Intranet Ghostwriting Tool and Outlook Sync Update

Intranet Ghostwriting Tool and Outlook Sync Update

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What’s New in Communifire

We hope you’re having a wonderful end to your summer—because fall is right around the corner! The Axero team is working hard to deliver new features and updates that matter most to you. We’re excited to announce a brand-new ghostwriting feature and a major Outlook calendar sync update!

First, let me share more details about the ghostwriting tool. Many customers request a way for users to post content on behalf of someone else. Imagine a CEO who wants her assistant to post blogs on her behalf. This tool makes sure your top-down communication—and all internal communications—are as strong as possible. Learn more about ghostwriting features.

Second, the Axero team is equally excited to share our latest Outlook calendar sync update. We understand how meaningful Outlook integration is for our customers, because most use it every day. Add an event in Outlook and never think twice about your Communifire calendar, or vice versa, because everything is in sync. Imagine that. Explore the updated two-way sync.

These are just two of 20 other enhancements to improve how you work every day––discover what’s new here.

Communifire How-to’s and Tips

How to post alerts on your homepage and send a notification email
Make sure your members never miss pressing information with an “Alerts” section on your homepage. Display updates in real-time and send automatic emails when an alert goes live. No matter the subject—important deadlines, company events, or crisis management information—your people are informed and can act fast.

How to get someone’s attention with @mentions
You can get people’s attention anywhere in your intranet with @mentioning! Tag individuals in comments, wall posts … even documents created in Communifire. It’s easy, effortless, and boosts communication instantly.

How to create templates for your WYSIWYG editors
Keep the look and feel of your intranet content uniform, easy to use, and loved by your people. Here’s how to create beautiful templates for employees to use across your intranet. Your users will love you for making it convenient.

Customer Spotlight

How Ohio Valley Bank Became a Great Place to Work

For 147 years, Ohio Valley Bank has been putting people first. But in the last few years, the bank had to overcome an industry-wide obstacle: high turnover rates for level-entry banking positions. Here’s how Ohio Valley Bank uses Communifire to take their people-first approach to the next level and make their company a place to flourish.

Top Community Support Questions

What’s the difference between a space and a page builder?
Spaces are places or groups within your digital workplace where people, files, and conversations happen. A Page Builder is a tool to customize pages exactly how you want them to look—highlight specific information, control settings, and illuminate every part of your intranet with rich content.

Can I create a new space with a template from page builder?
Yes! If you created a gorgeous homepage and want to replicate it in another Space, here’s a step-by-step flow of how to clone pages to other areas in your intranet.

Is there a quick way to view all featured content?
Absolutely. With just a couple clicks in a Page Builder page, you can view all featured content in your intranet. Follow these quick steps to view the content you need to see.

Can I delete the activity stream folder in the files area?
No! The folder cannot be deleted but you can make it private! Here’s how to adjust the permission settings.

Read of the Month

Social Engineering and Employee Engagement

What is social engineering—and does it work in the workplace? Sounds a little creepy, doesn’t it? Social engineering is a tool for changing public attitudes and behaviors. Consider that every mega-successful company of our time has employed elements of social engineering.

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