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Axero Wins Gold Medals in SoftwareReviews’ 2023 Digital Workplace Report SoftwareReviews 2023 Digital Workplace Data Quadrant Report For the second year in a row, Axero is a gold medal winner in SoftwareReviews‘ Digital Workplace Data Quadrant report! This report analyzes real user data to compare top intranet platforms and evaluate features, vendor relationships, and overall business value. If you’re researching intranet platforms, this is the report you need—and we’d love to show you how Axero stacks up. Download your complimentary copy to learn more about our platform and the value each vendor delivers. New: Include Actions with Personas Axero persona tool In Axero, Personas are how you create highly segmented groups of people in your user base. Now with our new addition, you can automatically add different Personas to spaces or assign top level roles! This allows you to expedite the process of segmenting specific groups of users to send targeted communications to or to better organize teams within your organization. Please note: Site roles can be assigned either through personas or manually. If a Top Level Role is assigned using Personas, manual settings will be overwritten each time the Persona runs. New: Restore prior versions of Page Builder templates axero page builder template When it comes to your intranet, too many people editing the same page or working on the same document can be disastrous. We wanted to save you and your Page Builder templates from this. Now you can view the version history of Page Builder templates, see when the last update was, who made changes, and compare different versions – much like wikis. You can also easily restore older templates and clone them on the spot. New: Simple Rich-Text and editing for wall posts and comments 😊 Axero rich text editor Wall posts and comments are one of Axero’s most interactive features, so why not make it more engaging? With our new simple rich-text editor, add emojis, edit comments, and add files and images to wall posts. Convey more with new publishing elements that make communications stand out in activity streams. Up-and-coming: Org Chart Webinar! Axero org chart Curious about org charts? Axero’s org chart is a powerful way to display your organizational structure and how everyone’s connected. Stay tuned for our next webinar, where we’ll walk you through how the org chart works and review best practices. More details to come – keep an eye out for the Axero team in your inbox! We have a lot more enhancements (5 more to be exact)! Explore everything new below.
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Axero How-tos and Tips

Axero is your management hub for information, content, and knowledge. Let’s take a look at a few ways to organize and maintain your content. How to upload media assets Axero media asset upload Upload and store media assets so you can easily add them throughout your site. Whether you’re adding an image to an article or have an asset that needs to be published on a Page Builder or CMS page, it’s all possible. Here’s how to do it! How to use Required Reading Axero required reading How do you get a large group of people to read a form by a specific deadline? Chances are, you’re no stranger to unread emails and messages. Here enters our Required Reading tool. With Required Reading, users immediately understand they’re being assigned critical reading because it’s flagged in their notifications. Users are also prompted to mark content as read when they open it up. On the admin side, Axero tracks who read the content, who still needs to take action, and will send reminder messages to make sure everyone stays on track. How to enable browser notifications Users need to see important messages. That’s why Axero has numerous notification options, which includes Slack messages, push notifications within Axero and on mobile, and automated emails. One of the newer notifications is browser alerts! With browser alerts, you can reach users even when they’re not in Axero and customize what your notification says and how it looks. Here’s how it works!

Read of the Month

Project Fatigue: How to Avoid the Nasty Surprise and Catch a Second Wind project fatigue Engagement highs and lows happen more often than every few years. Especially when the winter holidays pass and the new year settles, it becomes even easier to check out of a project. Project fatigue is much more common than hard-core disengagement. It is also harder to spot. Most employee surveys don’t register it—because there’s nothing wrong. You still love your company. You still love your job. You just don’t want to do it right now. What can you do? We uncover helpful tips in this blog post – read on!

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