Latest Intranet Product Updates and Tips to Improve Employee Engagement and Customer Support

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Using Communifire is easier than ever

We enhanced a ton of features you use everyday. @Mentions, cases, required reading, and daily digest emails are some of what’s new—click here to explore the latest updates added to Communifire this month.

PS – We will be releasing brand new Communifire features in the coming weeks! Keep an eye out for our announcement in your inbox. Your experience means everything to us and we can’t wait to share these tools with you.

Communifire how-tos and tips

How to increase engagement with discussion boards
Use discussion boards to give your employees a voice in your company—starting with your intranet. Start forums to collect feedback about what’s working and what could use improvements. This is the best way to ensure everyone’s experience is top notch.

Connect everyone to your company mission with the homepage
Your intranet homepage is the perfect place to inspire your employees because it’s the first thing people see. Align everyone to your company mission by pinning your goals on the homepage. (See #10 in the blog post above and try some of the other 36 tips, too.)

How to give Page Builder editor access
Stay on top of your intranet by controlling who can edit, view, and delete your Page Builder pages. All it takes is a few clicks in your Control Panel—here’s how to do it.

How to brand your company with recognition
Create badges and recognition programs that reflect your company’s core values. These tools drive productivity and reinforce your culture, while making work fun. Get creative—here’s how Sunlight Financial made recognition programs unique to their company.

Read of the month

How to Keep Staff Happy So Customers Have More Fun

Happy employees make happy customers. And happy customers become returning customers who promote your business. Here’s what you can do to make sure your employees are happy and have what they need to provide the best customer experience.

Top community support questions

How do I publish content on behalf of someone else?
You can write and publish content on behalf of other people with the Communifire ghostwriting tool. Post articles, blogs, videos and wikis on your intranet and control who the author is—here’s how it works.

How do I manage notifications for new cases?
If you’re on the receiving end of notification overload, not to worry. This Q&A shows you how to reduce the amount of updates you receive about cases and intranet activity.

Can I disable comments for specific content types?
Yes! Here is how you can turn off comments for files and any other type of content.

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