Digital Workplace Software

So much depends on how well your organization is connected.

Communifire's digital workplace software intelligently combines social networking for businesses, communication and collaboration, business applications, and knowledge management into a secure, fully integrated, and flexible platform.

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Digital Workplace Software

The right digital workplace software can transform your workplace culture and promote new ways of productive working.

Get sales and marketing truly collaborating with each other. Increase productivity and collaboration. Boost employee engagement with a digital workplace solution they will actually use. Help your employees work smarter by connecting them with information they need to do their jobs. No need to shoehorn your business and your people into someone else's social business system. You can get your own system—right out of the box, yet fully customizable.

Powering Digital Workplaces at Growth-Focused Businesses
December 2, 2019

Influence and shape cultural change with your own next-generation digital workplace platform.

Communifire lets you bring your people together into your own, fully customizable digital workplace. Whether you’re an enterprise, a growing business, or an association, your employees, your customers, and your members are hungry for connection. Give them what they want without giving up control.

"We use Communifire across our entire organization (900+ employees across Australia). Staff can now easily and quickly locate resources, information, staff members, and company knowledge."

"Communifire is helping our worldwide team stay connected and work together. It helps build stronger identity and relationships within a team that is in 17 countries."

What can you do with Communifire?

Feed your business by making room for everyone at the table. Escape org charts and email inboxes. Unite marketing, IT, operations, sales, and product development so they can collaborate like never before. Form teams around topics of interest and around individual projects. Comment on each other’s work. Train your employees twice as fast with wikis and forums. Use Communifire's digital workplace solutions with your internal team and with your customers — you only need one platform.

Social intranet

Empower your employees.

Help departments work beautifully — no matter where they are — with an intranet that does more than just store old HR docs. Check out what is truly possible with Communifire's modern, flexible intranet solution.

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Internal communications

Accelerate your communications.

Communifire activates three-way communications. Leaders to teams. Teams to leaders. And teams to each other. Communicate and collaborate where the work is happening.

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Team collaboration

Make quicker work of everything.

Bring your people together to discuss objectives, work on the same documents, and share ideas. Better teamwork and more engagement right out of the box.

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Knowledge management

Access your team's collective wisdom.

Build a living library from your team's content and conversations. Communifire collects knowledge automatically, right where the work is happening.

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Employee engagement

Make some powerful new connections.

From productivity tools to activity streams to gamification, badges, and leaderboards, Communifire has everything your people need to get engaged in the digital workplace.

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Privacy and security

We believe your data belongs to you. Period.

Everything you do with Communifire is protected by strong privacy and security features. That’s because we build data security into everything we make, right from the start.

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Communifire is all about bringing your organization together.

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