New Customized Loading Spinner, Site Security Checklist, and Intranet Engagement Tips

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Using Axero is easier than ever.

New: Rest API for Search Analytics

See what’s going on with keywords and search analytics outside of your intranet! Here’s the REST APIs you need to connect Axero’s search analytics into third party programs.

New: Customized Loading Spinner

Intranet loading spinner

All it takes is a couple of clicks in your Control Panel to add a customized loading spinner in Axero! You have the power to get as creative as you want – upload your company logo or sleek designs to enhance the user experience.

Maintain highest security with Axero’s security site checklist

Security is a top priority for the Axero team – as it is for you. We encourage you to look through this checklist of the most important security settings for your intranet site. Reviewing this information ensures your site is secure and configured to your requirements.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a security consultation, please email

Up-and-coming: Okta Groups integration

A new addition to the Okta integration is underway! You will be able to integrate Okta Groups into Axero Personas, allowing you to auto-assign users to spaces based on their Okta Group membership, and target communications to Okta Group Personas. Keep your eye on your inbox – we will share more details as we get closer to this release.

If you have tips for features you want to see on your site, please share them in our Suggestions and Feedback Forum.

There’s more! Learn about everything new for April by going to our enhancements page.

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Axero How-tos and Tips

We have many exciting how-to’s and tips to share with you to help your team make the most of Axero:

10 starting points to measure your intranet ROI

Axero Intranet ROI

Not sure how to determine the value of your intranet? Many intranet users run into this question because there are countless ways an intranet is used. Here’s 10 factors to consider when mapping out your intranet ROI and goals!

When you’re ready, here’s the Axero Intranet ROI Calculator to identify specific data points and keep your investment accountable.

How to add timezones to employee profile pages

If your teams are widespread, display everyone’s time zones in their profile! This is an easy way to let your community know what availability looks like for team members.

How to activate bulk upload for file folders

Intranet Bulk File Upload

Here’s a simple feature that can make the world of a difference. If you have many files that you want to download, use our bulk file upload feature! Quickly and easily save documents directly into your computer or hard drive.

In case you missed it: How to publish anonymous polls and surveys

Anonymous Poll Intranet Tool

This new feature elevates the poll and survey experience! Give participants the option to submit responses to polls and surveys anonymously. This opens the door for honest feedback so you can make meaningful decisions with meaningful information.

In case you missed it: Max attendees on calendar events

Have a strict headcount for an event? Use the new max attendees option when you create a new event in Axero. Set a limit for how many people can RSVP with a “yes” to avoid overbooking. Learn how it works.

Read of the Month

15 Simple Ways to Increase Intranet Engagement

Intranet employee engagement

People are at the center of your intranet, making it the perfect place to focus on employee engagement. From leveraging recognition tools to fresh communication ideas, here are the top 15 ways to increase engagement on your intranet.

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