Okta Intranet Integration, Streamline Customer Support, Manage Work-Life Balance, and 30 New Updates

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What’s New in Communifire

We added the Okta single sign-on auto-provisioning to simplify how you import data, add new users, and update accounts. Here’s more information.

There’s also a ton of new updates. To keep schedules uniform across platforms, we added the Google events colors to your Google Calendar sync. You can also include cases in your weekly digest emails. These are some of the 30 enhancements added to Communifire—here’s a list of everything new.

Communifire How-tos and Tips

How to use cases for customer support, helpdesks, and projects
Cases is the perfect tool for tasks that need to be tracked, assigned to colleagues, and easily accessible for future reference. Here’s an overview video to see how cases work.

How your org chart works
The org chart is a living diagram of your company’s structure. It automatically updates with the latest information in your employee directory, so your employees understand who’s who in the company.

Onboard new hires with the Communifire User Welcome Guide
Here’s a video to help you onboard new employees. We give a tour of Communifire, review popular tools, and provide an embed code so you can post this video anywhere.

Top Community Support Questions

Can I search or filter for documents in the files section?
Every space has a “Search” tab where you can search and filter through documents. Sort your results by date, keyword, content type, and other options to find what you need.

How do I add and remove languages in Communifire?
Our customer support rep shows you how to add a new language by making updates in your Control Panel—click to see how in this Q&A.

What are the final steps to complete the Sharepoint sync?
After you finish the Sharepoint sync admin setup, you need to add drives to your Manage Space section. Users also need to connect their Office accounts so they can view Sharepoint files in your intranet. This is easy to do—here’s how it works.

Read of the Month

Work-Life Balance: A Case Study

Balancing personal life and work can seem impossible. But it’s not. We spoke to a 77-year-old lawyer about how she’s juggled 70-hour work weeks and family life, while going to sleep with a smile. This balance is the key to making your mental health stronger, your time at work more productive, and a happier version of you.

Share your Communifire Experience

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