Intranet Active Directory Update, New Remote Work Resource Center, Optimize Your Content

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What’s New in Communifire

Increase productivity with the Communifire integrations for Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. Set up is simple and using it is even easier because all documents live under one roof. Here’s more information about our newest integrations.

We are also happy to share our latest updates with Azure AD. Many customers use Azure for their single sign-on and want a more seamless way to import data, add new users, and update accounts. Our new Azure auto-provisioning does just this—learn more here.

We added more enhancements to Communifire—here’s a complete list of the latest updates.

Communifire How-to’s and Tips

Manage your tasks in Communifire
The Communifire task manager organizes projects and tracks accountability for everyone involved in a project. Find out how it works for managers and team members to boost collaboration and productivity.

How to organize content with tags
You have the freedom to categorize content exactly how you want with tags. Learn how tags and “tag groups” work, so you can leverage the ultimate organization of content in your intranet.

Create polls and surveys for spaces
Get feedback from your employees by posting customized questions where your people will see it—here’s how to set up your polls and surveys.

New Remote Resource Center

We added a “Remote Work” category to our blog section to help you manage teams and work from anywhere. Scroll through our blogs for tips about productivity, leadership, and tools to help you thrive.

Top Community Support Questions

How can I remove “likes” from digest emails?
Pick and choose what you want in your digest emails—here’s how to do this in your system properties.

How do I add pages to a wiki?
Create a “parent topic” to organize pages within a wiki. Our customer success rep explains how to do this—click to learn more.

How do I change the color of rows in a table I created in Communifire?
Easy. Change the background color of your desired rows in your “Row Properties”. Click to see how to access your properties.

Can I share a URL in Communifire with non-intranet members?
Of course. We explain how to create a page that will be accessible to the public, where you can post files you want to share. Read more to find out how to do this.

Read of the Month

How Kraft Heinz and Patagonia Manage the Biggest Stressor at Work

What do you do when money is a big stressor for your employees, but you don’t have enough to give? We examine how Kraft Heinz and Patagonia approached the same situation with two very different outcomes. You can still inspire a happy and focused workplace—and that will be the strongest motivator of all.

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