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Using Axero is easier than ever

Happy holidays from the Axero team!

Happy Holidays from the entire Axero team! From feature development to client experience, connectivity is ingrained in everything we do at Axero. We hope that your new year is spent connecting with the people and activities you care most about.

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Intranet End of Year Savings

We’re offering a rare end of the year incentive for new customers! Sign up with Axero by December 31, 2021 and save 15% off your entire Axero license – the biggest deal we’ve offered all year. Schedule a call to get started or email

New feature: Vertical org chart

Intranet Org Chart

In addition to our existing org chart layout, we are very excited to launch this brand new layout and design. The vertical layout, as requested by many of our clients, gives your employees a sleek and compact way to see who’s who in your organization. Get a true birds-eye view of how your teams are structured and perfectly display departments for presentations. Here’s how it works!

New feature: Automated notifications sent into Slack

Axero Slack Integration

Our new Slack integration is here! Keep everyone in the loop by automating intranet notifications into Slack. This is an easy setup for admins and a seamless way to streamline important information as it’s published in your intranet. Learn about setup here.

Coming soon: Twilio integration

If you’re in a moment of crisis or manage frontline workers, you need to make sure your employees have immediate access to critical information. With our Twilio integration, you can reach teams on any device by broadcasting SMS text messages and alerting employees via email and desktop notifications.

Coming soon: Promoted Search feature

By “promoting” content, you control what appears on the top of search results, so employees get quick access to important content. Please stay tuned for more details as our development team works to finalize this latest enhancement!

There’s more new enhancements this month! Click the button below to view a list of everything added to Axero.

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Axero How-tos and Tips

How to use Axero as a customer engagement hub

Axero employee engagement platform

Axero is more than an intranet—it’s also bundled with tools to engage your customers, too! Leverage our extranet features for customer support inquiries, tickets, and an interactive helpdesk. Here’s how our client, Clearify, saves $120,000 a year in hiring costs by doing just that.

We’re happy to walk you through Axero’s extranet capabilities! Please book time here to learn more.

Do you have a quick announcement to share?

Intranet Communications Tool

Post important announcements where people will see it with our Dynamic Properties tool. With Dynamic Properties, you can get the word out quickly on any page in your intranet, add a yellow banner to make your announcement stand out, and send notifications, too!

Added bonus: You can also add a Dynamic Property to multiple pages in one seamless swoop. Here’s how it works!

Control profile information users can edit

Control what people can edit and see in employee profiles. Give departments, like HR, access to sensitive information by hiding fields on employee profiles from specific roles, while visible and editable for admins.

Intranet templates for ultimate engagement and user experience

Axero Intranet Templates and Screenshots

We did the design work for you. Download our newly designed templates to boost engagement and user experience on your intranet. Whether your page is for employees or customers, we have a layout for you. Upload a template and then modify the widgets—it’s your page, your way.

What you get from the Axero Support team

Axero customer support

When you join Axero, our dedicated support team is ready to ensure all aspects of your journey—from implementation, launch, and everyday use—meets your expectations. But what does this look like, exactly?

  • A customized implementation plan – Every organization is different. You’ll be paired with a Client Success Manager who understands your unique company structure and goals. Together, we develop a plan that will get you over the finish line.
  • Training during implementation – From technical setup, to single sign-on and platform training, our support team trains your key project team members to set you up for a successful launch.
  • Ongoing support – Have a question? File a ticket with our support team and get a response quickly. You also get 24/7 access to our documentation, how-to videos, and support forums.
  • Additional add-on services – From Service Level Agreements to Enhanced Support packages, there’s more support services to meet you where you need us.
  • Click here to learn more about our client support services!

    How to track user engagement in Axero

    Intranet Engagement Analytics

    Measure performance and monitor engagement in your intranet with Axero’s numerous analytic tools. View site traffic data, activity reports, content engagement, search analytics, and much more—you can even connect your Google Analytics account!

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    Wages are one aspect of business where employers and employees rarely see eye-to-eye. Rather than sweeping their differences under the rug, these two household brands found two different ways to reconcile them. Here’s how Kraft Heinz and Patagonia approached salary concerns—and what you can do about it.

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