Azure AD, ADFS, Active Directory, OKTA, SAML, and many more.