Refine Target Audiences, Teams Intranet Integration, and New Intranet Templates

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Every month the Axero team shares the latest product updates and tips to improve productivity for your teams and workplace. This month in particular, we added a lot of new features—so much that there’s no way we could fit it all in an email! Here are some of the top highlights, but be sure to check out our entire list of enhancements below or sign up here!
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New: Go farther with segmenting your Personas Axero’s Persona feature allows you to create highly specific lists of users so you can reach them with targeted communications. But our development team realized we could take this a step further. intranet persona That’s why we added multiple condition personas, you can further refine these groups! Let’s say you want to create a persona group for Sales or Marketing employees who are based in Texas and are directors. With our newest multiple conditions, you can broaden your persona groups to get as segmented as you need. New: Push notifications to your Microsoft Teams channels Maintaining streamlined communications is important. That’s why your platforms should also be aligned with the information you’re sharing, too. With the latest Axero Teams integration, you can keep information and notifications flowing between the main apps your employees use. Send push notifications into Teams about new content published in Axero. Reach employees by specifying which channels you want alerts to appear in and add customized messages! New: Share photos and files to What’s On Your Mind Widget employee communication tool The What’s On Your Mind widget is designed exactly for what the name implies: users can post and share what’s on their mind. Now users can also show coworkers by adding files and photos to their messages. Our customers love this feature because it empowers an engaged workplace and is a great option to encourage water cooler chats. New: Search and filter exception logs Calling all IT and intranet managers – this enhancement is for you! When troubleshooting a technical situation, there’s no need to waste time scrolling through exception logs to find the one you need. Now you can search and filter specific logs in the Control Panel. New: Get and share links to specific tasks intranet task management Axero stores and organizes to-do lists in the Task tool, which is a game changer for project management and keeping tabs on individual tasks. Users can now copy and paste a direct link of specific tasks so they can easily share it with coworkers. This small but mighty feature adds ease to conversations about projects and takes coworkers to the exact task team members are working on. There’s a lot more to share—like how to set up Intercom (you can also learn more in the how-to section), new APIs, updates to the space search, and much more. Explore everything new!
Discover everything new.

Axero How-tos and Tips

Axero is your management hub for information, content, and knowledge. Let’s take a look at a few ways to organize and maintain your content. How to use Axero’s page templates intranet templates Great design makes a great user experience—and when it comes to your intranet, this is imperative. Information and navigation must be simple so all users can get the most value. That’s why we have these pre-built templates you can use to enhance your digital workplace! Easily download the template and update it with the widgets you need. Also, be sure to check out our new template here! This is a great option for an enhanced and sleek look for your homepage. How to integrate Slack into your intranet slack intranet In the spirit of our newest Teams push notification update, here’s a recap about how our customers can do the same with Slack! Similar to the Teams integration, you can connect and accelerate information-sharing between Slack and Axero. Here’s how you can launch into Slack chats from Axero and also push notifications into Slack. The same capabilities apply—add customized messages and select specific channels so no one misses a beat. How to set up Intercom Let’s shine a spotlight on another new enhancement 😀. If you’re like many of our customers who use Google Tag Manager to understand your user’s behavior, please know that Axero easily works with GTM and Intercom! Here’s more information about how easy it is to send custom data from Axero into Intercom.

Read of the Month

Why Slack and SharePoint are NOT Intranets sharepoint intranet Is Slack an intranet? Is SharePoint an intranet? Do I need an intranet if I use these platforms? All reasonable questions! These platforms exist for similar reasons, like enhancing communication, centralizing knowledge, and optimizing collaboration. But they are different. Very. We will address these questions and more in this quick read about Slack, SharePoint, what they have in common with intranet software and most importantly, how they differ.

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