Intranet Search Updates, New Intranet Chrome Extension, and How a Customer Cut Support Costs by 60%

Intranet Search Updates

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What’s New in Communifire

We know you’re busy. We also know it’s frustrating when you can’t find what you need. That’s why we added Page Builder pages to the search index! Top level individuals and Space members can quickly and easily find Page Builder pages by searching in the Communifire search bar.

We’re also excited to share our new Chrome browser extension, because a lot of our customers use Chrome everyday. Expand your conversations by sharing external links, articles, or pages in your Spaces. Download the extension here!

These are just some of the 15 enhancements this month––explore what’s new.

Communifire How-tos and Tips

How to create reusable Page Builder templates
Keep your pages uniform with reusable Page Builder templates! Customize your own or use one of our prebuilt templates for your entire intranet community to enjoy.

How to add quicklinks to Page Builder
Direct your people to important places inside and outside of your intranet with a simple click! Here’s how to add quicklinks to Communifire pages.

How Communifire sends digest emails
Never worry about your employees missing important activity in your intranet because Communifire informs them for you. Learn how the daily and weekly digest emails work.

How to add images to Page Builder
No one wants a boring intranet. Keep your pages engaging and beautiful with images! We’ll teach you how to add pictures in this simple how-to.

Customer Spotlight

How Clearify Reduced Support Costs by 60% by Shifting to Communifire

Before Communifire, Clearify was wasting time by communicating with clients through email and phone. After Communifire, Clearify’s customer support improved, so much so that they started supporting 40% more clients at 60% of the effort. Here’s how Clearify used Communifire to streamline their customer support and make their business stronger.

Top Community Support Questions

Where can I add my Google Analytics tracking code?
Simply paste your Google Analytics tracking code into your header scripts––here’s what that looks like.

How do I change my Required Reading email template?
Customize the default email your employees receive when they have required reading. Here’s how to create your own message.

Can I customize the fields in my new user registration page?
Absolutely––your new user registration is yours to create. Here’s how to tailor your registration page for new employees.

What happens when a person leaves and rejoins a space?
If the space is public, your employees can join and leave freely. If the space is private, they will have to be invited to join the space again.

How does the Communifire search work?
Communifire’s search engine pulls the most relevant content based on people, Spaces, keywords, chat messages, and Page Builder pages. We explain the specifics in our documentation, linked above!

Does Communifire have a desktop file sync tool?
Yes––easily transfer a high volume of files into Communifire with our Windows File Sync app.

Read of the Month

Does Your Intranet Do This? The Key to Productive Digital Workplaces

What does the Danish National Police, IBM, and Liberty Mutual have in common? Award winning intranets! Find out how these companies use their intranets to make their companies places people want to work.

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