The Social Theory of Intranet Software

The social intranet provides tools and encourages behaviors that result in a more natural and intuitive organization of information and resources.

Instead of placing information in department silos, cross-functional teams collaborate together to create, discuss, and improve information within spaces for the project they are working on. Everyone on the team then knows exactly where to go for those files, photos, wikis, videos, ideas and discussions.

It's a structure to a company's information that makes sense to people.

The social intranet also serves as the source for valuable resources. Policy documents and HR forms are placed in easy reach. The most valuable and most viewed resources can bubble to the top, based on real world usage and real user input instead of supposition and guesses. Content that people want and need most is closest at hand. Less time is spent answering the same questions over and over and over again. And once your intranet becomes a valuable resource for work and information, it is the perfect channel to share important company updates and insight, a hub for everything going on in your organization.


Give your teams a really useful intranet.

Help departments work beautifully - no matter where they are - with an intranet that does more than just store old HR docs. See what is truly possible with Communifire's modern, flexible intranet solution.

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