Axero Recognized as Market Leader, New Custom Notifications, and Space Personas

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Using Axero is easier than ever

Axero recognized as leader and gold medalist in SoftwareReviews’ Digital Workplace Report!

Axero Intranet Medal

Axero is identified as a leader and gold medalist in SoftwareReviews’ 2022 Digital Workplace Data Quadrant Buyer’s Guide! Axero received a composite satisfaction score of 8.8/10 and seven first place wins for features and functionality. Hear what current clients say about us by clicking the link above!

Axero receives clean SOC 2 Type II report in record time

We don’t just say we care about data security—we mean it. We’re excited to announce that Axero completed a clean SOC 2 Type II attestation report! With the success of this report, Axero upholds the highest security standards for your data and privacy.

New: Custom notifications

Axero custom notification tool

Choose new ways to notify employees about content activity in your intranet. Send intranet notifications, email alerts, Slack messages, or wall posts with a customized message that appears in the notification. Notify users where you want, how you want, and with full control over who receives them.

New in Beta: Space level personas

Intranet space feature

Set up your intranet so people instantly have access to the information you want them to see, with little work. Personas for spaces automatically enroll people who match your criteria into specific areas in your intranet.

There’s more! Learn about everything new for February by going to our enhancements page.

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Axero How-tos and Tips

How to customize weekly digest emails

Weekly digest emails keep everyone in the loop about company and intranet activity. Increase intranet engagement with customized emails that capture your brand and voice. See how it works.

Share this quick tour of Axero with your team members!

Here’s a refresher of the Axero platform! Communicate to employees near and far and connect teams with one single source of truth. You optimize productivity and build a booming company culture with a platform that not only works, but engages your entire workforce.

How to use Promoted Search

Intranet Search Tool

Connect employees to information when they search for it. With our new Promoted Search tool, you can select specific content to appear on the top of search results. It also displays in a yellow banner, which is customizable, so employees instantly know they’re looking at important information.

How to use Search Synonyms

Use Search Synonyms to make information sharing an intuitive experience. Group together common words and phrases in your search so relevant content appears in the results. For example, search for “LA” and also see results for Los Angeles.

How to measure intranet ROI and strategy

Intranet ROI Calculator

Try out our brand new intranet ROI calculator to measure the value of your platform. This is also a helpful tool to make sure your intranet strategy and goals are on track.

Read of the Month

Biggest Challenge at Work series: Shoot the Commute: How to Reduce Stress by Supporting Work from Home

Working Remote Intranet

Did you know commuting is the second top place work stressor for US employees? As more in-person workplaces open back up, employees are vocalizing the benefits of a remote environment. Here’s how to successfully implement a remote option for your employees.

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Axero Intranet Software

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