Intranet software for healthcare companies

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Modern healthcare is about more than just modern medicine. Streamline communication and collaboration across your healthcare organization with a digital hub built to quickly connect your people to the information they need.
Intranet Software for Healthcare Companies
Rating 4.5/5 | 53 reviews

"A modern intranet software with brilliant customer support."

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"Our go-to user-friendly intranet and collaboration platform!"

Rating 4.5/5 | 53 reviews

"We have better collaboration and better connection between team members."

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97% of our clients are actively using the software after 5 years. Millions of employees and hundreds of customers all over the globe trust Communifire as their modern intranet.

Software for a more efficient and effective healthcare team.

Powering intranets at growth-focused healthcare companies. From file sharing to appointment management to keeping your team up-to-date on developments, information is the beating heart of your healthcare organization. With Axero’s broad set of integrated communication and collaboration tools, that information remains quick and easy to access no matter how busy the office gets.
Healthcare intranet software
Axero is being used for our entire community of 1500 plus. Pros: Flexibility and ease of use. Support. Support. Support. Did I say excellent support?
Art Aughey
FDN Practitioner/ IT Support, Detecting Health, LLC
Digital Workplace for Healthcare

Better access to information for better patient care.

The best patient care is a team effort. With your Axero intranet software, you can streamline your processes, eliminate information silos, and improve knowledge sharing across clinic locations, departments, and teams. Work from any device to collaborate and share information with your team of healthcare professionals and administrative personnel—all in one digital workspace. Improve the employee experience. With open channels of communication and the most up-to-date resources at their fingertips, your employees will be empowered to do their best work and provide the best patient care your organization can offer.
Digital workplace for healthcare
Employee Directory and Profiles

Quickly find the people you need. Give everyone a voice.

Axero’s People and Profiles features make it easy to find the right person to answer a question or tackle a task. And in a healthcare organization, finding the right expert or specialist for a particular area is critical. Your team members can easily share their expertise by creating rich profiles and publishing their own content. Encourage connection and enrich employee experience. Personalized employee profiles encourage relationship-building and personal connection based on shared areas of interest. Your healthcare team works best when it works together.
Employee directory for healthcare
Communications and Content Publishing

Communicate and engage your audience with compelling content.

Quickly create, edit and share critical information with tools like wiki pages, blogs, articles, videos and images. Use chat to get quick answers from an individual or team. Share clinic alerts instantly or publish updated procedures. Post information about an event or share a video for a fundraising challenge. Your healthcare organization has a lot of information to keep track of—Axero intranet software lets you choose how to share it.
Communication tools for healthcare

Store all your mission-critical documents in one safe place.

Having the most up-to-date information available at the right time is critical in a healthcare organization. Axero’s secure document management platform means that all of your mission-critical data is accessible from any device, at any time, from anywhere. No more information bottlenecks, or important files lost over email. You can store all of your policy and protocol documents safely and rest assured that your team is always using the latest version. Colleagues can share information efficiently and keep each other informed in real time.
Document Management for Healthcare
Security and Compliance

HIPAA compliant and secure.

Security and compliance are our top priorities—because they’re your top priorities. Axero intranet software is HIPAA compliant and thoroughly tested for cybersecurity, so you can be confident that your data is safe and secure. Axero also includes granular roles and permissions features that let you control access to sensitive information. Make absolutely sure your team is seeing your new and updated policies and procedures with Axero’s Required Reading feature.
HIPPA compliance intranet software

Create digital workspaces for your departments.

Axero makes it easy for groups of healthcare professionals to communicate and collaborate in a digital workplace. Create a homepage for your organization, landing pages for each department, and distinct workspaces for different teams, groups, projects and purposes. The drag-and-drop Page Builder makes it easy—and information stays streamlined and in context. Your team can offer their insight and knowledge within private workspaces, and you can add members to any workspace when needed. A collaborative, centralized knowledge base promotes informed decision-making and ultimately better patient care.
Online workspaces for healthcare clinics
Mobile Intranet

Your intranet. Everywhere. Anywhere. Anytime.

Axero makes it easier than ever to get things done at your healthcare organization. Connect people and take action like never before. Unify your organization and give your employees access to your intranet anywhere, anytime. Learn more about mobile apps
mobile intranet software
Activity Streams

Get updates in real time.

Axero’s Activity Streams let you know what’s happening everywhere within your organization, in real time. Anyone in your community—from healthcare professionals to administrative personnel —can personalize their activity streams to show information that they determine is relevant to them. They can use the “like” function and commenting feature to share content and engage with other community members. Mentioning other users in a comment triggers a notification to them, so they can quickly see what needs attention.
Activity Streams for Healthcare
Help Desk Cases

Track what matters most.

Like any large organization, your healthcare team has a lot of work to manage. Axero makes it easy for you to stay on top of important activities and events. Track patient concerns, meetings, administrative deadlines and medical training for your team. With Axero you can create cases and track issues to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Each case has a status, a priority, and milestones, and you can tag a case against other cases to track related issues. Assign responsibilities to individuals and create reminders to keep them on track.
Help desk software for healthcare
Task Management

Stay on top of what needs to get done.

Effective workflows and time management usually come down to organization. Projects and work tasks are easier to stay on top of with built-in productivity tools. Axero’s task management features help you break larger projects down into smaller tasks—and track them. Assign responsibilities, schedule due dates with just a few clicks, and set reminders as necessary. Need to know a project status? Quickly review progress and check on what tasks remain to be done.
Task management for Healthcare

Keep the single sign-on you’re already using.

Your team uses many tools that they love, and they can take them along when they use the intranet. Axero easily integrates with the most popular single sign-on providers. Axero supports Active Directory integration, SAML 2.0, and Azure AD, as well as 3rd party identity management platforms, so your team can log in once and have access to everything.
Single sign on for healthcare intranet
Personal and Shared Calendars

Manage your time and get things done.

Time is a critical resource, particularly in a busy healthcare environment. Axero’s personal and shared calendars let you manage your schedule with ease. Plan out your agenda for the day, week, or year. See your team’s availability at a glance and invite colleagues and partners to meetings straight from your calendar. Set reminders as needed, and update events with a few clicks. Everything syncs to Outlook and Google Calendar, too.
Create dedicated digital workspaces
Reporting and Analytics

Track activity and see how your team is using your intranet.

Axero’s built-in analytics features make it easy for your administrators to keep a close eye on what’s happening within your intranet. Quickly see which roles and workspaces every member is a part of, know which keywords people are searching for, and get data on page visits, unique visitors, average pages per visit, how much of each content type has been published and more. When you know how your people are using your online community hub, you’ll be able to evolve your intranet in a way that serves your organization in the way they love.
Reporting and analytics for healthcare intranet
Customer support with Axero is one of the best I’ve experienced on any online platform. My question was answered almost immediately after posting in the forums, and I had a solution to my problem in less than 5 minutes.
— Mallory Hatten
Head of Marketing, LiquidAgents Healthcare

Frequently asked questions.

No worries! All Axero plans come with top-level support, free upgrades and access to our customer community. We also offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for customers who are looking for more advanced support. According to our existing customers, Axero’s support sets us head-and-shoulders above our competitors. Every Axero employee is a member of the customer support team, and making our customers happy is a key part of every job description. Whether the answer comes from a customer service representative or straight from senior management, we’ll get your questions answered quickly and honestly. If you’re not successful, we’re not successful.
Of course! We offer Launch Packages of different levels to help you get your intranet up and running. We’ll work with you and your team to develop an implementation strategy and get your project off the ground. We’ll walk you through the platform, provide technical guidance, help you think strategically about the challenges you need to solve, and show you how to use Communifire’s features to accomplish your goals.
We’ll take care of everything—we’ll host and run your intranet portal on our servers for you, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of managing hardware, software updates, or security. As an Axero customer, you get your own secure, single-tenant installation of our software and database in our cloud. If you want more control over your intranet platform, you can deploy Axero on your own server infrastructure. On-premise installation gives you the ultimate flexibility in feature options and allows for deeper customization and more robust security.
Yes. Axero is designed to make it easy for individual departments, administrative units, or clinics to manage their own content. Set up a Space for each department where members can collaborate, share information, and schedule work and activities efficiently. The interface and features are so intuitive, there’s virtually no learning curve—your staff and team members can step right in without missing a beat.
Absolutely! Axero apps are designed for native integration with the Android and iOS operating systems, and provide smartphone and tablet users with a streamlined interface for accessing your company’s intranet. If you have an active license, you can download the Axero apps free of charge from the iTunes App Store or from Google Play.
Your security is our priority. The Axero platform is HIPAA-compliant and adheres to all the security and privacy policies that are vital to your healthcare organization. We understand that security is an extremely important element of your work. It’s extremely important to ours, too. As an Axero customer, you get your own dedicated database and instance of the Axero software—and your data is kept completely separate from every other customer’s. We use state-of-the-art application security, SSL/TLS, encryption, daily and incremental backups, and hardened operating systems. Your data is always protected.
Yes! Most of our customers integrate their own single sign-on across their business applications to make life easier for their community members—and so can you. Some of the integrations we currently support include:
  • Active Directory, ADFS, Azure, OpenID
  • jQuery, SQL Server
  • SAML
  • 3rd parties: Onelogin, Okta, Etc.
  • Social logins: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.
  • And more!