Tim Eisenhauer Talks with IT Business Edge About the Advantages of Communifire over SharePoint

Axero President and Co-founder, Tim Eisenhauer, Talks with Don Tennant of IT Business Edge about the advantages of Communifire over SharePoint. 

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Competitors Vie for Mindshare as Microsoft’s SharePoint Hits Snags

“According to a recent study, Microsoft SharePoint projects are stalling, with user resistance on the rise, and senior management buy-in flailing. My own observation is that another problem for Microsoft is that a lot more alternatives are available than there used to be.

I came across the study just as an opportunity arose to speak with Tim Eisenhauer, co-founder and president of Axero Solutions, a communication and social collaboration platform provider in San Diego. Axero positions Communifire, its flagship social networking and collaboration platform, as an alternative to SharePoint, so I asked Eisenhauer, aside from the presumed cost savings, what his customers say are the advantages of Communifire over SharePoint.

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