Persona Webinar, Page Builder Enhancement, and New Search Analytics REST API

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This month we put a strong focus on specificity. When you can go deeper with who you’re reaching, what you’re sending, and what you’re tracking, you create a streamlined workplace where everyone has exactly what they need 😊. Here’s our new features that accomplish just that! Learn more below or sign up here!
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You’re invited: Reach, Connect and Engage with Personas and Broadcasts axero persona webinar Your communications likely fall into one of these buckets: critical, important, and nice-to-know. And within these buckets, you also have different audiences and places where you want your information to go. We’ll show you how to reach the right people with the right communications by unlocking the power of personas and broadcasts! Join us for a 60 minute session about how these tools allow you to reach highly specific audiences (all created by you 😊) with communications in different places within Axero—and beyond. Registration closes on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 – so be sure to save your spot! If you have any questions, please email New: Version history for Page Builder axero page builder Isn’t it nice to retrieve older versions of a document? We think so, too! That’s why we added a version history feature to Axero’s Page Builder tool. Every time you click “save” on a Page Builder, you’re able to view and restore the last 25 versions. Curious what Page Builder is? Scroll down to the How-to section to learn more! There’s a lot more to share—like how to set up Intercom (you can also learn more in the how-to section), new APIs, updates to the space search, and much more. Explore everything new! New: Get Search Analytics REST API We added a new REST API to give you deeper visibility into what certain people are searching for. Collect analytics about search terms and how users are engaging with it, such as click counts and click-through rates.
Discover everything new.

Axero How-tos and Tips

Axero is your management hub for information, content, and knowledge. Let’s take a look at a few ways to organize and maintain your content. How to create and manage Personas axero persona Since Personas are a huge part of this month’s updates, it only made sense to review how they work! With Personas, you can create customized groups of people, such as internal communication directors located in Washington or remote IT employees hired within the last year. Customers love Personas because you can use it to send information to highly specific people, automatically add to groups to workspaces, or set up automated work tasks. How to customize pages in Axero axero page builder template If designing an intranet sounds overwhelming, Page Builder makes it much easier. With Page Builder, you have the power to customize, tailor, and place widgets wherever you want, so your intranet matches your brand and vision. You get to be the creator, instead of leaning on outside sources, with easy-to-use drag and drop tools and you can also upload pre-built templates! How to elevate functionality and customization with REST APIs axero rest api For times when you want to take customization or functionality to the next level, REST APIs are the solution. From content options, to permissions and analytics, Axero has hundreds of REST APIs ready to use! Reimagine what’s possible by checking out our list.

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Top 12 Best Intranet Software Platforms of 2023 intranet software It doesn’t matter what you do, how your workplace is structured, or how many employees you work with. Every workplace uses an intranet (or a mixture of platforms to accomplish the same goals.) Why? Because every company or organization needs to connect their people to information and each other. But with so many options on the market, it’s hard to know which solution is right for you and how to scope different vendors. With this blog post, learn about today’s top 12 intranet platforms, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and the best questions to ask vendors so you know what you’re signing up for.

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