Communifire 5.0 Released. New Features: Chat & IM, iOS & Android Apps, Required Reading, Bookmarking, and Much More

Communifire 5.0

After much internal debate over what we could and could not get into this version, we have wrapped up Communifire 5.0.

Many customers have already been upgraded. If you’re a customer, haven’t been upgraded, and would like to be, contact us by submitting a new ticket in My.Axero. Downtime during upgrades typically range in the 10-15 minutes range. 

New Communifire 5.0 Features

Here’s a list of the major and minor enhancements that made the cut.

Real-Time Chat & Instant Messaging

Communifire Chat replaces the former private messaging feature. It is a fully featured, mobile ready, real-time chat application that supports private messages and group messaging among teams. 

It’s built for business and is integrated inside the Communifire platform. You can open it in a dedicated browser window, keeping it available and ready on your desktop — just like many of the consumer chat applications.

Communifire Chat allows you to strike up conversations directly with individuals and groups. If you’re are not online, chat messages will be saved in your inbox for later viewing. Drag and drop to share files, photos, and documents. It supports a vast array of emoticons, and you can set your online status to: online, away, do not disturb, invisible, and offline. Furthermore, every chat is saved and searchable. Forever. Nothing gets lost.

iOS and Android Apps

Communifire Mobile Apps

Communifire 5.0 comes with native Android and iOS apps. iOS version 7.0 and up are supported on the iPhone and iPad. Android version 4.4 and up is supported. These apps come with live push notifications and HTML5 based access to your Communifire community. (Read the press release)

Required Reading

Required reading

The “Required Reading” functionality allows an author to flag content as mandatory reading for other groups of users. 

When people login, they can view a list of pending content that they need to read. This is located in the My Account section of Communifire.

It keeps track of people that click the I Have Read This button and people that have not read the content yet. It’s permission and role based.

Those with proper permissions can view a report of who has read and who has yet to read the latest version of content. This functionality is available for articles, blogs, wikis, files, videos and ideas. (Learn more)

Bookmarking Content

Communifire Bookmarking

People can bookmark their favorite or important content (articles, blogs, photos, wikis, files, videos, photos, albums and ideas) from the content detail page or directly from the activity stream. These are saved shortcuts to save you time and effort in searching. You can access bookmarked content from your My Account section. 

508 Compliant

Communifire 508 Compliant

We fixed a bunch of bugs dealing with 508 compliance. Communifire now meets these standards! What is Section 508?

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires federal agencies to provide accessible technology to people with disabilities. All institutions that receive federal funding are required to use 508 compliant technologies. This includes government, public higher education, and public K-12 schools. Many large corporations have also chosen to be 508 compliant, requiring that technology used internally meet these standards.

Learn more about how this works in Communifire.

SAML Ready

SAML Ready - Communifire Intranet Software

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML, pronounced sam-el) is an XML-based, open-standard data format for exchanging authentication and authorization data between parties, in particular, between an identity provider and a service provider.

This is commonly used for Single Sign On (SSO).

Communifire is fully SAML compatible. Read more about SAML & Communifire

PJAX Optimizations Added

The Space homepage, My Account page, and many other pages will now load without postback using PJAX. PJAX allows your site to load faster and makes pages mobile-friendlier.

Comment, Bookmark, and Follow Content from your Activity Stream

Commenting, Following, Bookmarking

You can now comment, bookmark, and follow content directly from any of the activity streams (My Account, Space, and Profile).

Convert to PDF 

In previous versions of Communifire, you could only export your wiki pages to PDF. Starting version 5.0, you can export articles, blogs, wikis, and ideas to a PDF.

New REST API endpoints

We modified the REST API a bit. Different content types (articles, blogs, wikis, files, videos, CMSPages and ideas) can be managed easily via common API methods. This makes things easier for developers. More about the Communifire REST API here.

Comment & Forum Workflows Added

All comments can now be put into workflows for an approval process. You can specify a different workflow for each different entity comment. Forum post replies can now have their own workflow engine as well. More on workflows here

Ideation: Filter ideas by stage

On the idea list pages, there is now an option to narrow the list of ideas by stage.

Search auto suggest in the header

Autosuggest content

In addition to the space and user matches, the search tool in the header will now suggest the top 5 best content matches for your search text. Advanced users can narrow the content types included in the results by editing the ASPX page (Submit a case for more info on how to do this.).

Number of unread notifications and message threads in the browser tab

There is now an option in the admin general settings to show unread notifications and message thread counts in the browser tab for Communifire. So without even pulling up the tab you know if you have anything urgent pending. 

Spaces: Add members to a space from a space

Add members to a space

A new link was added to the Invite People widget in spaces.You can add people to a space without having to invite them. (The prevoius invite option required an invitee to click a link, click a button, and some other things before they were actually added to the space.)

This new option makes it a lot easier to add people to a space.

Events: All day and repeat options added to the Add/Edit Event page 

Event repeat options

Previously only available on the calendar view, these options are now available in the Add/Edit Event page view. 

Photos: Rotating photos after uploading 

Users can now rotate a photo clockwise or counter-clockwise after uploading it.

Calendar Print Buttons

A calendar print button has been added, allowing you to download a PDF of your calendar.

International and user preference date support

Date selectors have been improved. They provide better support for international and personal date/time format preferences.

Admin: Search banned members 

This is valuable for organizations using the “banned” to disable accounts. The banned members page in the admin area now offers a search tool.

Upcoming birthdays widget

There’s now an option checkbox in space settings to show the widget just for members of that space.

Albums: Is Featured flag added

Albums can now be marked as featured. Marking them as featured is a flag that allows you to display them in various sections of the community.

Spaces: Disable isolated spaces

There is now an option in the Admin > Application Settings to disable Isolated Spaces. They are set to disabled by default. Isolated spaces are practical only in limited use cases. Typically, private spaces is what you want. To avoid confusion, this allows them to be disabled.

In Conclusion

There you have it. It’s quite a release with a ton of functionalty.

90% of these features were requested by customers.

Thank you, to all the customers who requested them. And thank you to all customers for your patience with this release. 

If you have any questions or need help with any of these new features, or any features for that matter, please reach out. We’re happy to help.

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