Announcing Communifire 8.0: Better Ways to Find Your Way

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Communifire 8.0 elevates the most advanced digital workplace platform to a new level of flexibility and simplicity. For this version, we focus on three important areas: navigation, mobile, and security. This entire update and all the new features included are driven from our deep commitment to listening to our clients and thoughtfully creating what you need to be successful.

Now you can tailor your intranet with our newest tools that make user experience easier than ever. From customized navigation throughout the entire platform to drag-and-drop beautiful mobile homepages, the new enhancements make sure your employees can quickly find what they’re looking for and get where they’re going.

New navigation tools to customize user experience.

Navigation is fundamental to your user experience. Drag-and-drop, rearrange, and brand items in your main header, homepage, and space menus with our latest navigation tools. The best part? You don’t have to be a coding wizard to do it. Discover more below.

Navigation widget

Your launchpad and quicklinks direct employees to important places—inside and outside of the intranet. With the latest Communifire navigation widget, you can reorder and brand these tools by dragging and dropping what you want, where you want it to be. We also added new layouts and dropdown options to give your homepage a refined look and feel. 

Space navigation

Rename, rearrange and brand navigation menus in any space right in your interface. With the Communifire drag-and-drop tool, you can make your space menus look and work exactly how you want in a couple clicks. All you have to do is tap Edit Navigation in your space menu to make big changes, easily.

Global navigation

Anywhere you go in Communifire, the global navigation follows. With the Communifire Page Builder header tool, you can rename, reorder, and add items in a couple clicks. Link to external pages or internal spaces and content. Choose over a thousand icon images or add your own. Everything is intuitive and simple so you can make major changes with little effort.

Your mobile app—sleeker, sharper and faster.

Your mobile app—sleeker, sharper and faster.

Experience an enhanced mobile interface that engages and connects your employees on-the-go. Our updated, modern design is sure to boost productivity on any device. Take a deeper look into these mobile updates below.

Mobile homepage

Welcome your employees to a beautiful new homepage, showcasing your company news, announcements, and quicklinks. Homepages are designed to keep your remote employees connected, informed, and give them quick access to the information that matters most. This feature is a game changer in how your organization uses the mobile app and the experience you give to your employees.

Page Builder for mobile

Create pages for your mobile app with the Communifire Mobile Page Builder. Build pages by dragging and dropping the properties you want. Add space lists, customize your homepage, and link to content so resources are one tap away. The power is yours.

Learn more here.

Two-Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security for everyone who uses your intranet. The Communifire two-factor authentication prompts users to submit a code before signing onto the intranet. Setup is simple—here’s how to do it.

Integrations with Zoom and ServiceNow.

Our latest integrations with Zoom and ServiceNow enable you to do more without leaving Communifire. Send calendar invitations with Zoom details from your intranet. Vew incidents on Communifire pages by integrating ServiceNow. Set up is easy and you save more time on everyday tasks.

Other Updates

There’s still more exciting enhancements you should know about! Here’s a complete list of everything added to Communifire.

Have a Question?

Our Client Success team is here to help you. If you have questions or want to see these features in action, leave an inquiry here. We are more than happy to show you around this latest release.

Everyone on the Axero team is so excited to share these new tools with you. You, our customer, drive our roadmaps and we love enabling you with the features you need to make Communifire your true digital workplace.

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