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With Communifire you get a powerful, next-generation intranet platform tailored to how you already work. And it's so easy-to-use you can get your organization on-board by the end of next week.

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Social Intranet Software

Imagine all your people, conversations and documents in one central, instantly searchable hub.

Imagine the ease of collaboration. The free flow of conversation. The sharing of knowledge. This is your social intranet powered by Communifire.

Powering Intranets at Growth-Focused Businesses
  • Toyota
  • Bravo
  • Ikea
  • Dannon
  • Hyundai
  • Edwards Lifesciences

"Communifire connects our 3500+ employees from 16 countries in 42 different offices, and it's like we are all working from the same room."

Ei Ei Thu
Digital Strategist, Phillip Capital
Intranet Software

99% of Communifire customers are still actively using the platform after 5 years.

Discover why organizations are hooked on Communifire.

Communifire is the friendly, familiar, and flexible intranet. It's a game changer.

Empower your employees to do their best work by delivering an intranet experience that's similar to the websites they access daily. It's personalized, engaging, and easy-to-use.

Intranet Software

Give employees one place to find the information they need.

Search and find anything fast.

The single source of truth for your company knowledge.

Build a best-practice knowledge base.

Collaborate on projects and tasks.

Never miss a milestone again.

Spark employee engagement.

Give your people the tools to engage themselves.

Publish internal communications and reduce email.

Keep everyone informed.

Easy access to your important files and documents.

Drag and drop to upload.

Keep everyone on track with calendars.

Manage schedules and events.

Simple setup and launch. 100% flexible.

Launch in days, not months.

"The Communifire product is a stellar solution. I really wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us and the team here at OpenText."

Carlos Oliveira
Senior Director, OpenText


All the Essentials. And More.
Mobile Intranet

Your intranet. Everywhere. Anywhere. Anytime.

Communifire makes it easier than ever to get things done. Connect mobile and deskless workers and take action like never before. Unify your organization and give your employees access to your intranet anywhere, anytime.

mobile intranet software
Employee Directory

Instant people finder.

Use search to instantly find people, documents, and conversations across your organization. Smart search indexes everything. User profiles include personal, work, and contact information, an activity stream, an index of the content they've authored, their relationships, and the spaces and groups they are a part of.

Employee Directory Software
Smart people search.

Smart people search.

Quickly find the people you need with your new company directory. Fine-grained search options lets you filter on department, location, job title, and more. Reach out to them immediately and work with speed and precision.

Information-rich profiles

Information-rich profiles make everyone more personal.

Your user profile contains personal, work, and contact information—making it simple to connect with and find anyone in your company. Upload your photo, list your accomplishments, and share your expertise.

  • Create custom fields.
  • See what people are working on and who they're working with on their personal activity streams.
  • Give everyone a voice with personal publishing tools.

See who's online.

As easy as Facebook. See who's online right now, and click their pic to start a convo. Get help instantly to solve problems or brainstorm solutions fast.


See who reports to whom with your new org chart.

Quickly and visually understand and navigate your organizational structure. See who reports to whom. Communifire updates your org chart automatically, so you can focus on more important tasks.


See who's connected.

The bigger your organization, the harder it is for people to connect with counterparts in other departments.

Communifire powers connections—and the relationships they create—by showing you who's who and how you might know someone. Learn about your team. Understand the person behind the role. And turn weak ties into strong bonds.

click away

Everyone is a click away.

No matter where you're at in Communifire, and no matter what you're doing, you can connect with everyone immediately. Hover over anyone's profile photo or name—you'll see their rank in the community—and a message button that lets you contact them directly.

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specific groups

Target specific groups.

Target your message to specific groups, spaces, or departments. Everyone gets only the information relevant to them and everyone knows what's going on.


Check in on stats and sentiment.

Communifire lets everyone measure the reach, sentiment, and overall impact of your communications. At a glance you can see how many people read your announcement, who viewed your blog post, and which coworkers confirmed their required reading.

digest emails

Daily and weekly digest emails.

Opt-in or out of daily and weekly activity emails. They're sent at the end of each day detailing the latest activity that happened within all of your spaces.


Make sure they've read it.

"Required Reading" allows you to flag your content as mandatory reading. Employees click the "I have read this" button and you can track it through analytics.


Post announcements and updates.

Increase transparency in your organization by keeping everyone in the know. Communifire's internal communication tools make it easy for you to publish news, announcements, and updates.


Open a dialog.

Give your employees a voice and a channel for dialog with comments, "like" buttons, and rating controls.

"Customer support with Communifire is one of the best I've experienced on any online platform. My question was answered almost immediately after posting in the forums, and I had a solution to my problem in less than 5 minutes."

Mallory Hatten Head of Marketing, LiquidAgents Healthcare

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We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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File Sharing & Document Management

Work where the files are.

Don't waste time, effort and resources uploading files in one place and collaborating in another. Discover true collaboration entirely within Communifire. Every document becomes a hub of likes, comments, follows, and ratings.

  • Simply drag and drop to upload.
  • Add key documents with secure file sharing and version control.
  • View the upload history. Roll back to any previous version.
  • Set fine-grained permissions so individuals can view, edit, or delete.
Intranet Document Management

Create directories and folders.

The folder browser displays a file system tree, which makes it easy for you to navigate through folders sub-folders and files.

The document and online file sharing section gives you all the file management functionality of a file browser.

You can create folders, delete, rename, copy, cut and move files as you would on your computer.

Track version history

Track version history.

Version history lets you view and compare all revisions that people made to a file or document.

You can restore an earlier version of the file.

Preview files

Preview files and documents online.

Each document or file gets its own page, stocked full of information about the document. The detail page enables you to view all of the details, information, and meta data for the file. It also gives you the opportunity to preview the file and look at what's inside before taking the time to download it.

You can preview PDF's, Word Docs, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoints, all of the Open Office formats, Text files, and if you have uploaded audio or video files, you can listen and watch them too.

Commenting and discussions

Comment on and discuss files.

Comments can be added to any file, allowing users to leave specific details that might be important for the rest of the team.

Simply click the comment icon or scroll to the comments section at the bottom of the page to spark a discussion.


Set file and folder permissions.

Set permissions on folders to decide who can see what. Lock them down or open them up so everyone can access your documents. Communifire gives you a fine-grained, role based permission matrix to manage access to different parts of the system. You have full control.


Upload all your files.

Uploading your files is a breeze. A quick "Upload Files" button opens a window where you can drag-and-drop files directly from your desktop. You can also choose to open the file browser to access the local drives and files on your computer, which simply lets you select the files you need to upload.

Check in

Check in / Check out.

When you check out a file, the file is locked, and no other user will be able to upload a newer version (overwrite the file).

When you check in the file, you will be prompted to upload a newer version to replace the original file. The file, after being checked in, will be available for other users to download.

Sync files

Sync files to and from your computer.

Communifire File Sync keeps all your files in sync, giving you the freedom to work on your files anywhere, even on multiple computers, with the confidence that you will have access to the most up-to-date files you need.

You can map folders on your computer to as many folders from as many of your Communifire spaces as you like. Files are instantly available on all your connected devices.

Recycle bin

Recycle bin.

Oops. If you accidentally delete a file or folder, don't worry... it's saved in the Recycle Bin.

The Recycle Bin folder contains the files you delete. You can restore or purge files from the Recycle Bin.

Search files

Search files, inside and out.

Communifire's smart file search remembers everything, so you don't have to. It knows what you're allowed to find and helps you find it, instantly. It automatically indexes all of the files you publish, the file name, description, tags, and even the contents of any PDF, Microsoft Office & Open Office documents.

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Content Management & Knowledge Management

Manage, publish, and search content.

Does content exist if no one can find it? Now every document and conversation is findable through a simple search or intuitive navigation, unless you make it private. No more version control worries, either. It's built-in. Share blog posts, articles, intranet wiki pages, photos, videos, or any other type of content you may have.

Intranet Content Management

All the content types you've come to love. And expect.

Communifire is designed to handle all kinds of content types for you, from articles, blogs, and wiki pages, to photos, videos, ideas, and discussions.

Publishing is simple, anyone can do it because Communifire makes it easy. You can publish the following types of content:

  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Cases
  • Discussions
  • Events
  • Files
  • Ideas
  • Photos
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Tasks
  • Videos
  • Wikis
Publishing tools

Publishing tools that every employee can use.

Communifire makes it easy to create and manage content. Publish, share and collaborate like never before with modern, easy-to-use intranet content management tools. Make better decisions thanks to centralized knowledge. And empower employees by giving them the information they need in the format they want.

Set expiration

Set expiration dates to review and archive old content.

An intranet is only as good as the content you make available to your employees. High quality, up-to-date content is key. Communifire lets you set expiration dates on your content, so you know when it requires a review or update.

rating controls

Let the best content shine with rating controls.

Cut through the clutter and let people vote on the best content.

Communifire provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to rate content. This allows the best content to stand out, making it easy to find valuable resources, information, and knowledge.

rating controls

Search, sort, and filter on your own terms.

Everything is just a click away. The search remembers everything, so you don't have to. It's super smart, because it knows what you're allowed to find and helps you find it, instantly. Communifire automatically indexes all of the content you publish, including wall posts, comments, and the contents of any PDF, Microsoft Office & Open Office documents.

Use the extensive filter to target your search by space and location, by content type, and tags. You can even create your own search filters by using managed tags.

Communifire's search is powered by the extremely rich, flexible, and powerful Elastic full-text search toolkit, which can index practically any type of text document and retrieve it for you in milliseconds.

Review and approve

Review and approve content before its published.

You can set up a sequence of approvals or workflows that content must pass through before it's visible.

Empower an employee to write the corporate blog, but have it checked over by someone in a particular role before making it public. Or allow anyone to create a space, but have it go through an approval process before it goes live.

You can set up as many approval steps as you need in your Workflows, which are defined uniquely by content type and for each space, giving you maximum flexibility.


Add a layer of context to your content with tags and #hashtags.

Communifire will happily organize all your content for you. But if you want to give it a hand, you can take advantage of the powerful custom Tag Manager.

All of the content in Communifire, from blogs and wikis to photos and discussions, can be tagged with keywords. You can also add tags to comments and wall posts using the #hashtag.

Tags give your content and conversations context, and makes everything easier to find when searching, while at the same time, connecting you to similar information on the same topic.

Communifire knows what you're thinking as you type, it suggests popular tags for your content ... and you can even create your own Managed Tag Groups, too.

Join us for a live product demo.

We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Scrap silos once and for all.

Setup spaces to bring people together for a project, a specific topic, an interest group, or for connecting company departments. Now you can keep everything organized. Create a space for HR to share company documents, company news, and collaborate on projects. Setup a space for your IT department to host a help desk where everyone can submit their requests. Connect your sales and marketing teams to collaborate freely on new campaigns and hot leads. Everything's easy to find and nothing ever gets lost.

Company Intranet Workspaces

Easily create private and public spaces.

Let anyone join a public space. People can easily search your intranet to find a space or browse the listing of your company's public spaces. Great for knowledge bases, communities and FAQs.

Private spaces keep certain content, conversations and projects between selected people. Ideal for personal projects, departments, "top secret" task forces, functional groups and sensitive topics, like employee reviews.


Create a space for anything. Fill it with articles, photos, tasks, discussions, wikis...

When you set up a space for a topic, project, campaign or department, you give everyone involved a central hub. Fill the hub with task lists, shared calendars, videos and articles. Let members chat, generate ideas and problem-solve. It's like creating a war room, filling it with a curated library, and inviting just the right people to discuss, work and grow your business.


Set up a space for each company department.

Create a space for each of the separate departments or divisions within your business. Set one up for Human Resources to host company policy information, keep new employee packages organized, and answer your employee HR related questions. Give Marketing & Sales their own space to collaborate on leads, share sales tactics, and manage their daily to-do lists.


Your spaces are easy to access. They're on every page.

Smarter navigation makes you more productive. We designed Communifire to be highly intuitive, so you'll worry less about the software and spend more of your time on what matters most to you.

Your spaces are accessible from any page. It takes just 2 small clicks to get wherever you're going. If you have lots of spaces, just type a few characters into the autofilter-search box and it will find the space you're looking for.

Join us for a live product demo.

We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Team Collaboration

Work better together.

Never miss a milestone again. By bringing the right people together to discuss a task, work on the same docs and share ideas, Communifire's collaboration software gives you what others only promise. Setup an internal help-desk, stay on track with calendars, and connect your team like never before.


Support your team.

Cases let your team work toward goals and get things done. Create, tag, assign, and track a project through to completion. And easily sort and filter cases by color so a quick glance is all it takes to know the status.


Ignite conversations and creativity with real-time chat.

Bypass email with real-time conversations. Drag and drop a file into chat to share it. Strike up conversations with individuals, or bring entire groups into the mix. Crowd-source ideas with voting, or take your organization's pulse with a poll or survey.


Keep everyone on track. With public and private calendars.

Put an end to back-and-forth scheduling emails.

  • Create private and group calendars.
  • Share any calendar with anyone.
  • Invite people to events without the back and forth.
  • Set up reminders so you don't have to remember your next meeting.
  • Create recurring events.
  • Sync with Office 365 and Outlook.

Spark up a dialog. Get answers fast.

Discussion forums, the heart of old-school online communities, still have a value and purpose for collaboration today. They let you quickly engage groups of people in an open discussion and crowdsource answers to a question or insight about a topic.

Breathe in

Breathe in. Assign tasks. Breathe out.

Give in to delegation. Assign a task and consider it done. You're no longer a bottleneck. Who's doing what is no longer a mystery. Best of all, it's no longer just you.

Crowdsource innovation

Crowdsource innovation.

Capture the best thoughts and ideas from your employees, customers & partners. Then use voting to surface and elevate ideas. With voting & social sharing built in, you'll quickly find ideas worth acting on. And you can add these features to any wiki, forum, poll or blog.

Join us for a live product demo.

We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Social Networking

Go social without losing control.

Put information right where people can find and take action on it. Roles and permissions give you fine-grained control over your content. So you can ensure employees have access to the most-relevant spaces, while they aren't distracted by others.

Activity Streams & Notifications
Activity Stream

Activity Stream.

This is your home for all the latest updates in your organization. It's microblogging and a news feed in one--a real-time stream of all the latest developments, content and conversations you care about. Post status updates to let everyone know what's up, and include @Mentions and #hashtags to add more value and context to your discussions.

Activity Ticker

Activity Ticker.

The real-time Activity Ticker keeps you informed about everything and everyone you're connected to.

The Activity Ticker also includes updates about content you may not be following. This expands the information you have access to and helps you connect with information and people that may interest you.



@Mentions are a great way to get someone's attention or direct other employees to a specific user. When you tag a person with an @mention, they'll get a notification.

You can also @mention content. Type the name of a file, article, or other content type after the @ symbol, and select the content you want to @mention from the menu that appears.

Real-time notifications

Real-time notifications.

Notifications give you quick access to everything about you. And they help you act efficiently by letting you know what needs your attention.

Behind the scenes, we've specially designed notifications to be incredibly fast and scalable. So you get the updates you need in real time without having to refresh your page. That means you can focus on what matters most and take action the moment it's needed.

Spark conversations

Spark conversations and feedback.

You can comment on just about everything, from blog posts and wikis to status updates, videos, and even other comments.

Open up discussions and make content more engaging, improve documents, and converse with anyone about anything.

Quite often, the most valuable feedback and knowledge building happens in your comments. That's why we designed them to be easily searched when you need to find them later.

thumbs up

Everybody loves a thumbs up.

Capture the best thoughts and ideas from your employees, customers & partners. Then use voting to surface and elevate ideas. With voting & social sharing built in, you'll quickly find ideas worth acting on. And you can add these features to any wiki, forum, poll or blog.

Join us for a live product demo.

We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Intranet Homepage

Imagine having a homepage that's worth visiting.

Imagine that your employees actually find value in visiting your intranet homepage. Stock it with information from different departments and spaces. Provide access to useful links, resources, and other systems. Highlight featured content and bring the best to the surface. Remember, this is your homepage, not someone else's concept with your logo on it. Customizable with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder.

Intranet Homepage
Easy to build

Easy to build. Easy to update. Infinite flexibility.

It's as easy as drag-and-drop. Your homepage is powered by the Communifire PageBuilder, the most advanced and easy-to-use tool on the market. It's intelligently designed to make building your homepage a breeze. It's extremely flexible, too, allowing you to make updates on the fly.

Easy to build

Prioritize key information.

Post news, updates, and required reading to your homepage so everyone sees it once they login. Your employees will be better informed on what's happing inside your organization. Provide a list of the most common forms, documents, and policies for easy access.

external apps

Launch into external apps.

Add a Launchpad widget to your intranet that allows your employees to navigate to external applications you use in your business. Since Communifire becomes the first place people login when they get to work, the Launchpad makes it easy for them to get where they're going.

Easy to build

Make a great first impression.

Your homepage is the most important page on your intranet. Communifire gives you the tools, out-of-the-box, to create a beautifully designed, and easy to use homepage. This gives your employees confidence in using your intranet and makes it simple for them to find the information they need to do their jobs.

Get people

Get people where they want to go, fast.

Make it a navigation hub. When people have quick access to the information they need to do their job, they're more productive and more engaged.

Highlight key

Highlight key people in your organization.

By highlighting key people in your organization, employees will know who they can reach out to for questions and advice. The points system and rank images help to identify power users in your intranet. Since the points are powered by participation, you'll also know which employees are the most active in your intranet.

Join us for a live product demo.

We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Tech Specs and Security

State of the art technology and security.

Today's organizations are no longer challenged with the complexities of managing their intranet, hardware, and the underlying infrastructure. Now every organization can accelerate their shift to higher productivity with Communifire.

Host in the cloud

Host in the cloud or on-premise.

We'll host and run your intranet portal on our servers for you, removing the hassle of managing the hardware, updates, and security. Each Communifire customer gets their own single-tenant installation of the software and database in our cloud. We do this for your security.

  • SSAE 16 (SOC 1, SOC Type II) compliant facilities
  • ISO 27001 compliant
  • AES-256 and AES-256 FIPS 140-2 Level 3 encryption
  • SSL/TLS secure connections
  • Vulnerability scans
  • Intrusion detection monitoring
  • Penetration tests
  • Disaster recover plans
  • Incremental and full data backups

Alternatively, you can deploy Communifire on your own server infrastructure for more power and control over your intranet platform. On premise installation gives you the ultimate in flexibility options, through better collaboration, deeper customization, and stronger security.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On.

Integrate your own single sign on across your business applications to make life easier for your users. About 85% of our customers do it. And you can too.

  • Active Directory
  • ADFS
  • SAML
  • 3rd parties: Onelogin, Etc.
  • Social logins: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.
Admin and management tools

Admin and management tools.

Communifire gives you a robust administrative dashboard, so you can update settings, manage members, and moderate content. And it contains a vast array of tools to keep your intranet portal running smooth.

  • User management
  • System management
  • Content management
  • Bulk import data
  • Profanity filters
  • User / space assignments
  • Much more ...

Trust the same robust security major banks use.

Your security is our priority. We understand that security is an extremely important aspect of your business. It's very important to ours, too.

Single Tenant Architecture

Each customer gets their own independent database and instance of the Communifire software -- each customer's data is completely separate from one another.

Application Security

Communifire is well tested against SQL injection attacks, malicious JavaScript code, cookie hijacking, and cross site request forgery. CAPTCHA image technology is used to discourage and prevent automated spammers.

Secure Connections & Encryption

Communifire SaaS and Self-hosted installations can be secured with SSL/TLS. Passwords are encrypted using AES Rijndaehl algorithm (with proper hashing) and query string parameters are encrypted when necessary.

User Security

Communifire uses a fine-grained, role based permission matrix to manage access to different parts of the system. Permissions are mapped to roles, and each user can have multiple roles.

Backups & Recovery

For SaaS customers, we take daily and incremental backups of the software and database. Each customer's backup is completely separate from one another. Self-hosted customers can easily set up their own backup options.

Hardened Operating Systems

System installation using hardened, patched OS to provide ongoing protection from exploits. Dedicated hardware firewall. Intrusion detection services to protect against unauthorized access. Distributed Denial of Service mitigation systems.

Physical Security

Data center access is limited to authorized data center technicians. Security camera monitoring. Biometric scanning for controlled data center access. 24x7 onsite staff. Unmarked facilities to help maintain low profile.

Operational Security

All Axero employees are trained on security and privacy procedures. Access to confidential information and hardware infrastructure is restricted to authorized personnel only.

Extendible Security

Need even more? Plug in your own security provider and encryption algorithms.


Integrate with anything.

Communifire is incredibly friendly to all sorts of different integrations. There's really no limit.

Use single sign-on features, the built-in Open API, and the powerful REST layer to push news and content into your activity streams and notifications. You can also pull data from Communifire into other systems.

Join us for a live product demo.

We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Employee Intranet Software

Intranet software for employee use.

Fuel your internal teams and allow them to execute on the work they do everyday. No other platform gives you so much choice and flexibility.

Business Communication Software

Create Employee Groups.

Setup spaces and groups for your employees to work together. Give them the tools they need to do their day-to-day jobs better, faster, and more efficiently.

Spark Employee Engagement.

There's a lot you can do to engage employees. Putting your company on Communifire is an excellent start that will give you a series of quick wins from the first week.

Boost Employee Productivity.

When your employees work together, and when they have the right tools to do their jobs well, they will naturally become more engaged and productive in their work.

Why recommending us to your team will make you look brilliant.

You have a few choices in the intranet software space. Naturally, we think you should choose ours. Here's why.

All-in-one Intranet Software

Communifire combines communication, knowledge sharing, and collaboration tools into one unified platform, in one secure location. Why do you need five different accounts with five different companies when you can have it all integrated and working together?

EXTREME Flexibility

Communifire is the only social intranet software platform built on a flexible architecture. This means that you can successfully use it right out-of-the-box. And when your company grows, you can customize it to fit your needs, because Communifire grows with you.

Better Support & Service

We'll help you set it up, customize it, and get up and running. Everyone at Axero is part of our customer support team and considers pleasing customers as the most integral part of their job description. Our success is tied directly to your success, so it's our job to meet your expectations.

SaaS or On-Premise

We'll host and run your intranet on our servers for you, removing the hassle of managing the hardware, updates, and security. But if you'd rather host it yourself, you can.

Your Style, Your Brand

Easily customize the look and feel of your site by uploading a logo and updating a few settings. For advanced control, you can include your own CSS styles and HTML layouts.

Yes, but can it work for my industry,
my business, my team?

See for yourself. This social intranet software is easy to tailor.

You could go live as early as next Friday. Really.

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