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Using Communifire is easier than ever

Communifire 8.0 is here! Experience a sleeker and sharper mobile app. Customize your navigation tools effortlessly. Integrate with Zoom and ServiceNow to work faster—without thinking about it. And add an extra layer of security for everyone who uses your intranet. Click here to see the newest features in Communifire 8.0.

That’s not all! Here’s a full overview of everything new, updated, and enhanced.

Communifire how-tos and tips

Time Saver: Find your answers in the Communifire Support Community
Have a question? Post in our Communifire Support forums—we’ll do the heavy lifting and get a thorough answer for you quickly.

A Word From Support: How to submit cases in the Support Community
The Axero Support team is here for you! That’s why we want to make sure you’re posting your cases in the appropriate areas so we can be as efficient as possible. Here’s a refresher on best practices for submitting cases.

Bonus Tip: Display custom lists of people on your intranet
You can showcase new hires, work anniversaries, departments, or anyone you want anywhere in Communifire. To do this, we’ll show you how to make a customized list widget.

Read of the month

Ready to Boost Morale? Learn How to Make Everyone on Your Team Feel Included

When team members feel included, your workplace is more pleasant and productive, and morale reaches new heights. Here’s easy ways to overcome common team hurdles so that everyone on your team feels valued.

Top community support questions

How can multiple people edit the same file in Communifire?
You have a couple options to co-edit the same file in Communifire: 1) use the “check in” and “check out” feature, 2) integrate with Office 365, or 3) use the Google Drive integration. We walk you through how each feature works—click to learn more!

How to remove the “Register” link on my main header?
With the new header editing feature, you can easily reconfigure and remove buttons on your main navigation header. Here’s how you do it.

How do I add a photo carousel on my homepage?
Display photos on your homepage for the holidays or any day! Here’s how easy it is to set up your photo carousel.

How do I create an area where people can post photos?
Some clients want a virtual “breakroom” for employees post photos, unwind, and bond in a dedicated place to post photos. All it takes is a couple clicks in your rich editor.

How do I create a badge challenge?
In this Q&A, we explain how to create a badge challenge for employees who comment on blogs and discussions—but you can make a challenge for anything. Here’s how to set up your badge challenges to make work fun, motivating, and productive.

How to automatically notify managers about recognition activity?
Communifire has an automated email template that notifies specific people about recognition activity! All you have to do is activate it. Click this Q&A to see how it works.

How do I connect space calendars?
All it takes is a click in your Manage Space Settings. Our Support Manager shows you how to do it in this forum post.

How do I change the color of links to match my brand color?
You can change text links to any color you want in the Control Panel—click to see more.

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