New Search Enhancements, Intranet Names, and Tips to Get Executive Sign Off

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Every month the Axero team shares the latest updates about product enhancements and trends in employee collaboration and communication. Here’s a snippet from the July 2022 Monthly Review—sign up here!

Using Axero is easier than ever.

New: Search enhancements to mobile and desktop

A couple exciting updates to the Axero search!

New mobile Search widget – Place a search bar on any mobile page with the new mobile search widget. Learn about set up and how to place search widgets in specific spaces using the mobile Page Builder.

intranet mobile search widget

Leverage Search on the Manage People page – Enhancements to the search bar on the Manage People page make it quicker and easier to find people in the Control Panel.

New: Set Outlook as your default account

We added a default account option to the Outlook integration so you can seamlessly invite Outlook users to events. The default Outlook account will appear as the sender in email invitations.

New: Raw HTML Widget for mobile

We have a new custom code for mobile apps! With this raw HTML widget, you can embed external feeds or pages, display data from third party systems, or post content that’s static or make it dynamic with Javascript.

In case you missed it: REST APIs for Personas

Streamline how data is shared across multiple platforms. With Axero’s new REST API for Personas, you can easily connect and sync Persona data created in Axero into third party systems – here’s how to set it up!

Curious what Personas are? Axero’s Persona tool allows you to create specific groups within your database to send targeted communications to.

Axero’s intranet support services

Don’t waste hours modifying permissions or figuring out how to remove borders from a template. Leverage the expertise of Axero’s Client Success team to accomplish your intranet goals. From Service Level Agreements with 4 hour guaranteed response times, to submitting private cases with Axero engineers, we offer numerous options to meet you where you need us.

View everything new for July by going to our enhancements page.

Discover everything new.

Ebook: The Ins and Outs of Launching an Intranet

How to Launch an Intranet

how to launch an intranet

Get your complimentary copy of Axero’s most downloaded ebook: How to Launch an Intranet. Defining clear objectives is the most important step to successfully introduce a new system in the workplace. But where do you start? How do you delegate tasks? What tasks are you even delegating?

This ebook will help you:

  1. Identify your intranet purpose and your content inventory.
  2. Choose your functionality and define your spaces or groups.
  3. Populate your content and tailor the look and feel to your brand and people.
  4. Develop your homepage, invite users, and set up permissions.

Axero How-tos and Tips

We have many exciting how-to’s and tips to share with you to help your team make the most of Axero:

How to choose your intranet name

how to choose an intranet name

In the middle of mapping out an intranet plan? The name you choose is important. It plays a role in adoption, how employees interact with your platform, and how your intranet fits into the company culture.

If you have no idea where to start, we laid out a bunch of ideas to help you create the best name for your company!

How add custom data to bulk import

You likely have a lot of employee data. If you want to include additional data that go beyond standard information, such as email, name, and address, you can add custom fields to your bulk import! With bulk import, you simultaneously update employee-facing pages, like the orgchart and people directory, while uploading employee data in one swoop.

How to organize content in Axero

When it comes to content management, organization is key. Axero has numerous ways to categorize, house, and monitor documents and information in a way that works for you:

  • Create workspaces for teams and initiatives with Spaces
  • Spaces are virtual workplaces where you group people, content, or conversations. Create a space for the Sales team, a company events page, or a training center for new hires. You can make Spaces public or private, add sub spaces, and centralize department-specific files in one place. Here’s how it works!

  • Create unique tags for content
  • Give your content context and make everything easier to find with tags. Tag any content type with keywords—such as “HR”, “2022 Reports”, or “2022 Convention”— which are also searchable!

    Bonus Tip: You can also promote content so specific information appears on the top of search results.

  • How to keep content relevant with expiration dates
  • Maintain a relevant and up to date knowledge base by setting expiration dates to content. You can decide if content should be visible or hidden after the expiration date and send automated notifications to authors and space moderators.

  • How to use content analytics
  • intranet content analytics

    Monitor the effectiveness of information shared on your intranet. Axero has multiple ways to see what’s performing well, what employees are searching for, and what receives the most engagement. Here’s an overview of all the tools available to track how content is received by your workforce.

Customer story – How ARCO uses Axero to distribute knowledge and boost engagement

ARCO Axero customer case study

Hear from a real organization who uses Axero! ARCO, the 15th largest design/build general contractor in the US, uses Axero to connect offices with a global directory and orgchart, centralize documents and files for offices spread across the US, and drive sabbatical and volunteer efforts with an interactive hub. Hear their story.

Read of the Month

How to Get Your Boss to Say “Yes”

how to get your boss to say yes

We’ve all been there… you find a software that could exponentially improve how employees work. You believe in it, you researched it, you vetted other options, and you’re ready. You meet with your director and it gets shut down because of the price. With specific techniques, you can navigate these conversations and convey the value in a way that resonates with higher ups. Here’s how to come out on top.

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Axero intranet software

We are here for you! Our team is more than happy to answer any questions or walk through any of these tools—and more. Contact us so we can help you reach your intranet goals and build a stronger workplace your employees will love.

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