Intranet software with Active Directory integration for single sign-on.

Communifire is the intranet software that’s easy-to-use, easy to manage, and easy-to-learn. Fuel your internal teams and allow them to execute on the work they do everyday. No other intranet software with Active Directory Integration and single sign-on gives you so much choice and flexibility.

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97% of our clients are actively using the software after 5 years. Millions of employees and hundreds of customers all over the globe trust Communifire as their modern intranet.

Communifire supports all sorts of single sign-on integrations.

Communifire supports Active Directory integration, SAML 2.0, Azure AD, and most social logins for SSO. After integration, users can log into your community without having to register for an account, and their data will be automatically imported. Your community will use single sign-on to verify users — no login required.

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Active Directory Single Sign-On

Active Directory Integration.

The Communifire Active Directory integration plugin allows you to sync users, their information, and automatically log users into the platform. Keep employee profile information up-to-date automatically. Only available for on-premise installations.

View Active Directory setup guide

Azure AD Single Sign-On

Azure AD

Communifire supports Azure Active Directory single sign-on. You will need to have an Azure portal subscription

View Azure AD setup guide

Custom Single Sign-On

Custom single sign-on.

If you have your own identity provider or use a third-party service, Communifire makes it easy to setup single sign-on. Use any programming language you want. As long as you can create and support cookies, you can make it easy for your users to login.

View Custom SSO setup guide

Google and Gsuite Single Sign-On

Google single sign-on.

Google SSO allows your users to register and login using their Gsuite or Google account. Ideal for smaller organizations who utilize Gsuite and want to make it easy for their users to sign in to Communifire.

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ADFS / SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On


The Communifire ADFS / SAML 2.0 integration plugin allows you to setup single sign-on and tie into Active Directory for SaaS licenses.

View ADFS / SAML 2.0 setup guide

Salesforce Single Sign-On

Salesforce SSO.

If your organization relies on Salesforce for its identity provider, Communifire makes it easy to setup SSO. You must have a Salesforce account.

View Salesforce SSO setup guide

Facebook Connect Single Sign-On

Facebook Connect single sign-on.

Allow your users to login to Communifire using their Facebook account.

View Facebook Connect setup guide

LinkedIn Single Sign-On

LinkedIn single sign-on.

Allow your users to login to Communifire using their LinkedIn account.

View LinkedIn SSO setup guide

Twitter Single Sign-On

Twitter single sign-on.

Allow your users to login to Communifire using their Twitter account.

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