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Axero recognized as an industry leader by SoftwareReviews

Axero SoftwareReviews award

Exploring intranet solutions? Functionality, security, and customization matter. But implementation and the ongoing support experience from your vendor is also equally important.

We are excited to announce that Axero is recognized as a champion in SoftwareReviews’ Emotional Footprint Report! This report highlights the ongoing partnership between customers and their vendor, including customer support, product effectiveness, and continued value for users.

Download your report to learn more about what our customers say about their experience with the Axero team and platform!

New: Add multiple Personas to Spaces

Add multiple Personas to a Space so you can further automate Space enrollment for new or existing users. This is a quick and easy way to ensure the right people have access to the right information.

Wondering what Personas are? In Axero, you can create unique lists of people. (Imagine: remote IT employees, colleagues approaching a 10 year anniversary, teams located in the NY office—anything you want!) You can use Personas to send targeted communications to and automatically enroll them in specific Spaces.

New: Send reminder notifications for Required Reading content

Intranet required reading tool

If you have important content that requires action, Axero’s Required Reading tool does the job. Users receive notifications about important content, which then prompts them to confirm they read it after opening the content. Participation results are automatically stored and tracked—so you know who’s read it and who still needs to.

If you’re waiting on people to confirm they read a piece of content, you can now send reminder notifications. These notifications appear as emails and browser alerts, and give you a quick way to ensure items are acted on.

New: Unique viewer column for Top Content CSV

Axero content analytics

Understand what’s working and what needs improvements with content engagement. With the newly added Unique View in the Top Content CSV, you can now compare total views and the unique views for content. All information is easily downloadable in a CSV file so you can track engagement and the effectiveness of your content.

View everything new for August by going to our enhancements page.

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Ebook: How to strenghten your internal communications strategy

The Cure to What Ails Internal Communications

improve internal communications strategy

Communication is a top workplace challenge. According to IBM, 72% of employees do not fully understand their company’s strategy. This not only leads to turnover, confusion, and weakened productivity, but also wasted money for organizations—$4,200 per employee per year, according to SHRM.

That’s why it’s important to review how effective your communications strategy is and where you can improve it. When a communications strategy works, your workforce is aligned and engaged.

This ebook will help you:

  1. How to empower a more committed and better-performing workforce.
  2. How to make sure everyone is working toward the right goals, and make leadership more effective.
  3. How to evaluate your current internal communication strategy, and some tips to improve it.

Axero How-tos and Tips

We have many exciting how-to’s and tips to share with you to help your team make the most of Axero:

How to set up the Axero Search widget

Axero search widget

Search widgets allow you to put a search bar anywhere on your intranet pages—even if it’s desktop or mobile. Whether it’s a standard search bar, an employee lookup bar, or you want to limit visibility based on roles, here’s how to set up different kinds of search experiences.

How to move a Space

Axero intranet space tool

Have a private Space in your intranet that you want visible to other users? Change the hierarchy of your Spaces with the Manage Spaces panel. This option allows you to change a Space to the Top Level Community, or you can make it a subspace to keep relevant information together and organized. Explore all of your options!

How to ghostwrite content

Axero ghostwrite tool

A consistent voice from leadership increases engagement and morale. The Axero Ghostwriting feature allows you to publish content on behalf of someone else. This is a great option to keep a steady presence from higher-ups, or individuals who need additional support with sending communications to teams. Create content for specific spaces or the Top Level Community—all while author history is automatically tracked inside Axero.

Customer story: How AiArthritis uses Axero to connect volunteers, medical experts, and donors for healthcare cause

Axero AiArthritis customer story

Our customers use Axero in many ways. Some use Axero to facilitate knowledge sharing, communication, and culture with internal employees, and others focus on customers and partners. Here’s how AiArthritis connects hundreds of medical patients, advocates, and experts to drive their healthcare mission.

In case you missed it: How to set Outlook as your default account

We added a default account option to the Outlook integration so you can seamlessly invite Outlook users to events. The default Outlook account will appear as the sender in email invitations.

In case you missed it: Raw HTML Widget for mobile

We have a new custom code for mobile apps! With this raw HTML widget, you can embed external feeds or pages, display data from third party systems, or post content that’s static or make it dynamic with Javascript.

Read of the Month

The Undeniable Benefits of a Well-Designed Document Management System

document management benefits and features

Every employee needs to access information. An intuitive document management system that works with your teams is what will set apart productive workplaces from less productive ones. Here is what goes into a strong document management system, essential features to consider, and tips to successfully implement a new system so everyone is aligned with relevant information that moves initiatives forward.

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Axero intranet software

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