Axero Recognized as Gold Medalist in 2022 Data Quadrant Buyer’s Guide by SoftwareReviews

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We’re excited to announce that Axero won the gold medal in SoftwareReviews’ 2022 Data Quadrant Buyer’s Guide Report! SoftwareReviews helps buyers make informative investment decisions in technology and Axero is honored to be recognized in their annual report for digital workplace solutions.

The report is divided into three parts: Vendor Capability Satisfaction, Product Feature Satisfaction, and Emotional Footprint Reports.

Axero received an overall composite satisfaction score of 8.8/10 and placed number one for seven categories in Product Feature Satisfaction, including best knowledge library, calendars, and customizable branding!

We’re really proud of these accolades and want to share with you highlights about our standout features. Download the report.

Number 1 Provider for Wiki Support.

Our clients tell us that the Axero Wiki feature is an invaluable tool for collaboration and communication. A wiki is the perfect kind of content for lengthy documents, like employee handbooks or projects. Navigation is easy with a built-in table of contents that allows readers to jump to specific sections. Axero also stores each version of a wiki so multiple authors can collaborate with peace of mind that older versions are always accessible. Formatting and stylizing is also a breeze with flexible publishing tools.

Of course no Axero feature would be complete without engagement tools. Readers can like, comment, and follow wikis if you enable social features.

Number 1 Provider for Blog Support.

Blogs are a quick and easy way to create content and share information to members in your intranet. Create a company blog in the “Top Level” so everyone in your intranet can read it, or share blogs on the space level. Every homepage in Axero has its own blog page—which can be turned on or off—so employees have one centralized place to view all blogs in each space. For authors, publishing tools make it easy to add images, colors, and edit the appearance. You can also add attachments, create tags, and get employees talking with comments and likes.

Number 1 Provider for Knowledge Library.

The ability to store, search, and share information is one of the most important intranet functions, which makes this award all the more special. Axero’s search and knowledge library features received an 87% satisfaction rating—a testament to Axero’s easy-to-use content management suite. Make content public or private, tie in documents from outside Axero, and promote specific articles so they appear on the top of search results. You can also filter results based on author, content type, tags, and much more. The Axero search is designed to reduce wasted time and connect employees to information as quickly as possible.

Number 1 Provider for Calendars.

Ranking number one for calendars put a smile on everyone’s face in the Axero development team. We spent a lot of time fine-tuning Axero’s built-in calendars to make it easy for teams and entire companies to organize events on every level.

With that said, we also understand that many organizations rely on Google and Outlook for calendar management. That’s why Axero prioritized calendar integrations in our product roadmap. Axero has two-way syncs with Google and Outlook—so personal calendars, group calendars, RSVPs, and event updates appear in both calendars. Use Zoom? Axero also stores your meeting details so you can easily include it in events created in your intranet.

Whether you’re looking to sync from existing calendars or move everything into your intranet, Axero has an option for you.

Number 1 Provider for Interactive Organizational Chart.

The org chart—a client favorite! Axero’s interactive organizational chart beautifully displays who’s who in a company and automatically updates as new hires join the team or people change roles. Axero was delighted to see a 86% satisfaction ranking from our users. Choose between the horizontal design or the vertical layout (perfect for presentations!) so employees can understand the company structure and view how team members are connected to each other.

Number 1 Provider for Single Sign-on.

Axero Intranet SSO

We are honored to be recognized as the number 1 provider for single sign-on (SSO) because we understand how stressful SSO can be for implementation and ongoing employee data management. That’s why we have ten SSO integrations so you can securely migrate information into your intranet.

Some of our integrations include Salesforce SSO, OneLogin, Active Directory, and Azure, so members can maintain uniform login credentials across numerous company platforms. Some integrations even support auto-provisioning, automatic syncs, and mobile app login. You can also enable two-factor authentication to add another layer of security for your intranet.

Number 1 Provider for Customizable Branding.

Not only did Axero get first place in Customizable Branding, but we also received a 90% satisfaction level—10% higher than the average for this category! This recognition means the world to the entire Axero team because we strive to have the most flexible intranet solution on the market. Use drag-and-drop tools to customize your pages with PageBuilder or add CSS to get as in depth as you want. Customizing Axero to match your vision doesn’t require HTML experience—unless you want it to.

Notable Mentions.

While we were honored to receive first place wins in seven categories, there were a couple other areas where we came close—and they certainly deserve recognition! Axero ranked second in “Vendor Support” with a 93% satisfaction level and second in “Availability and Quality of Training”. Our clients tell us that our support separates us from all the other vendors they evaluated. Check out what Axero support has to offer.

Proud to support our clients.

It was truly an honor to be recognized for our digital workplace solution and superb customer experience, because we know that investing in a new software platform is a big deal. We consider these wins as much ours as our clients because we develop new features based on your feedback.

We look forward to helping you communicate stronger, work more efficiently, and unite your employees to their goals and to each other.

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Alex is the Marketing Manager at Axero Solutions, dedicated to creating valuable content to help companies work smarter and together. Alex previously worked in communications and journalism throughout the tri-state area.


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