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Turn your people into loyal ambassadors with a compelling employee experience.

Axero is the employee experience platform that enables you to make a positive difference to your workforce at every touchpoint. Build workplace culture, communicate more effectively, and reach every employee on a single, centralized, branded platform. When you give your employees the best tools for collaborating and contributing to your mission, you’ll get the absolute best from them.

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Communication Drives Culture.

Imagine how much more you can do when the majority of your employees no longer see the company as a faceless machine, but as people they know and trust.

With Millennials now making up the largest group in the labor force, the face of the modern workplace is changing. The companies leading the charge in talent acquisition and retention understand the value of people. With Axero’s employee experience platform, you can create a work environment that puts collaboration, communication, and connection at the center of your company culture.

Voice of the Employee

Accelerate communication and broadcast company news and announcements. Gather employee feedback from employees to drive strategy and work culture.

Increase Employee Engagement

Unify your workplace by connecting everyone—frontline, deskless, and office workers—to your company mission, vision and culture.

Build Trust and Connection

The employee experience is the heart of the digital workplace. Engage and empower employees to drive better business performance.

Make your big company feel smaller

One centralized platform that drives connection and employee engagement.

An engaged employee is a happy employee — and a happy employee is more productive, provides better customer service, and contributes to a thriving corporate culture. No matter what their age or background, with Axero’s employee experience software, you can create a work environment where every employee feels connected to your organization — and their peers.

With rich collaboration tools and key features to encourage real time feedback and interaction, your employee experience software makes it easier to work together and strengthens relationships across the entire company, creating loyalty and trust at all levels of the organization.

Meet Sarah.

Sarah works for the Director of Sales (North America) at a 1000+ person company. Here’s how she uses Axero to brainstorm ideas for a team-building event, and get employee feedback from her team by lunchtime.

employee experience and employee engagement

9:00 amSarah logs on to the company’s employee experience management platform and searches for “team-building events”. Within seconds, she has a page of relevant search results that include discussion threads, blog posts, and several articles.

One article, written by her counterpart in the UK office seems relevant, so she fires off a quick chat message to the author with some follow-up questions.

9:30 amAfter a friendly exchange with her UK colleague, Sarah is armed with some great ideas for the event. She shares the article in the NA Sales & Marketing workspace and kicks off a discussion thread to get employee feedback.

11:20 amSarah checks back on the discussion thread she started, and is thrilled to see all the comments from team members. There’s a lot of enthusiasm for several ideas, so she decides to create a quick poll to summarize the options so the team can take a vote.

1:00 pmAfter 90 minutes, the votes are in — a majority of the team voted for a morning of community volunteer service, followed by lunch and an afternoon of bowling. Sarah sends a quick chat to her Director to let her know and gets an enthusiastic thumbs-up in return!

Trust in leadership requires transparency in communication.

A compelling employee experience starts with trust. Trust in your company’s leaders, in their ability to execute on the corporate vision, and in their dedication to their people. And the foundation of building trust is open and honest communication.

Use your employee management software to share important company news and announcements and create a sense of community with compelling content. Axero’s employee experience platform is the perfect platform for organizational communication — in both directions

employee engagement and employee experience
Publish Announcements and News

Go beyond corporate updates and personalize your communication.

Share information that makes your employees feel they’re part of something bigger — a customer win, important dates or events, an employee spotlight, or even curated content that’s relevant to your industry.

Use a newsfeed on your homepage that updates automatically in real-time, so your employees can feel the pace of corporate activity.

employee experience management software - articles
Polls and Surveys

Make your employees feel heard, and let them know you’re taking action.

All too often, communication is a one-way street in large organizations. Axero’s polls and surveys are a great way to solicit input from your employees — and make them feel that their opinions matter.

Take a vote on an initiative or create a survey to get employee feedback on your organization, then share the results for full transparency.

employee engagement surveys
Customized Homepage

Start with a warm welcome and show your employees you care.

Your employee experience platform is so much more than a place for storing company information. Logging on to your employee management software should be like walking in the front door — and knowing you’re in the right place. With Axero, you can customize your homepage to reflect your company’s brand and culture. Custom logos and colors, curated content, even a touch of humor — you can add whatever elements you want to make sure your employees feel connected to the organization, the mission, and each other.

best employee experience software homepage

A more human work environment is a more productive work environment.

Your employees may use technology to accomplish their tasks, but they work with people. In today’s increasingly distributed organizations, human connection is more important than ever for a compelling employee experience — and for effective collaboration. Axero’s employee experience software includes key features that make it easy for employees to interact and get to know each other quickly, whether they’re sitting in the same room or on opposite sides of the globe. Use Axero’s gamification and rewards features to create a work culture of employee recognition so your people always know they’re valued members of your team.

employee experience and employee engagement
Employee Directory and Profiles

Put a face to every name.

It’s easy to lose track of who’s who in a large organization, even with an org chart. Axero’s rich employee profiles include much more than just names and job titles.

Each profile includes the employee’s name, picture, areas of expertise, workspaces and any content they’ve published. Anyone in your company can search for a name or topic and instantly get a view of which colleagues share their interests.

employee experience management software profiles

Build thriving networks.

An organization is only as healthy as the relationships between its members. With Axero’s connections feature, your employees can network with colleagues and counterparts in other departments, and get to know their peers outside of day-to-day project work.

Connections can post on each other’s walls and get updates in their activity streams. Your team can build and strengthen relationships, and know they belong to a vibrant and energized organization.

employee engagement profile connections
Comments and Likes

Give and get employee feedback.

Real time feedback makes workplace collaboration feel more human. Axero has social tools like comments and likes to encourage personal interaction on your employee experience management platform. Team members can like or comment on anything, whether it’s a blog post, a status update or other comments.

Get a conversation going on a thread or give a coworker a virtual thumbs-up to make them feel appreciated. All comments are searchable, so no one’s insight (or humor!) is ever lost.

employee experience management software comments
Gamification and Rewards

Introduce some play into the workday.

Use Axero’s built-in gamification and employee recognition features to keep your employees engaged and motivated. Assign points to different activities and watch employees accumulate points and badges for each one they complete.

Publish everyone’s results on a leaderboard on your team’s homepage to encourage friendly competition. Use badges to publicly recognize team members on a job well done. Everyone likes to be appreciated, and when they feel valued, team members will cheer each other on.

employee recognition
best employee experience management platforms - profiles

When teams are empowered, great things can happen.

Every employee in your organization has a contribution to make, but high-impact outcomes are a team effort. A good employee experience is a function of how well each team carries out its mission and delivers on its obligations.

The best employee experience platforms make it easy for teams to work together seamlessly and leverage each member’s expertise and skills. Say goodbye to silos and bottlenecks, and say hello to collaboration and synergy.

employee engagement and employee experience
Digital Workspaces

Create a virtual gathering place for real-life collaboration.

Great work doesn’t happen in a vacuum — or in silos. With Axero’s workspaces feature, you can create dedicated online spaces for any project or topic, and invite team members with relevant expertise, interest or responsibility.

With a dedicated place to communicate and collaborate, employees can establish a sense of cohesion and trust — and focus on the job at hand. Share ideas, solve problems together, or just continue conversations, all inside the privacy of your team’s workspace.

employee experience management software workspace
Discussion Forums and Ideation

Spark a conversation to generate ideas.

One of the greatest strengths of a high-performing team is the diversity of perspectives and experiences among its members. Axero’s online discussion forums are the perfect place for colleagues to brainstorm and engage with one another.

Whether they’re debating a new approach or an old idea, or crowd-sourcing answers to a common problem, team members can engage freely with each other and contribute their expertise to the issue at hand. You can also use the ideas feature to make suggestions that users can post and vote on.

employee experience management software discussions
Mobile Apps for Deskless Workers

Connect people in the field to your corporate community hub.

Today’s organizations often span many sites and geographical locations — and more and more, a portion of their workforce is “deskless.” But with Axero’s employee experience software, they don’t have to be at a computer to take advantage of your company’s employee experience platform. With Axero’s mobile apps, every employee can securely access your intranet from their mobile device of choice, any time, from wherever they are. Even without an office to go to, they can still connect and collaborate, and participate in their corporate community like everyone else.

best employee experience software mobile apps
Instant Push Notifications

Reach all your employees with notifications on their desktop and mobile app.

In an engaged community, there’s a lot going on. You can’t attend everything at once, but you still want to stay up to date on things that interest you. With Axero’s notifications feature, you can. Every employee has a notifications feed that provides real-time alerts about any activity that matters to them — when their content is being edited, when someone likes their post, or when a team member mentions them in a comment or a discussion forum. Notifications are virtual “taps on the shoulder” that keep employees involved without disrupting whatever they’re working on at the moment.

best employee experience management platforms - notifications
Audits and Analytics

Track employee engagement for continuous improvement with insights that drive impact.

Your employee management software is only as useful as your employees think it is. The best way to find out what’s popular and helpful is to track how they’re actually using it. Axero lets you track exactly what’s going on in your online community. You can see data on user activity (such as logins and page views) by person, role or IP address, and quickly see who your superusers are. Axero’s analytics show you which parts of your employee experience management platform are getting traction (and which aren’t) so you can focus on the areas and content that matter most to your employees and focus your efforts accordingly.

best employee experience software analytics

Your company culture directly impacts employee experience — it should impact your intranet, too.

The best Employee experience platforms are designed for connection — connecting people to information and to each other. With rich collaboration tools that make teamwork a breeze, key features that make work more personal and rewarding, and a centralized knowledge base that puts everything your employees need at their fingertips, your employee management software is the strongest muscle you have to create a vibrant workplace culture to carry your business into the future.

employee engagement and employee experience