Employee Engagement Software

Enable your team's productivity and watch employee engagement soar.

From productivity tools to activity streams to gamification, badges, and leaderboards, Communifire's employee engagement software has everything your people need to get engaged in the digital workplace.

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Employee Engagement Software

Keep your team connected and motivated long after the team-building event is over.

Here's the truth about employee engagement: It's an inside job. Employee engagement may be a metric you've been tasked with tracking and improving, but in the end, it's your managements' responsibility to get your people engaged. The good news is, you can set them up for success by giving them the information, opportunities and recognition to do their jobs well with Communifire.

Powering Employee Engagement Software at Growth-Focused Businesses:
December 2, 2019

Engagement is only one click away.

Your employees need three things to feel engaged during their workday:



Access to the knowledge they need to make intelligent decisions and to do their job effectively.



To know that they can be trusted, that they can contribute — and that they will be heard.



To see that their contributions actually matter to their customers, co-workers and company.

Imagine an environment where your employees can thrive.

An engaged employee:

Owns projects and tasks.

Communifire’s project management and task management features pave the way.

Sets clear goals.

Use the tasks or cases features to measure progress — and use gamification to keep things interesting.

Acts decisively on the company’s behalf.

Discussion forums give employees a voice, and workflows empower them to act.

Shares expertise.

Everyone can add to the knowledge base and create helpful content to share their insights.

One digital workplace to empower every employee.

In one week you can have your Communifire employee engagement software up and running, and your entire team can experience:

  • Improved productivity and accountability
  • Visibility, recognition and inspiration
  • A collaborative company culture
  • A sense of purpose and collaboration — even with teammates spread across the globe

Communifire’s built-in employee engagement tools save everyone time and frustration while keeping everyone connected. It’s like an employee engagement headquarters.

Meet Jen.

Jen is a Human Resources manager at a company with 200 employees. Here's how she triggers a chain reaction of employee engagement during the first 3 hours of using Communifire.

9:00 amJen does a search in Communifire for “employee engagement ideas.” Several relevant articles, blog posts, files and discussions pop up.

9:30 amJen posts a comment to the Leadership Forum workspace and attaches the awesome e-book she found. This kicks off an energetic discussion within the executive team — everyone is excited to try the idea on page 32.

12:00 pmJen pops into the Sales & Marketing Collaboration workspace to see what’s going on. She discovers that one of the head sales reps is leading a Freakshow Friday dress-up day event. She posts a comment that she’s all in! After she hits “send,” she remembers she also wanted to send a private message to Dave to thank him for writing that employee engagement e-book.

Communifire features and benefits.

Information Sharing at All Levels

Make announcements, communicate important news, and know for sure that everyone got the information.

Everyone stays informed with real time articles, blogs, discussion forums, comments and posts. Make it required reading, and give time-sensitive content an expiration date. With the social newsfeed-like activity stream, you can rest assured your employees will stay in the know with Communifire.

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Target your message with laser precision.

Keep employees in the loop without overwhelming them. Post messages to departments, groups, or even specific people—they’ll get notified automatically.

rating controls

Communication is a two-way street.

Comment fields, “like” buttons and rating controls allow employees to interact with your content—not just read it.

Real-time notifications

Make reading required.

Track who’s read your content—and who hasn’t—by flagging it as “required.” Your employees must click the “I have read this” button to indicate they got the information.

"Communifire connects our 3500+ employees from 16 countries in 42 different offices, and it's like we are all working from the same room."

Ei Ei Thu Digital Strategist, Phillip Capital
Voice of the Employee

Give your employees a voice and encourage them to use it.

Empower your employees with a feedback system — to share their expertise and insight by creating content of their own with a variety of publishing features, or sharing their ideas with the ideation feature. Find out what they’re really thinking and feeling with employee engagement surveys.

Employee Engagement Survey

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We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Rewards and Gamification

A little friendly competition goes a long way. And so do rewards for positive behaviors.

You can gamify almost everything in Communifire's employee engagement software — because it's one of the best employee engagement software platforms around. Just determine what activities you want to track, and how many points your employees get for completing those activities — your intranet keeps tabs from there. Make it a friendly competition, or simply reward your employees at random. You control the game — and everyone’s a winner.

Gamification Software and Badges
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Race to the finish with leaderboards.

Publicly reward engagement with a leaderboard on your team’s homepage. You choose how to reward the winner — a badge on their intranet profile, a hearty congratulations and a gift card at the next staff meeting … or maybe a surf-and-turf dinner.

Real-time notifications

Reward employees publicly with badges.

It’s as simple as pie to set up a points management system in Communifire. Employees earn points for completing certain actions on the intranet, and when they hit a certain number, they earn a badge. Keep employees motivated with these public rewards — and easily spot intranet power users.

"Customer support with Communifire is one of the best I've experienced on any online platform. My question was answered almost immediately after posting in the forums, and I had a solution to my problem in less than 5 minutes."

Mallory Hatten Head of Marketing, LiquidAgents Healthcare

Internal Social Networking

A familiar social networking format to increase employee engagement results.

In the activity stream, your team members will see updates from the groups and workspaces they’re a part of — but that’s not all. They’ll find updates from their Communifire connections, and they can even post their own status updates or content. Who needs Facebook?

Activity Streams & Notifications

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We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have.

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Training and Development

Give employees the resources they need to grow in their careers.

Training and development is at your employees’ fingertips with Communifire. You can consolidate all of your professional development resources into one workspace, or have dedicated workspaces for each discipline. Organize it in the way that works best for your team, because everything is customizable in Communifire — and watch employee performance soar.

Employee Engagement Software
Tracking Engagement Metrics

HR wants to know how engaged your employees are. Now you know what to tell them.

The new View Report feature makes tracking certain engagement metrics a snap. Check your content statistics (views, likes, comments, bookmarks, etc.), gain valuable employee insight with sentiment analysis, and even get a list of which employees read your content.

Gamification Software and Badges
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See exactly where your employees are engaging with Membership Reports.

Analytics abound in Communifire. See what roles every member in your intranet community has and all the spaces they’re a part of with the membership report.

Download a CSV file with a click of a button.

Real-time notifications

See who’s engaging from where — and what they’re searching for.

The Audience Overview lets you uncover site traffic insight — visits, unique visitors, pages per visit, IP address visits, total visits from members, what browser and operating systems are being used, and what content is being accessed.

Search Analytics tells you what keywords and tags your people are searching for, and what they’re clicking on.

Set your employees up for success.

Don’t rely on team-building events and motivational presentations to drive employee engagement. Take your team’s success into your own hands. With Communifire's engagement solutions you can give them the tools they need to be productive, stay motivated, and connect with each other.

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