Tim Eisenhauer Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine: 10 Simple Secrets to Increase Employee Engagement

Axero President and Co-founder, Tim Eisenhauer, is featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. He shares 10 simple secrets about how to increase employee engagement in the workplace. 

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10 Simple Secrets You Need to Know to Increase Employee Engagement

The question isn’t whether we should be addressing employee engagement. The question is, “How?”

“Certainly, there is no shortage of software, consultants, wellness programs and other productized approaches to solving the problem. But, the reality is that some of the most effective ways to boost engagement are also the simplest and least expensive.

So, before your organization undertakes some months-long planning process or six-month software-deployment project designed to boost engagement, which will likely overwork and overwhelm your already stressed-out staff in the process, try these 10 simple but surefire ways to boost employee engagement — starting right now.”

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