Axero Wrapped: 3 Intranet Innovations for 2023

axero new features of 2023

As we bid adieu to 2023, it’s time to put our intranet enhancements into the spotlight!

Join us in reminiscing over Axero’s annual highlights and explore the game-changing features we launched this year.

Drum roll, please… 🥁

Introducing: Award-Winning Conversational AI Chatbot, Axero Copilot 🚀

axero copilot

Recently honored with the “Best Advance in AI for Business Impact” gold medal from the Brandon Hall Foundation, Copilot is set to revolutionize your workplace.

Say goodbye to the hassle of rummaging through files and platforms for answers—simply ask Copilot, and voila! Get instant, comprehensive answers and relevant file links either from Axero or third-party systems. “More time” is now a wish you can grant!

Intrigued? Dive deeper into Copilot’s capabilities.

NEW Analytics Reports for Deeper Insights

axero analytics

Gain visualizations of site traffic data within your community and crucial insights to enhance your Intranet’s user experience.

In our June 2023 Limited Release, we unveiled a suite of new Analytic reports to keep vital usage data at your site administrator’s fingertips. Explore brand new report types from metric tiles, tables and trending charts, to user reports that zero in on the most engaging content, search analytics, and beyond!

Discover a wealth of usage data to optimize your intranet’s performance.

Introducing Personas: Your Ticket to Tailored Comms and Streamlined Productivity!

axero personas

With Personas, Axero admins can craft dynamic user groups, enabling targeted communications, automated tasks, and seamless access to essential information within your workforce.

Plus, Personas come with added perks: an uptick in user adoption and an even smoother end-user journey!

Unlock a new level of personalized efficiency with Personas.

Want to learn more?

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