Axero Leads in Software Reviews’ 2023 Digital Workplace Data Quadrant Report for Second Year

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For the second year in a row, customers rated Axero a top vendor in Software Reviews’ 2023 Digital Workplace Data Quadrant report! This report helps buyers evaluate 24 top digital workplace products by using verified customer reviews to compare important features and services each platform offers. This year, Axero received an overall category score of 8.8/10 and placed number one for Vendor Support Services and seven product features! Categories where Axero received gold medals:
    • Vendor Support
    • Blog Support
    • Document Management
    • Employee Directory
    • End-user Workflow Customization
    • Org Chart
    • Knowledge Library
    • Single Sign-on
Keep reading to learn more about key highlights or you can download the reportwhich is complimentary! Axero Gold Medal Software Reviews 2023 Digital Workplace Report

Number 1 for Vendor Support.

SoftwareReviews’ definition: “The importance of vendor support will vary for each organization depending on internal capabilities, but there will always be issues that only the vendor can resolve. Use the data in this section to see which vendors tend to under-service their product and which will offer quality support.” Axero customer support Axero’s Client Success team works hard to provide top-notch support for all customers—and receiving 96% highly satisfied or delighted responses from participants is a huge honor. We firmly believe in creating lasting partnerships and taking a human approach to assist customers. Our team will resolve issues or questions to completion, while ensuring clients have clarity every step of the way. Customers often praise our support team and we are thrilled to be recognized for it in this report.

Number 1 for Blog Support.

SoftwareReviews’ definition: “Allows employees to create blogs, personalizable mini-websites on which they post content viewable by co-workers.” Axero blog tool Axero earned the number one spot for Blog Support (again!), which speaks to our platform’s strong publishing and knowledge management capabilities. Our users typically use blogs to share shorter forms of content that may be part of a series. By using tags, Axero will automatically associate related blogs together and authors can add attachments, videos and images to their blog posts. Comments and likes can easily be turned on and off to make knowledge an interactive and collaborative experience.

Number 1 for Document Management.

SoftwareReviews’ definition: “Includes features such as check-in/check-out and versioning controls on documents and artifacts.” Axero document management Bringing ease to how organizations create, centralize, and distribute knowledge is a huge priority for Axero. That’s why we’re thrilled to be recognized for our document management features. Tools, such as wikis, automatically track versions of a document and allow authors to check content “in and out”. You can even view a side-by-side of prior versions to see changes made to your document. Document repositories can be segmented into specific departments, so teams have a homebase to find what they need. You can even make documents viewable to everyone or a select few.

Number 1 for Employee Directory.

SoftwareReviews’ definition: “Employees can browse a searchable directory containing job titles and contact information of co-workers, or identify candidates for collaboration.” Axero people directory When we talk about information, files, spreadsheets, and articles usually come to mind. The truth is, people, specifically your people, are your greatest source of knowledge. That’s why we put special care into an employee directory that goes beyond standard profiles. Our customers have creative reign to customize employee profiles with layouts and specific questions and fields that compliment their culture and values. People are easily searchable so coworkers can connect with each other quickly.

Number 1 for End-User Workflow Customization.

SoftwareReviews’ definition: “The ability of users to create their own workflows within the platform using low-code and/or no-code development.” Axero workflow tool When it comes to workflow customization, Axero exceeded all the other vendors with 94% of customers being highly satisfied! This is a huge feat because the ability to automate processes without coding or uplift from a developer means Axero is adaptable for a wide range of internal processes and easy to use. With our workflow automation, create moderated steps for projects and ensure content is published only when approved by the appropriate manager. You can also set expiration dates to documents, which will automatically notify the author to update by a specific deadline.

Number 1 for Org Chart.

SoftwareReviews’ definition: “An interactive org chart of the company so that users can see roles, departments, teams, etc.” Axero org chart Axero’s org chart is clearly a client-favorite because it’s rated #1 for the second year in a row! If designed right, an org chart can be a powerful way to display how your organization is structured, who’s who, and how everyone is connected to each other. With our org chart, you can choose between numerous layouts, including a vertical display—a great option for presentations. As employees change roles the org chart automatically updates, ensuring company information is always up to date.

Number 1 for Knowledge Library.

SoftwareReviews’ definition: “A place to create, store and share static content like working from home advice or HR & expenses policies, so employees can access the information they need.” Axero knowledge library If you can’t reach users with information, and they can’t find it on their own, how valuable is your content? Our development team understands this, which is why 90% of participants said they are highly satisfied with Axero’s knowledge library features. Regardless of content type, articles, blogs, wikis, and files can live in their own designated library. Filter content by “most recent”, “most viewed”, tags, and five other criteria options. Set featured images, summary text, and call out Required Reading in a scrollable homebase.

Number 1 for Single Sign-on.

SoftwareReviews’ definition: “Login authentication linked to corporate login credentials, and user account information auto-populated to the expense profile.” Axero single sign on Single sign-on (SSO) is another winner for the second year in a row! SSO allows users to automatically and securely sign into several apps with the same login information. Axero integrates with top SSO providers, including Salesforce SSO, OneLogin, Active Directory, and Azure, so users have uniform login credentials across internal applications. This makes launching Axero a simplified process and migrating and managing employee data much easier!

Top Rated Features and Capabilities🏅

There’s a few categories where Axero was rated very close to first place. We trailed behind in Ease of Administration, for example, by 2%! That’s why we would be remiss to not call out our additional wins, which also earned Top Rated badges. Here’s a complete list of our top rated features and capabilities, so you have a holistic view of how Axero performed:
      • Blog support
      • Customizable branding
      • Department zones
      • Discussion forums
      • Document management
      • Employee directory
      • End-user workflow customization
      • Homepage
      • Interactive organizational chart
      • Knowledge library
      • News feed
      • Single sign-on
      • Wiki support
      • Workplace approvals
      • Business value created
      • Ease of customization
      • Ease of implementation
      • Ease of IT administration
      • Vendor support

In conclusion.

Axero Intranet Software It’s always an honor to be recognized for our product and team. It’s an even greater honor when our customers—the people who use and rely on our platform—are giving the recognition. Axero strives to offer flexibility for a wide range of use cases, while making the user experience seamless and knowledge distribution effective. These wins signify that we’re achieving this today for our customers. If you want to see these features in action or learn more about Axero, our team is here for you. Contact us so we can learn about your organization and what your goals are! You can also download the SoftwareReviews’ 2023 Digital Workplace Data Quadrant report here.
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