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In a short amount of time, AI has rapidly transformed the way people do, well, everything. Which got us thinking… if there’s one place that should be taking advantage of this technology, shouldn’t it be the workplace? And could it be used to make employees more productive (which happens to be one of the biggest challenges employees face)?

Axero Copilot, our brand new feature currently in beta, answers these questions with one massive YES! Copilot is an AI-powered bot that elevates how people interact with your enterprise knowledge.

In particular:

  1. Cut back on wasted time! Instead of searching through documents to figure out answers, ask Copilot your question, who will give you a response and surface the most relevant information so you don’t have to.

  2. Expedite knowledge discovery with personalized recommendations, which makes your entire enterprise more connected and aligned.

  3. Elevate user experience by moving away from standard keyword searches with a conversational interface that accelerates problem solving and learning.

Speak with our team and we’ll figure out the best path to set up Copilot for your organization. Here’s to brining productivity and efficiency to new heights!

Rating 4.5/5 | 53 reviews

“A modern intranet software with brilliant customer support.”

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“Our go-to user-friendly intranet solution and collaboration platform!”

Rating 4.5/5 | 53 reviews

“We have better collaboration and better connection between team members.”

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Frequently asked questions.

An intranet software platform is a private network where employees can create content, communicate, collaborate, get stuff done, and develop the company culture. It’s your company’s home base—your central knowledge distribution and communication hub.

Modern intranet platforms, like Axero, encompass a wide array of functions: employee directory and personal profiles, internal communications, knowledge management, document management, real-time communication, employee recognition and collaboration. By using these tools, companies report improving employee engagement and building a stronger company culture.

The cost of a modern social intranet platform can range from $7,500 annually to $100,000 or more per year, based on the number of employees in your organization. Successful organizations report that intranets ultimately pay for themselves through higher productivity, more connected employees, and reducing time finding information.

Creating a modern intranet system is streamlined and can take less than a few weeks by using a packaged intranet solution, like Axero, that is specifically built to provide business solutions common to all types of companies. Alternatively, organizations can build an intranet platform internally with developer teams.

The best intranet software providers, like Axero, have the most common functions for modern businesses. These are easy to start and get up and running, and most importantly, they have the flexibility to grow with your organization over time. A vendor that provides onboarding services and ongoing support is also important for your success.

All of our plans come with awesome support, free upgrades, and access to our customer community. At Axero, we also offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for customers who wish to have advanced support.

Yes. Set your intranet in motion with an Implementation and Design Package, where we work with you to develop a strategy for launching your new employee intranet solution. We will walk you through the platform to teach you technical guidance, how to get around the software, how to think strategically about solving your challenges, and how to use the features to accomplish your goals.

95% of our customers host in our private and secure Amazon AWS cloud. If you’d like to host the software in your own on-premise environment, we have options available.

Yes, our Axero intranet platform is intelligently designed with robust permissions to make it easy for departments, locations, or business units to manage their own content and their own intranet spaces. No IT needed.

Yes. With Axero, you get native iPhone and Android apps included as free downloads from the app stores. We also have mobile app white label options available for your mobile devices.

Your security is our priority. We use the same security that most banks use. This includes SSAE 16 (SOC 1, SOC Type II) and ISO 27001 compliant facilities, AES-256 and AES-256 FIPS 140-2 Level 3 encryption, SSL/TLS secure connections, intrusion detection, disaster recovery, and much more.

Yes. Axero intranet software integrates with all major SSO providers including Azure AD, ADFS, Active Directory, OKTA, SAML, and many more.