Collaboration software that unites your team and moves work forward.

Bring your people together to discuss objectives, work on the same documents, and share ideas. Better teamwork and more engagement right out of the box.

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Intranet Collaboration Software

When everyone's working with the same information in the same space, your team's productivity gets a power boost.

You've got a team full of innovative minds and unique perspectives. Stop hitting the snooze button on their engagement with Gantt charts, spreadsheets and meeting invites. Give them the tools to collaborate, and watch world-class innovation transpire.

Powering Collaboration at Growth-Focused Businesses:
December 2, 2019

"Communifire gives us everything we need to support over 1000 writers and 250 employees from all over the world. It lets everyone interact, ask and answer questions, and share best practices. Everything our people need to work is organized in one place."

Margot Weiss
Vice President of Editorial and Expert Relations,

Supercharged collaboration is one of the reasons 99% of Communifire customers are still actively using the platform after 5 years.

Communifire is your team's digital hub — the first place they check in each morning, and the last thing they check each night.

With Communifire as your collaboration software, everything is in one digital workspace. Your people, company updates, documents, projects, communication - all together, and all instantly searchable.

"Communifire is the only team collaboration software we could easily customize for our company. It's the first thing I check in the morning and before going to bed."

"Communifire is helping our worldwide team stay connected and work together. It helps build stronger identity and relationships within a team that is in 17 countries."

Connect everyone, everywhere.

Your team can accomplish so much more when they work together.

Using email to collaborate is a recipe for disaster. Cluttered inboxes, undelivered messages, miscommunication — it's a bottleneck, not a productivity solution. Shatter the silos, empower your entire organization, and make transparency effortless with Communifire's online collaboration tools.

Mobile Intranet Collaboration
  • Boost productivity and accountability with collaboration tools that jive with how your team actually works.
  • Work with files, documents, and people in one place.
  • Create a dynamic communications hub for your organization.
  • Motivate and engage everyone by tracking progress on goals and projects.
  • Build a best-practice knowledge base — together.
* Mobile apps are free for customers with an active Communifire plan.

Communifire Features and Benefits


Private and Public Workspaces

Empower your team to collaborate on their own terms — and scrap the silos once and for all.

In Communifire, you can form spaces and groups quickly and on the fly. So your employees can collaborate in whatever way works for them — from project teams to special interest groups to department spaces. As your team works together, they create a searchable knowledge base — so important information never falls through the crack.

Online Workspaces
File and Document Sharing

Work where the files are.

Redundancy kills productivity. If your team is uploading files in one place and collaborating in another, you've got a problem. That's the bad news.

The good news is you can solve it quickly with Communifire. Your team can store and share files and documents in the same digital workspace where they're collaborating and communicating.

  • Drag and drop to upload.
  • Enable secure file sharing and version control for key documents.
  • Set fine-grained permissions for viewing, editing and deleting.
  • View document history and roll back to a previous version with a click.
  • Gather employee feedback — add comments, likes, follows and ratings — on any type of file.
Intranet Document Collaboration

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We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Task Management

Assign a task and consider it done.

Delegation is good for the soul. With Communifire's comprehensive task management features, it's easy to assign tasks, track activity, and stay on top of work items with automatic time logging and reminders. Provide more information with attached files, and give visual cues such as color coding to help everyone keep track of what they need to do — and when. Add followers to your tasks, and keep discussion laser-focused with comments.

Task Management Software
Team Chat

Real-time conversations for real-time results.

Eradicate email gremlins and throw out "but I didn't get your message!" excuses. With Communifire chat, everyone can converse in real time — one-on-one or as a group. Drag and drop a file to share it instantly, and never worry that you'll lose information in the quick pace of conversation, because your chat is searchable forever.

Intranet Chat Software

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We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Issue, Case, and Ticket Tracking

Collaborate on cases for outstanding customer service.

Anyone in your space can create, tag, assign, respond to and track a case through to completion in Communifire. Now your organization is empowered to solve problems — together — not stuck in their inboxes. Configure the cases feature down to the details, so it works seamlessly with your team's existing workflows. You can sort and filter cases to know the status at a glance.

Issue & Ticket Tracking Software

Public and private calendars put an end to back-and-forth scheduling emails.

Private calendars keep everyone on track with their daily schedules. Space calendars and group calendars help teams stay organized and engaged. Together, they become a powerhouse of time management.

Show events from space/group calendars in your personal calendar to get a bird's-eye view of everything happening in your organization. Share your calendar with other team members so they can add or edit events for you. Set up reminders and create recurring events to keep everyone on the same page.

Calendar Software

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We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Activity Streams and Notifications

Everyone stays in the loop — no micromanaging required.

Social networking for the enterprise. Share information, add tasks and projects, and stay in the loop. No matter where your team is located, everyone will get updated in Communifire with the information they need - instantly and automatically. Real-time activity streams and non-intrusive notifications spread the word and keep everyone connected. Right, @Doug? #YesHashtagsWorkToo

Activity Streams & Notifications

Turn your organization's knowledge into a living library of best practices.

Create a wiki for any department or subject under the sun. Upload and edit drafts right within the wiki, use version history to see changes, and roll back to previous versions if you ever need to. Set an expiration date for content, so relevant information is always front and center.

Wiki Software

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We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Capture the best thoughts and ideas from your employees, customers and partners.

Crowdsource innovation and insight with Communifire's ideation features. Collect ideas in one place, then use voting and commenting to elevate the best ideas from the bunch. Game-changing solutions quickly rise to the surface when you create space for everyone to pitch in their thoughts and suggestions. When you're ready to turn ideas into action, use Communifire's host of collaborative tools — including forums, polls and blogs — to discuss those top ideas and build consensus.

Ideation Software
Discussion Forums

Where conversation becomes collaboration.

Bring everyone together — across the office or across time zones — with discussion forums. Get your team engaged in open discussion about a question or topic, and mark any thread as the answer to add it to your searchable knowledge base.

Discussion Forums Software

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We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Your people are everywhere. But work happens here.

Work freely with people inside and outside of your business. With Communifire, everything you need to collaborate is in one place. Project management, idea sharing, files, company updates, communication ... it's all here, and all completely customizable for the way your organization really works.

"Many of our employees will never even meet each other face to face. Communifire makes that pretty irrelevant."

Get up and running in a day.

Within a day or two, you can have your own collaboration software launched to your organization and completely tailored to your needs. Need a custom feature? Just ask.

Brand your intranet in minutes.

Easily upload logos and brand elements to get the look you want without code. Or go nuts with CSS styles and HTML layouts to fine-tune your platform's look.

Customize your intranet.

No two Communifire platforms look alike. You decide who sees what; you decide what features go where; you determine your style, your brand, your button names.

All-in-one, easy-to-use.

Never mess around with multiple tools and multiple logins ever again. Communifire has everything your team needs to communicate, collaborate and get work done.

Learning it is lightning-fast.

Communifire's interface was designed with familiar functionality, so you and your team don't need any special training to use it.

Integrations expand possibilities.

Single Sign-On features, built-in Open API and the powerful REST layer give your IT team even more firepower. You can also pull data from Communifire into other systems.

Built to grow.

Communifire is built on an extraordinarily flexible architecture, so it's easy to customize as your company grows. It's always ready when you are.

Works on any device.

At your desk, in a meeting, on a plane with your smartphone — Communifire keeps you connected. The fluid interface adapts automatically to your device.

Your data is always safe.

Communifire includes the latest security and administration tools. Plus, you can host it safely behind your firewall.

Team Collaboration Software
Go from project manager to


Communifire brings the team together and keeps everyone aligned. See how it compares to old-school project management:

Instead of: Communifire gives you:
A project manager cracking the proverbial whip with Gantt charts and time tracking High-velocity team collaboration and faster project completion
20 tabs open, 5 separate tools and 25 logins for every project — calendars, tasks, contacts, file sharing, etc. One browser tab to share files, collaborate and ideate, assign tasks and due dates, and discuss projects. Search everything so you can find anything in seconds
Nagging project team members for status updates Status updates at a glance. Check the activity stream for your space and see instantly what's been completed and what's being discussed
Using email as your to-do list, then getting overwhelmed by your ever-growing inbox Freedom from email jail. The action happens in Communifire, inside your team's space
Eating away at your productive work time (and your team's) with face-to-face meetings The power to sync up asynchronously and digitally. Post thoughts, questions, or comments in your team's space. Keep in the loop with casual, frequent posts
Storing documents in your email program, on a shared server or in the cloud somewhere, where they get lost in the infinite void Powerful search that makes all documents easy to find — for anyone. Files aren't isolated, and now neither is your team

"Communifire connects our 3500+ employees from 16 countries in 42 different offices, and it's like we are all working from the same room."

Ei Ei Thu
Digital Strategist, Phillip Capital

Two more reasons why Toyota, Bravo and trust us with their business — and why you'll look brilliant when you recommend Communifire to your organization.

The best service and support.

We designed Communifire to be easy to use and fast to launch. But that doesn't mean you have to do it all on your own.

We'll help you from beginning to end - setting up your new intranet, customizing it, and getting it all up and running.

Customer support is part of everyone's job description here at Axero. Our success is tied directly to your success.

Host how you want: SaaS or on-premise.

No matter what your IT setup looks like, you can run Communifire. We'll host and run your intranet on our servers for you, so you won't have the hassle of managing the hardware, updates, and security. But if you'd rather host it yourself, on-premise, you can.

Join us for a live product demo.

We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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