Communication Strategy

Improve internal communications between your Employees, Customers, and Partners with Communifire.

Connect your people like never before to make communications inside your business become more streamlined, more efficient, and more accessible.

Communication Strategy


Innovate Your Communication Strategy with Communifire

Experience corporate communication like it was meant to be – seamless.

Are there loopholes in your communication strategy? Have your employees expressed confusion about processes, policies, or projects? It’s time to implement a solution that helps everyone in your organization stay informed, motivated, and productive. It’s time for Communifire.

Between maintaining a dialogue with internal stakeholders and projecting a cohesive business presence to clients, your company’s communication structure impacts every aspect of your organization. Give your employees the tools to make work more fun and efficient.

Using Communifire’s internal communications software ensures each team member is virtually tethered to everyone else in your organization. When partnering with others is simple and instant, there’s nothing stopping your company from becoming an industry leader.

Discover just how simple collaboration within your company can be with Communifire’s corporate social intranet. Never miss a message, task, or opportunity again.

Benefits of a Communication Strategy

  • Establish a link between team and departments
  • Inspire internal stakeholders to take ownership of their role
  • Encourage conversation and unity within your organization
  • Control the flow of communication about policies and procedures
  • Make opportunities available to everyone with job boards
  • Expedite attainment of business goals with virtual task management

Features Overview

  • Use chat and messaging features to reach out to employees, teams, or departments. Eliminate the risk of missed messages, dropped meetings, and lost progress reports when everyone within your organization can quickly and easily communicate.
  • Develop a communication strategy that truly works for your business with enterprise-level tools within Communifire. Manage both internal and external lines of communication in one easily accessible and secure location.
  • Make short work of project, team, and departmental management when using a social platform to relay goals, progress, and company updates. Quickly distribute announcements or accomplishments to your entire organization and motivate employees to do their best work.
  • Eliminate unnecessary processes and time consuming tasks by creating virtual work spaces for teams or departments. Invite clients to collaborate on projects, provide feedback, and suggest revisions without involving back-and-forth emails or lengthy phone calls. Keep everything your business needs to move forward in one location.
  • Access to information is the crux of a good communication strategy, and Communifire makes documents, conversations, and media files more accessible than ever before. Use the file manager to keep track of supporting documentation, reports, and project materials. Quickly find exactly what you’re looking for with tags and #hashtags.
  • Enhance clarity throughout your organization with Wiki pages and discussion forums. Rally your team members around an idea or question, offer feedback, and resolve concerns in a virtual conversation space. Keep important information and answered questions available to anyone looking for answers.
  • Help your company grow beyond its four walls when using a cloud-based communication strategy solution. Whether your employees work from across the hall or the other side of the globe, using a secure intranet to house the inner workings of your organization gives your business global potential without halting progress.

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