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Every month the Axero team shares the latest updates about product enhancements and trends in employee collaboration and communication. Here’s a snippet from the January 2022 Monthly Review—sign up here!

Using Axero is easier than ever

Happy New Year from Axero!

The Axero team wishes you a happy and healthy new year! We take a lot of pride in supporting workplaces across the world to meet their goals and boost productivity for their teams. We hope to do the same for you in 2022!

Axero recognized as Top Performer by SourceForge

Intranet Award Winner

We are thrilled to announce that Axero is a winner of the Top Performer for Winter 2022 by SourceForge! Axero placed in the top 10% of favorably reviewed products. Click here to hear from current clients about their experiences with our team and platform.

New: Intranet ROI calculator

Intranet ROI Calculator

Not enough organizations measure the ROI of their intranet. That’s why we made it easy with the Axero Intranet ROI calculator. No matter what your goals are—internal communications, knowledge management, collaboration or employee engagement—our calculator will help you hold your investment accountable and measure the value of your platform.

New: Axero overview video

With Axero you get it all—internal communication tools that connect and engage, knowledge management features that centralize important documents, and productivity tools that bring your teams together. Please enjoy our newly released video to learn more about our platform!

New: Promoted Search

Intranet Search Tool

Our Promoted Search tool is here! Push content to the top of search results so your users see specific information quickly. Content is also highlighted in a yellow banner, which can be customized further, so members instantly know they are looking at the most important information.

New: Twilio integration

Send critical information to your employees or reach frontline workers on any device with our Twilio integration. By connecting Twilio to your intranet, you can broadcast SMS text messages and send email and desktop notifications so no one misses a beat. Note: requires a Twilio account.

New: Search Synonyms

Group similar words in your search to make finding information easy. Type in “HR” and also see human resources content or search for “New York” and get results associated with “NY”. Save your employees time finding what they need and organize your information.

New: Splunk integration

Already using Splunk to centralize user logs and application data? With our new Splunk integration, you can connect your Splunk account to Axero and search, monitor, and examine your Axero information easily. Note: requires a Splunk account.

There’s more! Learn about everything new for January by going to our enhancements page.

Discover everything new.

Axero How-tos and Tips

How to set up user login passwords

Learn how to prompt users to create their own login credentials with our Bulk Import feature. Simply upload a CSV file with your user data and then follow these quick steps—click the link to see how it works.

How to add fields to a user’s profile with Page Builder

Intranet Employee Profile

Add, edit, or delete profile fields easily with the Edit Profile setting in Page Builder. With Page Builder, you have full control over your profile pages and can customize anything to look and read how you want.

How Personas and Broadcasts work

Still haven’t checked out Personas and Broadcasts? Send targeted messages to specific groups of people based on location, role, or any other criteria you want!

Read of the Month

Biggest Challenge at Work series: What to Do about Unreasonable Workload?

Project Management Intranet

We want our companies to grow and our businesses to boom. Not only does this mean more work, but new kinds of work as well. There are new policies to set, new hires to train, and new tools to test-drive. Your business wins turn into long hours and longer to-do lists for your employees. Can they handle the pressure? Can you help them out?

Have a question about Axero? Speak to our team today!

Axero Intranet Software

We are here for you! Our team is more than happy to answer any questions or walk through any of these tools—and more. Contact us so we can help you reach your intranet goals and build a stronger workplace your employees will love.

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