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Every month the Axero team shares the latest updates about product enhancements and trends in knowledge management and employee communication. Here’s a snippet from the March 2023 Monthly Review—sign up here!

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You’re invited: Connecting People and Teams!

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How do your employees find people and information?

Study after study shows that employees waste an exorbitant amount of time tracking down the right person or digging through email inboxes to find information—which makes wasted time a top productivity killer.

If you can create a connected workplace where people can easily find colleagues and knowledge, you increase efficiency and morale. We’ll show you how to bring these benefits to your organization at our upcoming webinar, Connecting People and Teams!

Save your spot!

Axero’s senior product manager, Bryce Johannes, will show you how to leverage essential people-centric tools to save your people time, while connecting them to each other and your organization. Registration closes on Monday, March 27. If you can’t make the session and would like to receive a recording please fill out the form and email

New: Display different logos on the header of different Spaces!

Do you have a Space that could be tailored with its own branding, separate from your main organization? Maybe you have a special board committee or a Space for a sister company. Now, you can further customize the look and feel of your Spaces by adding unique logos on the header. All you have to do is embed this new Space ID script into your General Settings. Here’s how to do it!

New: Highlight selected people with new People widget

intranet people widget

Get specific and personalized with the people you display in lists. Our new “Selected People” option allows you to select who you want to display in a list, and as many people! This new addition is all within the properties of your people widget.

In case you missed it: Axero Named Gold Medalist in SoftwareReviews 2023 Digital Workplace Report 🥇

SoftwareReviews 2023 Digital Workplace Data Quadrant Report

If you’re researching intranet platforms, this is the report you need! SoftwareReviews’ Digital Workplace Data Quadrant report analyzes real user data to compare top intranet platforms and evaluate features, vendor relationships, and overall business value.

Did we mention that Axero is a gold medal winner for the second year in a row? Download your complimentary copy to learn more about our platform and the value each vendor delivers.

The new enhancements don’t end here! Explore everything new below—including six more updates for March.

Discover everything new.

Axero How-tos and Tips

Axero is your management hub for information, content, and knowledge. Let’s take a look at a few ways to organize and maintain your content.

How to include external content in your platform’s search results

intranet external search

In Axero, you can search and centralize information, even if it doesn’t live in your intranet! Bring together third-party apps, reference pages, social media accounts, and much more in your search, where employees can find what they need by searching for a quick keyword. Results will display a title and custom description, too.

How to redesign Space and homepage layouts with pre-built templates

intranet templates

Great design means stronger engagement and user experience. But getting your pages to look and function the way you envision can take a lot of time. That’s why we created these pre-built templates, which you can easily upload into your intranet and customize with various widgets. From the main homepage, to a company events page, training and development, and news and announcements, these sleek and modern designs will elevate your entire site.

How to manage authored content

intranet content management

Organization is key—and this is particularly true when publishing content and working on projects. The My Content tab is where everything you’ve published or drafted in Axero lives. You can always access, edit, delete, or revisit projects you worked on and edit and delete comments you previously published.

Read of the Month

Empower Effective Knowledge Sharing with the One-to-Many Model

knowledge sharing benefits

It doesn’t matter what your organization does or how many employees you have. Every company needs to share knowledge. And the more targeted and automated you can make knowledge distribution, the more productive and efficient your organization becomes.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve tackled this issue for hundreds of companies. Over time, we formulated a method that helps organizations, regardless of location, company size, and industry, reach the right people with the right information in the most effective and quickest ways possible.

We call it one-to-many knowledge sharing and it’s exponentially helped workplaces work smarter and together. Here’s everything you need to know!

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