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Intranet Software for Government

Intranet Software for Government:
Federal, State, Local.

If you're looking for easy-to-use intranet software for your government department or branch then you've come to the right place. Communifire is an integrated set of tools that you can use to connect your people, organize your work and get things done.

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Intranet Software for Government

Imagine all your people, conversations and documents in one central, instantly searchable hub.

Imagine the ease of collaboration. The free flow of conversation. The sharing of knowledge. This is your small business intranet powered by Communifire.

Powering Intranets for Growth Focused Government Agencies and Departments
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June 17, 2018

"Communifire has improved communication between our main office and sattelite locations—as well as within each store. Better communication. Faster, more consistent on-boarding. Excellent support."

Teresa Miller

99% of Communifire customers are still actively using the platform after 5 years.


Intranet Software for Government:
Federal, State, Local.

You want Social Intranet Software that makes it easy for you to organize your departments people, documents, and data. That's a given. But what about one that enables you to do more? Imagine a new kind of intranet. An intranet that your people actually find value in visiting. An intranet that unites your employees, energizes your workplace, and is ridiculously easy to learn and simple to use. Communifire takes the concepts of old and clunky intranets and transforms them into an easy-to-use collaboration, communication, and knowledge management platform.

Internal Communications for Government

Working Smarter is Better.

Your people may be working on location or spread across the country, but with Communfire, you all come together to collaborate in one place. Speed up approvals, share large media files and keep the business of creativity flowing smoothly. Harness your best talent and capture those spontaneous moments while staying organized and on schedule.

Internal Communications for Government

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We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have about Communifire.

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Your Own Unique Homepage.

Leverage the power of a fully functioning, customizable Intranet homepage to be an active resource for all your employees, consultants, professionals and other members of your global workforce. With Communifire, you can create a homepage that your team will love to use. Add a news feed, links and resources. Brand it to reflect your company style. Personalize it with logos and relevant information. Enable your employees and consultants to collaborate more effectively. Log in throughout the day to get a quick overview of all your current projects in process and news from different departments and groups. At any time, you can add more information or update the look and feel of the home page. Highlight important updates. Add feeds from applications that your team uses often. If you've got ideas for a specific homepage design, let us know. We're happy to brainstorm with you what's feasible and we'll build it for you at no extra charge.

Intranet homepage for Government

Build Workspaces for Your Teams.

Create robust and dynamic online workspaces with Communifire for your employees and consultants to come together easily and collaborate. Add more members as you need. Turn your workspace into a productivity hub for daily activity, eliminating the need to log into multiple applications. Simplify project management with your own social intranet software and make it easy for anyone in your organization to share information while keeping it within context. Build communities around shared interests. Connect your people so they can work together easily, whether it is a large-scale project spanning many months or an innovation hub to spur ideas. Figure out which features you would like to use when you start, whether it is blog creation, file sharing, event management and/or discussions. Add privacy and moderation settings and then choose people to manage workspaces. Personalize workspaces by adding logos, names and other branding elements. Add new members to any workspace at any time, inviting partners, vendors and consultants outside your organization as well. Simply select permissions and then you are good to begin. Share files and news updates. When you set up an online workspace with Communifire, you can also tap into other platform features such as sharing calendars, task management, publishing tools and social collaboration.

Intranet workspaces for Government

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We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have about Communifire.

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Your Company Directory
and Employee Profiles.

Enjoy the convenience of finding anyone in your company directory online with Communifire at any time to get help and collaborate on any endeavor. Your Communifire Company Directory is an online database that gets created instantly and consists of the users of your platform. This directory can be very useful for finding the right people to work on projects - connecting people and ideas. Search by name, contact information, job title, projects, articles authored, workspaces and groups with the directory and access all the information you need on any person within the organization at one time. The Company Directory is tied to Employee Profiles. Each member has a user profile that includes the member's name, photograph, job title, work description and contact information. Similar to Facebook's Wall, the member profile also has an activity feed showing status updates, projects they're working on and content they have shared. Make it easy to find and share knowledge, build bonds among your employees and encourage the development of new ideas. Every member is empowered to share his or her opinion with publishing tools and a personalized activity feed that has dynamic content. It's easy to invite discussion or start up a conversation with people by mentioning them (@firstnamelastname for example). Find out what people are working on and what they have shared. You can also use hashtags (#mediaproject for example) to organize topics and discussions. Tap into the powerful existing social knowledge base available in your company.

Employee, staff, government directory

Publish Company News,
Announcements and Updates.

Publish your news and share announcements and updates with your Activity Stream. Add relevant data feeds to the Homepage and your personalized insight. Every member of your Communifire platform has access to publishing tools and thus a voice in the conversation. Every member also has a personalized newsfeed that contains necessary information on daily tasks and project management as well as discussions and content pertaining to their departments, partners or teams. It's easy to share your opinion and insight on any news topic or content update by pressing the "like" button or commenting on posts similar to microblogging.

Internal communications for federal government

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We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have about Communifire.

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Document Management.

Managing documents is essential for the flow of information. Instead of relying upon traditional document management systems that consist of heavy use of email and dumping files in folders, Communifire makes it easy for your team to access data, documents and insight daily without wasting time or feeling frustrated. Find the information you need on any given topic or project at one time in one place. Pull up all the content in your company on that topic ranging from articles to videos, images, conversations and blogs so that you have all the information you need to make well informed decisions. Whether you are creating or editing a document or you're preparing for a client meeting, it is helpful to have access to all the information available on that topic already within your organization. Add new documents easily to Communifire. Review different versions of the same document using Version Control. Share your feedback by pressing the "like" button or adding comments. Preview files prior to download.

File sharing for government departments

Task Management.

Manage your daily, weekly and monthly goals for your business and your specific projects by breaking down projects into specific, achievable tasks. Communifire's Task Management tool makes it easy for you to assign and manage tasks to yourself and your team with just a few clicks of your mouse. Add reminders. Log in periodically to check what progress has been made on existing tasks and to assign new tasks for each new phase of a project. Make daily productivity easy to manage and understand. Increase transparency and accountability. Make it easy for your best talent to stay on track and get things done on time. Increase productivity and keep your company's daily processes humming along smoothly.

Task management for government

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We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have about Communifire.

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Calendars For Effective Time Management.

Prioritize your time and your workweek with Communifire's Calendars, a feasible alternative to both Microsoft Outlook calendar and Google calendars. You can manage your time more effectively from planning out your daily schedule to maintaining client meetings, engagements and appointments. Daily organization is easy with Communifire's calendar management. Add appointments, meetings and events with just a few clicks to your personal calendar. Personalize your calendar by naming categories and color coding activities. Make it easy to instantly recognize what lies ahead. Quickly get an overview of your day, week or month ahead. It is easy to create and change dates or events. Simple rename events or drag and drop activities into new time slots. You can also share entire events and calendars with your team, your department or company as a whole. Invite people to your events and meetings by sending invitations from your calendar and also linked to your email. Add partners, vendors and independent contractors outside your media and entertainment company to any calendar event or meeting. Changing a date or event is easy. Rename and move events. You can drag and drop activities into time slots. You can also send reminders. Customize your calendar on your terms. Access your calendar from any browser or device.

Calendar Sofware for government

Contextual Search.

Discover the information you need within context using Communifire's Contextual Search function that pulls up all relevant conversations, imagery, consultant commentary and documents on any given topic. Find what you need when you need it. Leverage the insight from your colleagues who have worked on similar projects or concerns and learn from their experiences so that you can offer better solutions and results.

Search your government company intranet

Join us for a live product demo.

We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have about Communifire.

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Communifire helps your government department, agency, or office.

Adapt and Learn in Real Time

Adjust to changing schedules and projects when you've got access to a constantly updated centralized knowledge base. Stay informed.

Accessibility from Anywhere

Access your information from anywhere and any device. Free up your creative people, strategists, sales professionals and research teams to work from anywhere in the world.

Unlock Information Tied Up in Emails

Avoid the information barriers that come with sending files via emails. Recover your time, speed up communications and ensure that everyone's on the same page instantly.

Search and Find

Pull up all the information you need on any given topic ranging from articles to blogs, images, discussions and video using Communifire's powerful search functionality.

Bring in the Experts

Invite your specialists to collaborate together on any project using online workspaces. Get to work quickly and add more members as you need anytime.

Keep Your Information Organized

Organization is essential to the healthy functioning of your business. It requires careful execution and good planning. Communifire makes it easy to organize your files.

Share Professional Insight

Discover valuable insight from your seasoned executives and creative people by sharing insight within context.

Engage With Your Clients

When your employees feel heard, they engage more. Communifire makes it easy to leverage the power of social business. In turn, your employees deliver more and your customers engage more.

Join us for a live product demo.

We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have about Communifire.

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Join us for a live product demo.

We'll walk you through the product and answer any questions you have about Communifire.

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