SourceForge Top Performer, Enhanced Rich Text Editor, and New Browser Notifications

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SourceForge names Axero a Top Performer for Winter 2023

Axero SourceForge top performer

SourceForge, one of the world’s largest software comparison sites, recognized Axero as a Top Performer in the Intranet Software category for Winter 2023! Our 5-star customer reviews earned us this spot, which is a huge feat with over 60,000 products featured on SourceForge. If you would like to schedule a call with our team to learn what Axero can do for you, find time here!

New: Create content with enhanced Rich Text Editor

Axero rich text editor

Do even more with Axero’s enhanced rich text editor! We added over a hundred emojis 🔥, numerous table options, and additional colors – among more updates – so you can create rich and engaging content all within Axero.

New: REST APIs to customize event scheduling

  • Add users to events as attendees – Have a specific user who you want to instantly mark an attendee for an event? With this new REST API, you can do exactly that. Add individual users to events and choose between “attending”, “maybe attending”, or “not attending”.
  • REST APIs to add featured images to events – Add a featured image to events with this simple REST API. As your invitation circulates, pair it with a photo that captures the attention of your invitees and gets them excited for the event. Here’s how to set it up.

New: Browser notifications

Reach employees when they’re not actively using Axero. With browser notifications, users receive alerts, either in the form of a pop-up or banner, about important updates happening in Axero! Perfect for content updates and events, you can customize the notification with subject lines and display icons.

Please note: Users need to have permissions set in their browsers to receive notifications. Please review the documentation for more information.

In case you missed it: Embed Axero as an app in Teams

Microsoft Teams integration Axero

Launch into Axero from Microsoft teams in one click! Embed Axero inside Teams to give users a quick way to navigate between meetings and their digital workplace.

In case you missed it: Live stream Vimeo content in Axero

Axero Vimeo partnership

If you have a Vimeo account you’ll want to take advantage of this new integration. You can now live-stream webinars, Q&As, and events hosted in Vimeo all within Axero! Videos automatically save into Axero so users can search, find, and rewatch events anytime. If you want to learn more about this integration, please email

To see other updates, check out our Enhancements page.

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How do you distribute knowledge?

Axero Intranet Video

Here’s how you can do it with Axero. Distribute information, engage with users, and build a stronger workplace that employees love and customers trust.

Axero How-tos and Tips

Axero is your management hub for information, content, and knowledge. Let’s take a look at a few ways to organize and maintain your content.

How to customize notifications for different content

intranet custom notifications

Where’s the best place to notify your users about important Axero activity? Maybe it’s Slack, email, intranet alerts… or all three! Axero offers numerous channels to push real-time and customized notifications to your users so everyone is instantly looped into important updates.

How to set up Space permissions

intranet space permissions

Set up your Space permission settings to be exactly what you need. Manage who has access to the Control Panel, who can create or delete Spaces, and limit certain actions and capabilities for specific users.

How to use navigation widgets to edit menus

We’ve recently received a few customer inquiries about how to edit and customize navigation menus. For some options, like Space menus, you can reconfigure items on the spot! But for others, utilizing the navigation widget in the appropriate Page Builder is how you will achieve your goal. Here’s what you need to know, how to edit properties, and how to customize menus to match your vision.

Read of the Month

The Undeniable Benefits of a Well-Designed Document Management System

document management system benefits

Professionals spend an average of 18 minutes looking for one file according to Gartner. Today’s technology is too advanced for employees to be wasting time finding knowledge that could be easily accessible. Here enters the benefits of investing in a document management system. The right document management system will increase productivity by decreasing wasted time and project mismanagement. In this Read of the Month, discover the key points a modern document management offers.

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Axero intranet software

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