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Every month the Axero team shares the latest updates about Axero, product enhancements and trends in employee collaboration and communication. Here’s a snippet from the October 2021 Monthly Review—sign up here!

What’s new with Axero?

October is the month of new features! Learn more about our Persona, Broadcast, and New Hire widget tools. Also tour our mobile app and get tips about how to overcome stress in the workplace.

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Axero brings data security to the forefront with completion of SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance Attestation Report

Axero SOC 2 Compliance

The Axero team is proud to announce the successful completion of the Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 1 Compliance Attestation Report. The audit affirms that Axero’s information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations meet the rigorous SOC 2 security standards. If you would like a copy of the report, please email Learn more here.

Axero named Top Performer in Fall 2021 Social Intranet Software Success Report by FeaturedCustomers

Axero vendor on Featured Customers

We’re excited to announce Axero is rated as a market leader in the Fall 2021 Social Intranet Software Success Report by FeaturedCustomers! Learn about what makes Axero stand out from the rest from direct feedback from our clients who use our platform every day. Read more here.

New feature alert: New Hire widget

Axero new hire widget

Welcome new employees to your organization with our New Hire widget. Add a dedicated space on any page in your intranet so you can introduce new faces and shine a spotlight on everyone’s role. Here’s what the setup looks like.

New feature alert: Personas

Intranet personas

Here’s everything you need to know about our newest Persona feature! Create highly customized lists of people to send targeted communications to in your intranet. Make groups, such as IT personnel in Texas, employees hired in 2010, HR directors—really, anything you want. Learn more.

New feature alert: Broadcasts

Intranet broadcasts feature

The Broadcast tool is a new type of communication channel that serves content to groups of people created with the Persona feature. With broadcasts, people do not have to go to a Space to read important notices—they simply receive an alert and can view it on any page. Learn how it works here!

Up-and-coming Slack integration

Axero Slack intranet integration

You will be able to take your Slack experience to the next level with our Slack push notification feature. With this new enhancement currently in beta, you will be able to send updates directly from your intranet to Slack channels so no one misses a beat. Imagine announcements, new blog posts, and updates from specific spaces instantaneously shared with your people. Stay tuned for more updates.

Download intranet templates for easy, clean, modern design

Axero Intranet Templates and Screenshots

We have downloadable intranet templates to make design a breeze. Scroll through these different templates to enhance your homepage, events page, employee handbook, and more. Here’s your templates!

Read of the Month

Biggest Challenge at Work Series: What’s Eating at Your People? Could It Be These Ten Biggest Workplace Stressors?

workplace stressors

Toxic stress is the enemy of sustained productivity in the workplace and leads your employees to fight or flight when you need them to hang in. Can you do anything about it? You could if you knew what they’re stressed about. We’ll be sharing tips about how to alleviate stressors so your employees can do their best–starting with this blog post.

Axero How-tos and Tips

We have many exciting how-to’s and tips to share with you to help your team make the most of Axero:

How to build team camaraderie with recognition programs

Intranet recognition programs

Recognition programs bring team members together and boost productivity in everyday tasks by making work fun. Create a program for different behaviors you want to reward and allow team members to automatically enroll and earn badges as they complete their challenges.

Connect employees to Twitter activity in your intranet

Axero intranet twitter

Live stream your company’s Twitter feed on any page in your intranet so employees know what’s posted on your channel. It only takes a few minutes and allows you to effortlessly keep everyone connected to updates.

Bring work on the go with the Axero mobile app

Mobile Intranet Software

Bring your workplace anywhere with the Axero mobile app. Compatible on any Apple iOS and Android device, users can access team workspaces, announcements, the employee directory and so much more.

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Axero intranet software

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