Axero Partners with Vimeo to Live-Stream Events on Your Intranet


(New York, NY) – Axero, a leading provider of intranet software, has announced a partnership with Vimeo, the premier platform for hosting virtual events. This collaboration will allow Axero’s customers to seamlessly integrate live-streamed events into their intranet platform, providing a convenient and engaging experience for both event hosts and attendees.

With Vimeo’s powerful technology and expertise in live streaming, Axero’s customers will be able to access market-leading production tools to host events on their intranet. With this partnership, these events can now be easily searched, accessed, and replayed at any time on the intranet, making them a valuable resource for employees and other stakeholders long after the event has ended.

“We are excited to partner with Vimeo to provide our customers with a new way to stream and store live events, allowing users to engage in a new way without having to leave the platform” said Adam Ilowite, CEO of Axero. “Live-streamed events on the intranet can be a powerful tool for fostering collaboration, communication, and sharing knowledge within an organization. With Vimeo’s technology and expertise, we can help our customers make the most of this opportunity.”

Through this partnership, Axero and Vimeo aim to help organizations of all sizes and industries enhance their intranet experience and increase collaboration, communication, and learning. To learn more about Axero and Vimeo, please visit Axero’s Vimeo integration page. If you are a current customer of either Vimeo or Axero looking to take advantage of this partnership, please email


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