Social Business

Below you will find a collection of our most popular articles and social business resources, ranging from information about collaboration, employee engagement, corporate communications, ideation, information organization, and more. There are many possible challenges you may face when you embrace social business in your company. Use these resources to guide you to best results possible.

The Social Theory of Social Business

A social collaboration and networking platform provides practically endless possibilities and uses, many of which we highlight throughout this website. A flexible platform will allow you to solve multiple challenges in a single community. This is particularly well suited to organizations that have embraced the social principles, including broad engagement, transparency, collaboration, elimination of silos, and strict ideas of hierarchy, information freedom, and crowdsourcing.

For businesses that become social, their community becomes the hub for everything they do. The organization's employees not only collaborate with each other in the community, but with partners and customers as well. Thanks to the ability to wall off parts of the community as private, collaboration and networking can extend to customers and even prospects and others in the marketplace. The hub concept is extended further by bringing in activity updates and information from other systems, providing a single location for everyone to keep up to date with whats going on.

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