The Social Theory of Team Collaboration

Below you will find a collection of our most popular articles and team collaboration resources, ranging from information about working together, collaboration software, employee engagement, ideation, information organization, and more. There are many possible challenges you may face when you embrace collaboration. Use these resources to guide you to best results possible.

A significant virtue of social team collaboration is the ability to engage a larger collection of people in active development of content. Each person brings their own unique perspective and expertise to a question or topic. And, it's done asynchronously, with each person digesting content and contributing when it fits into their schedule and in proportion to their ability to contribute and interest in the topic.

This means fewer time consuming meetings that require everyone to get together at the same time, requiring some to dedicate more time than they need to and leaving many others out completely. Furthermore, with everyone involved who should be, getting buy-in at key milestones is a snap, surprises are kept to a minimum, and everyone feels as if their input has been heard.


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